Pumpkin Carving Challenge!

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HI I have missed you so much. I hope you enjoy this random day that we had and I hope if you carve a pumpkin it turns out much better than mine. :)
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filmed by Jake Coffey:
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  • This is the 20 th time I’ve watched this

  • Do a randonautica video with shane n ryland? Please? Luv from Harlan KY..... Xoxoxoxo happy 🎃 Halloween y'all!!!

  • I think Morgan and Andrew would be a rlly cute couple but idk lmao❤

  • I haven't carved a pumpkin in like five years :(

  • It’s sad to see how funny Morgan thinks she is. Like sis being big and the sister of an actual successful person is not a personality trait. Also fix that lisp I can barely listen to you talk

  • Waiting to see the "nice" behavior that Ryland and their mom keep saying they show Morgan.

  • Can someone tell me what here this pumpkin patch is located???

  • 2020 version with shane andrew and Garrett

  • Ryland got jelly when mom said she was funniest ...he cones back w. Shes damaged ...omg

  • Yeah sure Ryland she plays victim do you get bullied by everyone

  • the way I ran to comments to find nothing😮

  • Poor Morgan

  • Me watching in October of 2020: YASSS pumpkin carving with Morgan and Ryland

  • U knock on it and see how hollow it is

  • Omg Shane!!!! Yay

  • That look that Andrew did at Morgan with her pumpkin hat was Like when you see your girlfriend be so stupid disappointed

  • Morgan: They love me because I'm damaged. Meeeee!!

  • wow it’s been a year

  • All the flaws of morgan are keep going... closer... almost there.... the fact she thinks she has flaws

  • "Every body lovesss Shane" well that didn't aged well

  • odd the middle child is the favorite o.O

  • Soooooo part two ???

  • How can no one in this video tell you that you’re beautiful, inside and out! You are a rare human being. It’s rare that the outside looks matches their heart! You’re beautiful and the people who have you in their life should count themselves lucky, because they have found a rare gem!

  • Morgan is so damn gorgeous wtffffff

  • Lamp Morgan pulling the nails out of her pocket is soooooo me

  • They low key disrespect Morgan

  • Wait how tall is Morgan? Why does google say she's only 5'4"

  • my favorite school lunch is the baked potato with the sluchies at school

  • kid you not morgan had that same exact costume that you called your witch costume and used it as a vampire lol! we had the same costume! :( i probably got made fun of too lol

  • 3:23 Morgan : What is that? Me : that's me

  • I’m guessing Ryland is the golden child

  • At 17:23 when Morgan’s jokingly talking about her pumpkin and her mom jumps in front of her to genuinely praise Ryland’s pumpkin instead 🙄 This poor girl can’t even have a moment to shine in her own damn video

  • I like how Morgan’s mom said things she doesn’t like about Morgan way faster then she said things she actually likes

  • I love you guys 😂😂🥰😘 hilarious ,, i identify as Morgan in my family 🤣

  • The ups man 😂😂😂

  • idk bout yall but if i was a guy id think morgan was a whole meal and id date her in a heartbeat

    • I'm a guy and think exactly that lol

  • I‘ve probably watched this video a million times lmaoo

  • ima just watch old morgan videos bc i miss you and ryland😫❤️

  • me at the 10 minute mark: I-

  • Everyone: you cant smell pumping threw the phone Me:

  • My gramma related to your mom so much she gave a guy $20 to get food but he bought it on whiskey which is sad

  • Andrew is always so nice to Morgan. He's the sweetest.

  • Poor Morgan aha

  • "I think it's water" *pained face 2 seconds later* "okay its not water" 😂😂

  • Why do they call him Ryan I thought his name was Ryland? You know how you, Shane, Garrett, Ryland, and Andrew (I think he might have done it) Well anyway you know how you guys point at something and go: “me.” What if someone said: “hey, ______! *points at something* you.”

    • His birth name is Ryan. He changed his name to Ryland when he started doing ID-tv videos. But his actual name is still Ryan.

  • Who else is watching Morgan’s channel to escape from Karmageddon?

  • when your mom sides with Ryan bc he bought her lunch im ded

  • Ollie is just like my youngest Boston terrier,”anxious dog with an ear infection”😂

  • “They love me cuz I’m damaged : )”

  • Why do they all need an "incentive" to be with family ... 🙄

  • Honestly mom is really pretty, I think so even more when her hair is longer

  • Morgan please don’t feel bad. I understand what it’s like to have an older sibling and them being so good at everything and you’re “just funny”. Remember that you have people that not only thinks “you’re just funny”, we are here for you because we see far beyond that fun personality, we know you are real and that’s the reason we follow you. Thank you for being yourself and showing that it’s ok to be you.❤️

  • Morgan is always cracking jokes, and making me laugh. Even on the worst days, she can always make me smile. She has so much enthusiasm and joy that it’s just contagious. You can’t watch her videos and not feel good. She’s beautiful and very sweet. The way she complimented her mom and Ryland just made me so happy. Honestly, Morgan will always be one of the most memorable ID-tvrs to me.

  • *"YoU caLLeD mE a HoE?!"*

  • My mom would say i have no favorites ik shes just lieing-^-


  • omg i love your mom🤍

  • “because im domesticated and a house wife”-ryland adams

  • The way ryland said “tHaTs ToO sMaLl To CaRvE”.... SENT MEEEEDD

  • God i f*king love Andrew why won't he notice me 😭😭😭

  • Morgan living my dream life for 20 mins straight: fr. she does. i wanna be her so bad lmao

  • 8:54 im wheezing honey is my mood

  • Thanksgiving always looks like fun!!!🦃

  • Morgan please please please lonch merch ps I sud

  • Morgan is a mood period

  • I could smell the pumpkin through this video 😂😂😂

  • Who else is binge watching Shane Dawson and his crews vids during quarantine?

  • it’s so sad seeing how insecure morgan is :( she is literally so gorgeous and i’m jealous of her lol she needs to start loving her self cause she deserves it

  • 3:15 is me watching this video with all my snacks

  • It really bothered me that her mom wouldn’t tell Morgan what she liked about her. Poor Morgan had to ask 38 times and my feelings hurt for her. Morgan is the sheeeez

  • 19:24 actually hurt- Andrew was talking about how smart and cool Morgan’s was and Ryland just walks in and interrupted everything just to brag about how amazing his was :/

    • he always tries to make everything about himself if i’m gonna be quite honest

    • Whyyy is nobody talking about Andrew trying to get people to understand Morgan's pumpkin idea. The supporttttt, so cute 😭

    • FINALLY I SEE A COMMENT LIKE THIS. Honestly Morgan was the best because she deticated to her cat cookie!! 💗💗

  • "and if you don't please, don't fucking do it'- inspirational😂.

  • Love the sweat shirt momma adams!

  • 16:48 I AM CRYING 😂😂😂

  • I think I went to that pumpkin patch...but not the same day as them across the street is a corn maze and there was like a llama in the back

  • their mom was lowkey SO upset that ryland called her a hoe.

  • the UPS man

  • this video is underrated 😔

  • No one: Vicki: Okay.. Well.. I am a hoe..

  • I love you guys! You crack me up

  • I paused at 9:51 and it kinda looks like a rap video in sign language about moms.

  • Morgan, you're empathetic, aware, mindful, experienced and of course hilarious

  • Why is their mom avoiding the damn question tho? She seems like she low key doesnt like Morgan. Idk

  • steels pumkin off morgans head morgan wheres my pumpkin gone me hehe

  • I liked Morgan’s because it would look like mine if I tried to carve but Ryland didnt have to take all the attention and say “I am shook I won” and say he didn’t even know what his mom and Morgan’s was and dragged them

  • I forgot to take iners of my pumpkin out and by the end of the night it was cooked and smelt amazing 😂😂

  • ryland and morgans mom is so cute

  • Her bob Ross segment was giving me such asmr lol

  • I love their mom

  • Fuck there’s stencils for doing pumpkins I’ve had shitty pumpkins my whole life when I could of had good ones wtf lol

  • *hi*

  • Literally I'm gonna trick or treat until I can get away with it.. Like I dont care if I'll be 80 and still trick or treating

  • I stan Andrew and morgan so much

  • "I stole a hoodie from the Shane dawson march closet..." so would I honestly lol

  • The entire time I question whose filming

  • things i like about morgan: 1. she *is* funny 2. she is overall better than shane and ryland combined 3. she is morgan, duhh things i like about ryland: 1. he is related to morgan 2. is a fricken QUEEN 3. dating shane things i like about morgan's mother: 1. made morgan 2. made ryland 3. innocent and like morgan said, she is quite selfless

  • Ngl, I kinda ship Morgan and Andrew 🤣😕🤔❤️

  • home lunch im to boujee for school lunch

  • omg i am dead this is so funny mogans mom only loves her because so is damaged lol

  • My dog looks like ollie