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Rammstein - Pet sematary [HQ] English lyrics

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English lyrics are from :
Ok, we're playing a song for you guys and for Joey Ramone, who sadly passed away on easter.
Under the arc of the weather stain boards
Ancient goblins, and warlords
Come out of the ground, not making a sound
The smell of death is all around
And the nights come and the cold wind blows
No one cares and nobody knows
I don't want to be buried in a pet cemetery
I don't want to live my life again
I'll follow Victor to a sacred place
There ain't no dream I can escape
Molars and fangs and clicking of bones
Spirits moaning among the tombstones
When the night has come and the moon is bright
Someone cries and something ain't right
I don't want to be buried in a pet cemetery
I don't want to live my life again
Oh no
The moon is full, the air is still
All of a sudden I feel a chill
Victor is grinning, flesh rotting away
Skeletons dance, I curse this day
And on the night when the wolves cry out
Listen close and you can hear me shout
I don't want to be buried in a pet cemetery
I don't want to live my life again
Oh no.


  • holy shit thats flake?

  • germans are strange creatures, i gurantee the guy singing could read and write perfect english but when he has to speak english his accent is atrocious. my favourite word to hear a german try to see in english is squirrel

  • I like this version

  • Flake. No offense but I think you should just stick to playing the keyboard.

  • Ахуенный Автор-ахуенный фильм-ахуенная телега-ахуенный кавер-УРОБОРОС!



  • Goddamn this is sloppy n fucked up, absolutely love it

  • He's making fun of them

  • This is terrible...I love it! 😂

  • I dun wanna be bawied in a prt sematawy

  • Flake may not be too great at singing, but bless his little cotton socks he really does try, and at the end of the day that's what matters. :)

  • I love this shit,speacily Flake is singing and fucking Ramones coverit !!!

  • I love Flake, but he can't sing.

    • Hes actually amazing at singing in German, he just cant speak english. Check out the song he sang to advertise his book

    • Could be. It's kinda cute, really.

    • could be why he sticks to the keyboards

  • I actually like this. I must have some kind of mental disorder. Extreme Flake fixation, probably.

  • A lot of people here don't seem to understand what punk is and where Rammstein comes from, musically speaking. This version is perfect and it makes a lot of sense that Rammstein plays it.

    • Yeah just looks at the bands they were in before rammstein. All punk

    • agree, Dr. Baltar, although I'm not sure that this is Rammstein xDDD

  • Most of the bands I love like some right shit bands...god the Ramones are dire!!! Can't stand this punk shit Flakes voice is good though! Didn't think that voice would come from him haha

    • it's ok to not like a band, I picked up a Ramones cd, wasn't THAT much into it until 10 years later. just wasn't ready. had to discover a lot of crap before i really appreciated them!

    • I probably don't get it. I've never been into the ramones. I respect them though.

    • Ramones are supposed to be dire. They were never supposed to make it anywhere. punk... you either get it or you dont

    • You are an idiot.If it were'nt for punk rock,rock music,and especially metal,would be some weak ass shit.

    • +Anthony Galli same here like just looking at logo doesn't help, unless if they use their cameras

  • Sing that song there, Flake!! LOL

  • Rammstein featuring macho man randy savage... Oooh yeahhh!!! Snap into a slim Jim!!!

  • Wascawy wabbit!

  • An alle Freunde des sauberen Gesangs, der klaren und deutlichen Aussprache - was macht ihr hier, warum zieht ihr euch sowas rein? Ich finde dieses Cover genial und ganz im Stile von Ramones! Besser kann man Joey gar nicht ehren - gut gemacht, Flake!!!

  • No comment … (see what i did there)

  • Falke is singing this song.

  • Rammstein is great. This is not. It sounds like what Barry Kripke would sound like if he drank the whole keg in a day.

    • SoulSojourner This was in 2001. They were playing this to close their shows because Joey Ramone had just died from lymphoma.

    • I only know the one Ramones song, and it is because of Rammstein that I do. I took pride in having all of their songs, including covers and remixes little over a decade ago when I was still in high school. But at the time, and since then, I never bothered to look any further into the Ramones, haha. I don't remember how long ago they did this, but it was quite some time ago. Still love it.

    • +SoulSojourner I can't stand the ramones. Can't stand the "music", can't stand the false "fans" who wear the t shirt when you just know 75% of the shirt wearers don't know any ramones songs , can't stand the sentiment behind the band....I just wanted to hear Flake sing. I must say I was surprised his voice is like this, but I was not pleased by what I heard 😂 It's really Not Flake's fault but this song is dire!!!

    • This is actually my favorite version of Pet Sematary, and I like it better than the Ramone's. I also otherwise love Rammstein, been my favorite band for over a decade. I think this song grows on you.

    • +shrekfan92 you are right.. i have it better in mind.. there is a better version im sure

  • best version

  • ahdah da ark uf da vheta stayin bowd


  • Would be amazing if they would play this again live.

  • I like Rammstein but this cover it's not good (for me) and even it's not better than the original song (Ramones's song). I think they could do something better than this, their voices sounds like me singing drunk and even i think i can sing better.

    • Flake's singing this. Till is better at English than him.

  • I love Rammstein, the singing ain't great in this one, sorry Flake, but it was still epic! The music is fantastic. I'm going to try and remake this to the best of my ability (Instrumental at least). Keep watching my channel, it'll be ready within the next month or two \m/

  • I didn't expect flake's english voice to be like this 0.0

    • Your dit`n get the point some everybody of your useless!! Get out fucking noboddy`s

    • If I ever meet him in person I'll make sure I just ask for an autograph and a picture in my extremely precarious German rather than try to understand that kind of shit.

  • Hmm, nun ja... ;-)

  • No offense (big fan of Rammstein here), but it sounds like german drunk guys at the Beer Festival... which is epic is some weird way.

  • The way Flake sings 'warlords' especially makes me die of cute.

    • Oh my god me too and it doesn't help that I have a minor crush on poor Flake.

  • This is pretty awful

    • This is epic

  • I feel bad for laughing so hard at this.

  • Oh flake.

  • Obviously the first and second verses are sung by someone who isn't very well versed in English, no big deal but who is the last verse sung by?

    • creed?

    • +Louis Davidson That was Jerry Only from the Misfits. Edit: It's the singer from Clawfinger oops

    • the first and second are by flake, the band's keyboardist, and I think the last is sung by Clawfinger, who was supporting Rammstein on this tour:)

  • Mann, wie sich hier alles wieder aufregt, weil die Aussprache/Akzent nicht passt! Ich finde das original zwar besser aber ich finde es großartig, dass Rammstein Joey hier nochmal die Ehre erweisen. RIP

  • something ain't WIIIIIIIIIGIHT

  • i want hear it live ! :) very nice cover

  • The singer from Clawfinger, Zak Tell, according to one of their fansites, Affenknecht.

  • Well done.

  • ehm, no

  • its good because its not!

  • You've been nice on ID-tv, It's actually pleasant for me when I see people getting along and just discussing without all the arrogance. You have my respect, sires, good job.

  • 42 people were buried in a pet sematary and have nothing better to do but hit the dislike button for the rest of eternity

  • R in german is a an R, a very sharp one. But some Germans can't get the english accent right. It is always hard to learn a different language. Flake did his best to honor Joey Ramone.

  • I know, that was the only word I could think of that also showed it.

  • I've always thought that R in german often sounds more like a W; like in Rosenrot or Verrückt. Hearing Flake's accent here proves it for me.

  • I love rammstein but the ramones version is way better

  • schweineguter Tanzmetall

  • Around 3:24 it sounds like Metallica's Enter Sandman a bit

  • I saw Rammstein around 2000ish in Selma nearby San Antonio. It was sad because most of the crowd left after Rammstein came out. They were headlining too. Puddle of Mud and Staind were there I think. Rammstein kills them.

  • yes, he is.

  • 'I don't want to be buwied in a pet sematawy!' Flake, you adorable little human being, you.

  • he is, but he's singing this one.

  • somesing

  • It's odd, we never really hear flake sing much normally. He's really good though, should sing more :D

  • I like Flake's accent.

  • Big thumbs up for the effort and the ode to one of the greatest punk bands of all time.

  • I dont want to live my life again ....expecially if I have to listen to Rammstein !

  • i don´t want to listen this cover again, i love Rammstein but this cover sucks

  • How could anyone mock it...Flake is so adorable :)

  • He is my fave too and I love his singing here and with Feeling B.

  • I can tell he doesn't know what he is singing and is singing phonetically LOL

  • Misfits

  • just like Steve Jobs!

  • Por qué tenían que cagarse una canción tan buena?!

  • flake is my favorite band member but he should stick to the keyboard.

  • "and the moon is bwight somwan cwies an somsing aeend wwhy....."

  • why kill a ramones song??

  • Must love Flake!

  • he has a hot potato in his fucking mouth

  • i think the thick german accent actually makes the song sound cool

  • amazing !!

  • Who is singing around 2:20

  • awwww bless him

  • I think it's so fucking sweet that he did this.

  • Flake is my favorite band member after Till.

  • Elmer Fudd voice xD love it

  • Bruno voice xD

  • Considering Flake doesn't speak much English this is pretty damn good.

  • The moon is full, the air is still All of a sudden I feel a chill Victor is grinning, flesh rotting away Skeletons dance, I curse this day And on the night when the wolves cry out Listen close and you can hear me shout

  • hahaha aww Flakes accent is awesome XD

  • Haha, it sounds like Rammstein is doing

  • I have always heard "I don´t wanna be married in a pet cemetary"

  • Love how he says "dream" as "dweam"

  • Those that point fun at this are probably those that go to Rammstein shows totally unaware of what the songs are about, and more then likely can't speak a lick of German. Du sprecht nicht sehr gut deutsch, eh?

  • This is the only R+ 's song than I definitely can't like ..

  • R.I.P. Joey Rammon

  • Haha. Nice. They actually performed a cover song in Russian. Let's just say, I could barely comprehend it. Having said that, that was pretty awesome. I liked it. Respect. If you are not aware of the track, it is called Schtiel.

  • Mawwww, real over accented

  • someting aint white

  • "baiwied in a pet samataiwy" cool accent

  • Totally agree. Shit, his English is much better than my German, haha. Mad props to a dude to get up in front of fuck knows how many people and just let it rip! :D

  • @GingerTheArcanine123 Anything that involves Till turns me into such a loser fangirl. it's embarrassing x) it's hard for me to say I disliked his version, because I didn't. I just happen to like Flake's version better :]

  • @GingerTheArcanine123 There's a video of Till singing it live. It's not that great, to be honest. It fits Flake better. Till's voice just doesn't fit this time. And I really think Flake rocked it! He has a really good voice for punk music xD

  • r.e.s.p.e.c.t !!!

  • This really makes me wonder what Till was doing during this performance. A part of me thinks that he may have been backstage just shaking his head and trying not to laugh too hard at awesome Flake.