Prince William welcomes Harry to the 'sleep deprivation society' after birth of baby

Dipublikasikan tanggal 7 Mei 2019
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have said they are thrilled with the arrival of the new royal baby and look forward to meeting him in the coming days. Speaking in Greenwich, south-east London, Prince William joked of welcoming his brother, the Duke of Sussex, to the 'sleep deprivation society that is parenting'
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Royal baby: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, gives birth to boy ►
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  • Royal baby: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, gives birth to boy ►

  • Coca cola:C

  • Wow he seems a bit in a rush. Something isn’t right. I don’t think he’s happy at all about his nephew! 🙄

  • I bet with this generation there's a bunch of cattiness behind closed doors , especially amongst the women

    • cromerbeach there’s always been cattiness and drama in the Royal family

  • What did she say ????

  • Welcome to the world, Ecodeath Farragenda Trumpydump Sussex

  • These two are such a lovely couple.

  • i hope there done having kids geez 😀

  • Ore cruento alterius ad vescendum !

  • Does not matter whose baby.... Its a baby...innocent lovely bundle of joy.

  • Creepy

  • Wish this man would rule england we need it back on track plus one king and he has last say in every thing. Get rid of all mps or things will never change.

  • Yeah, there's definitely been a falling out.

  • Bunch of lies!! They have nannies.

  • You’d think he’d be there during the birth of his first nephew but looks like he hasn’t even met him yet... strange family.

    • I don't think they're getting on well.

  • Does Kate have a Pornhub channel?

  • Lol! sleep deprivation? With all those nannies doubt it!

  • E chi se ne infischia.

  • Come on that was a decent joke, Duchess should have laughed.

    • @Layla Tsueen "Apparently" proves a lot.

    • Well apparently he's cheating on her so maybe she's not in the mood for laughs lool

  • Yah it's really great having loads of money funded by the working class.

    • gyrovague so true all they do is breed right ,

  • Joining the balding society too


  • Thanks for your 2 cents worth

  • 0:07😂 Love from 🇭🇷

  • Palpable tension between the two camouflaged brilliantly.

    • @Qhawe Ngubane you're welcome🇭🇷

    • Claudia Vlahović I almost fell over laughing. Bless 😭😭😭😂😂😂😅😅😅

    • It's sexual tension😉

  • Much love 💖 William and Kate

  • Pretty obvious his PR team told him to make a sleep joke. These two have a domestic staff or probably 5 people or more.

    • thought the same thing. What a joke