Racing My Cheap Ebay Honda Civic In The 1/4 Mile Was The Scariest Thing Ever (DISASTER)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 21 Peb 2020
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Today, the Civic I rebuilt in the span of two days gets tested at the quarter mile against Chris' monster Lexus SC300. However, things don't go smoothly. Watch until the very end!
My Equipment:
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  • You might want to watch until the very end... ;)

    • *_Those front tires need less PSI lmao. needs more grips_*

    • Hmmmmm, the whole car shakes like crazy...did you flippin notice the motor dancing around?!? Ppl give Honda’s shit, but it’s the drivers that make them shit, same with mustang owners smh

    • U need to learn how to drive that car man 😂😂


    • are you selling that swap??

  • I really want to drive that honda for a pass or two on the strip haha. Thing looks like a blast

  • Worst f%##% drivers ever, i mean it even hurts to watch

  • I hope you dont drive your lambo like was painful to watch you shift

  • you need to learn how to drive.

  • Sad.. sad... driving.. :/

  • Make it awd

  • This is cringe

  • Cleetus and a Civic 👍

  • Its painfull to watch someone who is a bad driver pretending he know how to drive .. this video was cringy as fuck...

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="136">2:16</a> why you leave the grips in there?

  • What have we learned? Dont buy a car from Ebay Motors.

  • holy shit, when I saw 1320 Holy shiiittt HAHAHAHAHAH Perfect home

  • Keep your hand on shifting dude. Your wasting time

  • That old man tho Finally got some heat then craps out

  • Dude you don't know how to drive that car. FACT.... you're to slow changing gears...etc!!!

  • You shouldn't let it reach the boost cut coz it'll make your time slower...and waste the power of the car

  • That honda looks and sound do terrifying to drive

  • Lexus without NOS: slow Lexus with 40% 250 shot NOS: slower Lexus with 100% 250 shot NOS: slowest 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • If you're gonna tune your car up stupid... get a Honda. Very very true. hahahaha

  • That Lexus sounded like it wanted death. Holy shit the sounds it made and how it preformed were abysmal

  • *_Holt crap.. I really started fan Girling. I did not expect Cleetus LMAO_*

  • a lot of boost cut

  • all that for a 15.8 qtr mile? da fuq weak sauce is that red one? lmao

  • I wonder if he is related to adhd

  • God damn this is some shitty driving..... My grandma shifts faster. Are you scared or something?

  • I just wanna know what engine is in the civic and what internal things have been changed cuz pretty sure stock internals would blow on that boost

  • whats wrong with the shifting??

  • Your car ain't gonna blow homes...Honda's will do 7 grand for 5000 straight miles

  • "I think you're in trouble bro". I love it. People talk shit on Honda's. They are the car of the people. I came home from the hospital when I was born in an 81 Civic

  • That’s not a bottle of nitrous that’s a whole keg

  • The headers on the red car are really hurting the aerodynamics of the car, and look stupid as hell.

  • The previous videos comments: “man your so cool I love your Channel”. This videos comments:”you know nothing about driving this is hard to watch” LOL

  • Wow he can’t drive for shit

  • Civics have vtec that acts like a turbo at a certain rpm which my suggestion from previous builds would be tune vtec to hit at 4500 and turbo to kick at 6500 to 7500 and shift at 7000 at latest 7500 to get maximum pull between the votes and turbo. Also that's why he didn't have it on slicks probably. My last build hit 9.5 at its best with a 92 body style.... Good video love the content

  • Get Kyle from boosted boys to drive this car I think we all want to see what this car can do

  • You cant drive

  • This was hard to watch...learn when to shift gears bro, good lord

  • look at the psi on the tires 😭

  • You haven't drove a shitbox and it shows🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Why arent u using hand brake when doing a burnout? Very poor driving skills u have, that red car doesnt have compresion in cilinders thats why nitro does nothing!

  • Does it hurt anyone else as much as it hurts me that he takes his hand off the sifter and then ignores over revving?

  • I bet u he breaks the car in the next month.

  • “I think you’re in trouble bro”😂

  • When Chris Said I dont Want Your Car or meed it my Reaccion was “🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️bruhhhhhhhhhh” thas one of my dream carrs

  • i feel bad for jared

  • Dude you live in Florida?! I have been going to bmp for years lol

  • Kept the vice grips window opener 👍🏽

  • Jared is a goddamn MVP

  • That! Was really cool! Loved the Hondew videos! Thanks!

  • The trans in Chrises car aint helpin!

  • You're hitting the shifts late

  • I'm willing to bet u if u put 8 lbs of air in ur tires u wont have as much wheel spin

  • love your vids, but it really hurts how much time you loose on that stickshift handling. I'd say you could have gone 3-4 seconds faster with that ricer

  • You need a professional driver for that car, your shifting is really bad

  • Why do you have slicks fully inflated???? That’s why there’s no traction...

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="122">2:02</a> lmao this made me laugh more than I should have

  • You definitely aren't the right driver.

  • You suck at shifting dude .

  • You aren't shifting fast enough . You're way too slow with the shifts. Learn how to drive.

  • Unexperienced drivers , its paintful to watch how idiots destroy that engine

  • Too much air in the tires. Lower them to 4 to 5 pounds.

  • He can't drive for shit

  • damn.. can i drive that.. youre shifting is horrible.

  • It doesn't even look that fast tbh

  • Some great videos. Keep up the good work guys

  • Honda gang !!!! Really wish I seen someone who knew how to drive that civic drive 😤😤

    • I thought I was the only one who wanted someone who wanted to see someone who knew how to drive the car drive it💀

  • Jared is looking trim, MVP for every vid.

  • That is what I like most about this show, it's honesty..The learning curve. The teathing problems going into any build, mostly drag racing.Sad that most of the ppl in the chat can't admit that they went through this and getting on like they are perfect...

  • I knew this Gearless Honda looked familiar 😂😂😂

  • I am still looking for the lambo killer

  • Jared face like paul walker it that true?

  • short gears buddy you just gotta row through em as fast as you damn can

  • Man you need to keep one hand on the shifter

  • Ease off the throttle at 6700rpm so when the boost comes in you don’t spin then slowly depress the pedal back down. Do it through 3-4 and 5th gear. Good luck bro.

  • If youd would actually hold the rev limiter and pick up some mph before you shift your stay in your power band. This is actually cringing to watch you drive 😂

  • B20 will really blow, its a b20 the weakest block of all b series you gotta resleeve it if you got 600 hp cause you dont wanna see a piston fly to space

  • The civic needs a sequential box and a better suspension setup. Possibly more weight and downforce on the front end.

  • Pissing myself offa how slow that bloody lexus is. Mighty aswell have got out and walked the last bit of the run

  • Lexus build the motor sounds like it is missing power like bad gas