Raiden X 찬열 CHANYEOL 'Yours (Feat. 이하이, 창모)' MV

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Raiden X CHANYEOL’s new single "Yours (Feat. LeeHi, CHANGMO)" is out!
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Raiden X 찬열 CHANYEOL 'Yours (Feat. 이하이, 창모)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment, Scream Records


  • This song keeps playing on my head over and over again!!❤️❤️❤️

  • 7.698.842

  • Chan so cute and his voice amazing


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  • hopping another chanyeol with leehi

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  • I'm so like this song

  • What can I do with this song???🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • This is one of the beautiful song that I like lately.

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  • I'll be yours forever ever ever ever

  • Guys let's str3am.

  • Chanyeol💓

  • So nice🎶, really really like it❤️ Thanks SM Ent. & The singer Chanyeol and him partners ❤️

  • This song is so addicted, thankyou all

  • Lee hi's voice is ❤❤❤

  • I really like this song, and 'cause that I always playing this song everyday

  • Chanyeol 🖤🖤🖤🖤😭😭

  • If you are an EXOL you will support all the members. So go str3am Jade, Candy, Lets love, You and Shall we

  • Raise your hand if you are from INDIA 🇮🇳and love Chanyeol

  • 유갱님 영상보고 오신ㅂ..

  • Am I the only one who hears "Adios Adios baby"??

  • Türk EXO-L

  • I realized this song really fit to sing at wedding ceremony

  • Love again sadece v live da mı var

  • 10M let’s go!

  • Şu mükemmelliği de 10M yapalım

  • you always show us your real side. and we will always support you for that!! I will wait for you solo!! 💛

  • this song is everything i listen to it every day TT ♡

  • Let me tell ya

  • Yeah yeah

  • Can't stop streaming

  • Chanyeol best boy ever

  • i love you chan

  • nice chani

  • Ayo ayo ayo semangat buat 8 M v13wrs dan 1 M likes

  • Gak pernah bosen dnger lagu ini no bosan²

  • The line "love me don't hurt me just kiss me don't burn me and I'll be yours" hits hard and differently

  • luv this song❤️this is lit🔥

  • I'm not a yeolmae but I am an exol and I want to express how thankful I am for this collaboration. Thank you very much Raiden because of you asking chanyeol if he would want to sing for this song we are able to hear chanyeol singing and not just rapping. It's because SM doesn't give him these type of chances to showcase his talents for singing. His voice is one of the voices I really adore because even though it's really deep when he sings it's really amazing. It sends goosebumps to anyone who is listening to it. It's really one of a kind and the overall song is amazing. I'm looking forward to what you said having a stage together in the future

  • Let's agree here Chanyeol's voice is the most beautiful and absolutely talented, our beloved Chanyeol, we support you and love you forever

  • TURKISH EXOL obsessionu 100Mn Yours 10Mn Honey 10Mn Candy 15Mn》》20Mn

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  • I missed Lee Hi's voice

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  • I don't have any coment againn ㅠㅠ

  • şarkı çok tatlı chanyeol çok tatlı

  • Babe can you be mine.. And I'll be yours...

  • Leehi sounds different or its just me

    • She used different vocal register shes v talented

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  • Yours 10M Obsession 100M fighting Turkish EXO-L

  • This deserves way more views

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  • Oppa love stay with me

  • Yeol bisa nyanyi nyante gini yakk (:

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  • Listening to this song makes me really happy listening to chanyeol singing is really heaven

  • Bagus bangett, gilaa

  • Kötü yorumları bildirelim Turkish EXO-L

  • The mix of leehi's high pitched voice and chanyeol's bass voice is really heart filling

  • definisi park chanyeol: berbakat multitalen caem uWu bucin byun baekhyun bucin byun baekhyun bucin byun baekhyun TITIK. NO DEBAT

  • kalo iya, aku akan sangat merindukanmu😭😭😭


  • guys please stre3m yours, candy and punch

  • So excited for live performance

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  • I just wish that all exols listen this masterpiece

  • Ingatlah... Ku akan selalu mendukung mu chanyeol ah...

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  • No one: Me in quarantine: Candy Yours Let's love Jade Unviliage Obsession Love shot Call me baby Kokobop Monster Eve

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  • always success PCY

  • I'll be yours baby♥🥰

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