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David and I are not professional stylish people! But we're super cute and appreciate other cute things so join in looking at all the best fashion from COACHELLA 2019!
New Podcast!
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  • why everybody going crazy about coachella ? I thought Tomorrowland is the real deal :/ guess im just a nerd

  • I love that mini bar behind Josh...❤🍷😂

  • Why do I feel like David would have a thing for goth girls

  • The wedding ring ❤️

  • David rolled his eyes when he said the girls outfit was “simple and elegant”

  • Josh is bi right?

  • Josh quit saying your a manly dad. You guys are flirting hard, sayin the gayest shit to each other, and critiquing people’s outfits

  • Just a couple of Tagary and Fracky dudes.

  • Stop watching and get to sleep you have a exam tom

  • Davids hotter than josh js

  • David differently has a hairy ass

  • I can’t stop looking at David’s hair...on his legs...I can’t stop.

  • NO MORE ID-tv PREDATOR ENABLERS! The minutes James Charles comes back to ID-tv we will be waiting and ready to make sure a predator like him, a sexual harasser like him NEVER forgets the harm he does to society. DO NOT LET THIS PERVERT TO REGAIN HIS "CELEBRITY" so he can continue his predatory tactics on impressionable young boys.

  • I thought he’s Paul Rudd

  • Yesh

  • nice, I think it is great keep sharing them good job thanks for this


  • Also just going to point out that bottle of Jack sitting on the counter right behind these two looks very promising.

  • Why does Josh only have 2.9M subscribers?

  • My dad never let me paint his nails. He would NEVER let anyone paint his nails. Josh you are not alone in the dads club who doesn’t want his nails painted.

  • I only subscribed because I hope one day you wont rely on David for an income 😂

  • I wonder How James Charles sat on the grass ...or anywhere ..

    • Bobby shetty he didn’t, he only sits on straight guys hoping they’ll turn gay


  • "That is the perfect underboob tattoo dress." 😂 A sentence I've never heard in my life..

  • david looks like a skinny robby from new girl

  • Why is David such a mess?

  • Josh you're so cool. Idgaf what anyone says. Giving a shit about yourself and your family and everything going on around you is cool and we need more influencers/people like you in the world.

  • Everyone taking notes on what david says he likes

  • What's the name of the song/music that starts playing in the end when the part of his podcast starts?

  • I like how david is wearing Scotty’s merch in Josh’s video

  • I’m not usually one to judge people or I mostly keep my comments to myself but, full offense: I think James Charles needs to act (and dress) more his age. He’s a nineteen (very RECENTLY nineteen) year old boy that wears clothes that barely cover anything at all. I know it’s his body but,,,,his fan base is like mostly young teens and the kind of example he sets sometimes is...concerning. I get Coachella is a thing about showing skin but he shows A LOT of it Edit: before y’all attack me, yes I KNOW that there are other problematic people and outfits at chocella, I just pointed out James’s because 1) He IS ninteteen 2) his demographic is mostly young kids

    • Queen Of Thine Bitchery 3 days later he loses over 2 million followers because of this reason and many more 🙃

  • Wow 2:10

  • lol got a coachella ad while watching this

  • Bebe Rexha is American 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • My coachella pics should’ve made this I’m mad

  • Am I he only one that just figured out that he was from drake and josh

  • I normally eat 5 peices of pizza and im less then 100 pounds😂

  • did they fuck

  • '' lets dive in, awww look at max''

  • You literally were on fuller house as a guy at a daddy and me man bin dude

  • "bibi reksaa"

  • Is david married (I see a band on the European wedding ring finger)?

  • “I don’t even do drugs” Does he not remember the lie detector video was uploaded? 😂

  • I’m too distracted by David’s thighs my gay ass is shook

  • 12:30 LOOOOL... “DiD yoOu GeT iT... yuuUcK”

  • So weird, its like watching a somebody (Josh) talk about a whole buncha nobodies

  • Y los billetes?:v

  • David does not look like a crack head shut the fuck up

  • Darren criss? That's Harry freaking potter.

  • Damn, David's going to be bald when he gets older :(

  • David is so sexy I love his attitude n his look😍 deff feeling bde from him!!

  • Dobrick judges outfits by judging how they would look on him 😂

  • He should make better vlog squad merch before he throws shade

  • Couldn’t help but laugh at “your dress is an octopus” lol

  • Im pretty sure what he means is everyone is tripping there so it can be awkward lol

  • Me: wow i like this video David: why bc im high? Me: no you are 10x higher than i expect!

  • Never thought I’d hear about someone with the same name as me

  • I just wanna hangout with josh he’s so funny and genuine 😭😭😭

  • David’s not

  • where is lizaaaaa 💖💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤️💙💜💜💝😂💖

  • Lol y’all sound gay

  • Lol is David a vampire saying that he likes cloth on peoples Neck

  • losing ur v card with natalie

  • david is wearing scott’s merch aha

  • It is very tgary as josh said 😂

  • I like that they are very positive

  • I see David i click But then in the video i was like this guy is konda like Josh... Ok, he is josh tho! My bad 😂

  • It’s so strange seeing David wearing different colors other than black but I’m living for it.

  • josh is like a kid its so cute

  • David: these skinny girls they eat the most Yes, yes we do

  • I could listen do David speak all day

  • This was so pure

  • David would die at EDC Vegas if he thinks Coachella is the desert 🤣😂😆

  • Josh and David r so funny😂😂😂

  • Is it just me or does David in every video with his friends look super annoyed

  • 8:48 lol listen to David! Haha 😂

  • josh calling david “cub” is the cutest thing ever

  • If James Charles is a boy, where’s his d-

  • Street podcast.... the possibilities endless.. images a tarot reading podcast with ur crew

  • Next year everyone is wearing jeans to Coachella 😂

  • I miss David and Liza😭😭

  • Did Josh do a voiceover for this video? Anyone else felt that it just me?

  • i cant believe david still thinks he is straight.

  • I love that you were so positive and nice about everything. Wholesome af!


  • Orlando looks like the dude off Curious George

  • Vanessa is the hottest thing outta Disney since experiment 502.

  • Is josh wearing foundation?

  • david is so cute with glasses :)

  • David is wearing a ring ;) everyone speculate lol

  • I don't care if you're career is "dead", I'm 28 and actually used to love Drake and Josh when I was a kid, boy meets world was way better. Super stoked you're vlogging, but for real...fuck drake tho

  • David: “I like when people wear cloth around their neck”

  • They didn't review liza😭

  • Is it Coachella 2020 yet lolol

  • Wow soooo good go off

  • There’s too much Scotty in this video...

  • Canadian tuxcido! DEAD. Josh is fucking halrious SMH. I need more of this in me loool

  • 12:37 i’m a thick girl myself and all girls that i know that are skinny eat sO much more than any thicker girls i know-

  • 12:5 that kid is a sad attempt of Ethan Dolan

  • @joshpeck gaaaahhhhd make an official definition of "T'gery // Two-gery".... (don't even know how to spell it) ..... i like the sound of that word !!!! Imma use it 😜👏