Racing my friend for EVERY Minecraft ORE

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People I play with:

Where I get my music:
-Epidemic sound- referal link ⬆

Q: Where do you get your music?
A: Epidemic sound
Q: Is your name really Parker?
A: yup. rekrap spelled backwards
Q: What editing software do you use?
A: Adobe Premiere
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  • For those curious. this was recorded on our SMP server with the gear we had at the time so I did have better items. I wasn't even planning on making a video, but this was EPIC

  • This was so much fun! And so much chaos! The perfect combination

  • Rek: casually puches Branzy without noticing he has a sword to use

    • YES!! i was so mad

    • thats the most annoying part of the whole video

    • dude exactly my 2 braincells where disappearing when he can literally 2 shot branzy at anytime like branzy didnt even have armor but of course he wanted the video to be longer

    • Yes

    • It makes it look scripted

  • Branzy: *fighting with a diamond sword* rekrap: *fighting with a copper ingot and still wins*

    • XDDD

    • @Hanna Xia Only 4 quartz for a block, not nine

    • which makes me wonder: why didn't they count nether quartz as an ore?

    • copper > diamond

    • lmao faxxx

  • i love how every single rekrap video is always entertaining and fun to watch, and unique. unlike other youtubers. subscribed!

  • I love how both of them are having fun but the in game chat is just asking if their ok lmao

  • Finally I found a minecraft ID-tvr who doesnt do shorts, manhunts, or 100 days but comes up with new, creative and entertaining ideas. Subscribed!

    • I’m personally a dream smp fan i like the manhunts and I’m no stan

    • y0u LIke gravity falls?

    • i agree one of the best minecraft youtubers is rekrap

    • bill

    • @Epic Dud Yes, actually. I watch it.

  • Rek and Branzy: lets get every ore Quartz: *_I've been forgotten_*

    • @A_Mooses_son _battle music plays in distance_

    • The Quartz Army will rise!

    • oh yea, they forgot quartz. poor quartz :(

  • that was one of the best challanges i have ever seen, you guys are amazing the tension at the end almost got myself juming out of the chair xD

  • I loved how when rek was dying the chat was like “everything good at home rek” or “you good rek?”

  • Bro, this was so fun to watch, and I wasnt even playing! all the laughing and screaming just made it a million times more funnier. I love the content that rek uploads, and a bit of me is sad that he doesnt post often, but most of me is just happy that he is doing youtube and is posting some bangers!

  • Let’s appreciate how much time he takes to make his vids I’ve watched so many of his vids and I’m subscribed:)

  • The end was EPIC! I love how Branzy kept in his grave half the time though, lol

  • rek : “I’m a professional” also rek 2 seconds later : *crafts a furnace wrong*

  • I love how chat is progressively concerned as you were dying in the caves the first few minutes.

  • I watch because you aren’t too energetic and you produce good content. Keep up the good work ✨

  • The ending was so intense with both of you breaking the item frames

  • I thought quartz, the thing that gives you a lot of xp was also an ore

  • You should do this including raw iron, gold, and everything ore related

  • i like how he doesn't even care that he is getting attacked so frequently

  • love this video great job! so creative and suspenseful I really enjoyed it!

  • This is so creative! Never seen anything like it!!

  • wow1 that was so fun! and so many deaths lol ! what a thrilling video! i enjoyed it alot! good work rek

  • When rek was getting gold I feel like he forgot the nether existed

  • I love that rek keeps scaring branzy away

  • 25:14 rekrap: gets his diamonds sword after dying olso rekrap: procceds to use a copper ingot to fight branzy

  • I love how rek casually dies within the first minute lol

  • Rek: We must collect all the ores! Netherquartz: Yeah, yeah, SURE...

  • This is very much fun and keeps me intertand ☺️

  • This challenge is insanely creative and fun to watch you guys do, I wanna attempt this but I'm not good enough at the game lol Also the amount of creepers that you had to fight off was hilarious

  • When rekrap was trying to find gold, I was literally screaming “GO TO THE NETHER. GO. TO. THE. NETHER.”

  • Rek and Branzy : Racing and Dying Chat :You Need Help

  • This video was very entertaining! It was a lot of fun to watch. It was very well edited and the music made it even better. On top of that, it's a new creative idea that made the video super entertaining and fun to watch. You earned a new subscriber! Good luck on 200k!

  • Brandy is the scar of… well every serve he’s on

  • Rek: Punching Branzy with fists Sword:Am I a joke to you?

  • Every time he died the people in chat were so confused and just like "rek you good?" This is comedy gold

  • 25:24 i love how he has an enchanted diamond sword and is still using his fists

  • I love you rek you are one of my favourite ID-tvrs and keep up the great work! I finally found the correct person to watch!

  • 25:12 I'm pretty sure rek didn't see the diamond sword just in his second slot or else this battle will have been a lot quicker. :/ Also, I'm on rek's side.

  • Its funny how branzy is so kind and rekrap is just torturing him xD

  • Love the vids Rek, Keep going. YOU CAN MAKE IT TO 1 MIL

  • Pacing of this video was VERY on point! 🦑👌🏻🔥

  • I loved that video!!! It was soo exiting and there was a lot of plot twists!

  • Branzy: *fights with diamond sword* rek: *casually fights with copper ingot*

  • You didn’t do quartz but I still think the video was absolutely spectacular!

  • Rek you reminded me of dream when you dug though the nether walls to escape Branzy

  • This was amazing I wanna do this with my friends now. Amazing idea and it was very fun to watch and it was intense!

  • 15:34 I know it's pretty easy to do and all but this was so sudden my heart skipped a beat dude lol

  • Branzy “What if I already had ancient debri did you think about that?” Rec straight up “I don’t believe you.”

  • 10:03 pause and look very carefully at the lapis you completely missed, rek

  • i nearly had a heart attack at the end: great job youtubers your doing ur job😂

  • I’ve subscribed because this person is actually entertaining

  • Did you know that quartz is an ore but he didnt grab it? Which means he stayed with all the ores but not quartz.

  • The first part was funny but watching the chat as rek was dying was even funnier

  • Rek: i’m a professional to “ forgets how to craft a furnace”

  • I love how at the end rek has his sword but uses his fists

  • rekrap2: has diamond sword also rekrap2: punches branzy with fist

  • AH so EPIC! More intense than Dream's manhunts.

  • For your pickaxe you can just use 1 diamond with the pickaxe to make it full

  • i love how he gave the iron block to branzy's tower


    • @Svensk Katt u legend


  • Brandy and redraw are so funny and wholesome

  • This is a video that I could watch over and over. Great vid

  • It hurt me when rekrap was running from Branzy despite having some armor and an enchanted diamond sword, while branzy was PUNCHING HIM.

  • Him: finds a lot of emeralds but has a hard time finding gold For me: I can’t find anything

  • That end though, where you were beating him with some rotten flesh when the sword was literally one slot away

  • fun fact: emeralds are more common in caves that spawn on mountains because its happened to me

  • Branzy: fighting with diamond sword rekrap: slapping Branzy with a copper ingot also rek: has a sharp 3 diamond sword 1 inventory slot over

  • Very entertaining! I randomly found you while watching some Lifesteal SMP content. Awesome commentary! Love it

    • same :)

  • you should do it with equal armor and tools

  • 16:07 *Happy music plays while rekrap mercilessly traps branzy in cobblestone*

  • Keep doing these ore hunts plz

  • Great conten. Keep it up. You look like you're having fun.l'm subscribing

  • Rekrap:(repairs pick) My brother and his friends in the other room:(claps)

  • I have been cheering for Rek at the beginning of the video! And yet he won!

  • 14:37 rekrap mine the lapis and gets a whole stack from 4, is that how op lapis and fortune is, or was it a glitch? Btw I love this type of content and am not in any way accusing him of cheating, just wondering.

  • i like how everytime rek dies someone in the (minecraft) chat says something

  • This video was EPIC! This is the best mining competition in Minecraft I have ever seen, the mobs the explosion and chaos is just so cool! I wish you guys would make another video like this where you are with no items at all. That would even funnier seeing you and Branzy die so many times just by mobs and sometimes kill eachother! That video should more likes and views than this video, that would be EPIC!

  • rek: i collected every ore. quartz: am i a joke to you?

  • "it’s not a mistake",✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨

  • Can you please do more videos like this, it is very enteraing

  • It was so intensely funny keep up the good work

  • You are so creative like i would never come up With this idea

  • Did anyone else notice that the fence glitched out at 15:17 because he placed a block next to a fence while a skeleton walked through.

  • Parker: *looking for gold* Also parker: *misses a vain of 8 gold ores*

  • The pain I felt when Rekrap kept dying

  • Tip: when you find ancient debris, don't just mine a single block around it. Mine a lot of them because sometimes, there are more and they are just hidden.

    • The most they will be is two blocks away, and that's only if it's diagonal to the corner of the block. Any further is pointless, just rng if you somehow get another vein.

  • This video was an amazing way to start my day! Can't wait to see more!

  • When u were smelting the ancient debre it was like u were Dream when he did his boat clutch

  • I love these two man.

  • its hard to believe that a guy who always avoids traps did not see the gold at 10:54

  • What about Quartz, Glowstone, Nether Gold, Raw Iron, Raw Gold, and Raw Copper? And the other stages of copper

  • Amazing Content, Amazing Editing, Well Done Rekrap.

  • When he was mining the lapis he went from 16 to 52 in one ore block

  • Doesn’t quarts technically count as an ore

  • I did this with my 3 friends without any gear at the start

  • “My lead is just getting bigger and bigger” That’s what she said

  • I love these longer videos, every second is pure entertainment

  • You got a sub and like from me! : ) Your content is amazing. You might never see this comment but that's okay.

  • “Don’t you pillar away from me!” -Branzy 2022