Range Rover Velar 2018 SUV infotainment and interior review | Mat Watson Reviews

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The Range Rover Velar is packed full of land Rover's latest tech, and nowhere is this more obvious than from the driver's seat. The concept-like dashboard comes kitted out with two 10-inch touch screens - but how well does it work in practice? I take a look in this full in-depth infotainment review.
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  • My navigation is only dark (night mode) and I can’t figure out how to change it. Any help....

  • Do you get apple carplay and Android auto? Please reply.

  • Why is it not mentioned that the screens changes what it displays depending on the angle you look at it? The upper screen in the front can let the passenger watch a movie or navigate through the system while the driver still sees the navigation map

  • Does the Velar offer Apple CarPlay?

  • Touchscreen with no haptics situated far too low down. Ergonomics fail.

  • I swear they compare every car to an Audi as if their the benchmark for all cars. The Velar did all of that to make it a tech savvy car, like a Tesla, and it works. So stop comparing it to an Audi

    • thatamerican550 still dont get your points or maybe they are simply wrong, why not to compare when audi has something best in its class? it should have been said just to, again simply point positive or negative features againt its rivals

  • Unfortunately the only thing I kept noticing was the misalignment of the black pieces of along the lower part of the doors.

  • Laggy as a 2010 Android Tablet

  • You should show how the steering wheel controls "change" depending on the dash function too

  • 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Tesla have 1 "huge" screen, small fonts, and no nobs.. Mat loves it. RR does the same but with better practicality, better styling and "NOBS" and Matt is not liking it that much. WTH!!! Plus Tesla Model X is a SUV still no reviewers take it offroading or criticize it for the same !!! Why? Because it's electric that's very biased and partial. Matt you're my favourite car reviewer but sometimes you're just very partial.

    • Yusuf Kacchi a suv doesnt hav to go offroad idiot

    • do you see how laggy that shit is?

  • @1:29 .. What ever they want to watch? 👀 *are you sure* 😝

  • Riddle me this...Tesla; massive screen, small font, low IP location - Matt loves😍 Velar: same concept but better practicality through dials/2 screens, Matt dislikes😭..WTF?!?!?

    • yamyams Test drove Model X and I disliked it. Bought a Velar, no lag at all.

    • true. the main thing i noticed tho is the unacceptable amount of lag for a near 100k car. test drove a Tesla and was surprised to see it react as fast and smooth as a smartphone. this is just a headache to watch even.

  • I don't understand why drivers would want to change car settings while driving.. If the need arises that you really have to make such changes or if you're simply fickle minded; you're supposed to safely find a spot to stop and make the changes then go once you're done. For me, I'd rather do all the needed adjustments before I drive out of my garage. All in all, great review, Mat.

    • You've never adjusted the airflow direction, fan speed or temperature while driving ? Ever ?

    • the simplest and most used adjustment is the climate control. and this car has too many buttons to navigate to climate settings

  • Jesus how many cars which basically all look the same do Jaguar Land Rover want, And also all the bastard child Sports versions too.

    • Larry Weinberg A Jew on Jew hate crime Oy Vey! You self hating Jews are just the worst.

    • Well, you just cant help yourself stereotyping can you? Low Life!

  • basically the a8 interior ....great job

    • pumpuppthevolume this was released im 2016..

    • well that's neither here nor there......what r u even saying.....I'm not saying one is better or anything.....I'm just saying the interior setup is similar ......and they could both be best sellers and they r different types of cars all together as far as no one driving a8 or an audi ......I'll have to look at the sold units of bmw audi mercedess and range rover ....I don't know what r the sold units but they r definitely not bad in any way in fact u can say that they r actually pretty great in every way id-tv.org/tv/video-KBQPAq35PcM.html ------- the new 7 series vs the old a8

    • pumpuppthevolume i wouldnt compare this nice car to a A8, and this I say as a German... nearly no one drives an A8, and this will be a best seller

    • hmm u sure? including concepts and stuff.....well it's still funny it's not a big deal there aren't a gazillion ways to design an interior with a lot of screens .... that vent makes it super similar

    • pumpuppthevolume this was actually released before the A8.

  • Boom