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David and I are not professional stylish people! But we're super cute and appreciate other cute things so join in looking at all the best fashion from COACHELLA 2019!
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  • Why do I like this so much😂👊🏻

  • david: you just want to fuck me? josh: yea how casual

  • David's reaction at 1:26 it looks like he's upset

  • Finally someone who leaves the picture up for more then .2 seconds

  • 100 grand cash they both gay af

  • Is David gay

  • Do you really just call it Canadian tucks 😂

  • they should’ve reacted to the Dolan Twins!!

  • That last guy looks like he owns a hotel in Maimi

  • David: I don’t know anything about fashion Also David: has the best merch possibly on ID-tv

  • The first thing I noticed was that David was wearing a colour other black


  • David: I like when they put cloth on there neck Me: 💀 ➰

  • Josh tall about food good for the body and have perfect belly

  • I lived in Coachella valley (where the festival is) and during the summer is hot 114

  • David : i like when people wear ... I love it Me : *buys everything he says*

  • david looks high and is great

  • To be honest I was hoping they would go over Sam and Colby's outfits 😅

  • Why did I not have any idea that David grew facial hair?😱

  • Am I the only one that sees a Jack Daniels alcohol bottle 😂🤙🏼

  • am i the only one that thinks david is hot

  • pregnant women... but men a concept.

  • I get so happy when he talks about Chicago and lalapalooza bc Chicago is my home and it’s David’s too

  • I love their friendship 😭😑

  • When I went in 2018 I was dying sweating 😅😂

  • I can't handle how cute David looks

  • it's Hailey Bieber

  • I'm paying more attention to the bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey in the back

  • Yall don’t know shit abt fashion. Don’t try

  • MEGHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • David got herpes


  • The difference between David and josh’s chochella outfits reactions and of tana and James Charles are hella different !!! 🥰😘🥰😘

  • who else is happy for David for wearing something other then black.🥳❤️

  • 💯💯💯 Has to be manly

  • I’m so high watching this wtf

  • Smith tent

  • Skinny girls dont *eat the most* - they eat around people to put others down and then at home they dont eat anything for 3 days straight.. puuuh-lease..

  • i love david so much

  • 12:36 Did you get it? YUCGHK

  • David: is she wearing a backpack Josh: ya David: double cool Literally my favourite part

  • The duo we never knew we needed

  • I just found out Josh has a ID-tv channel and my childhood was ruined when he said f***

  • Too much scotty. A shirt like tat exist? David is too gay n adorable

  • DID YOU GET IT? Yuck :p

  • that uy in the pic looks like zane also he called his kid an it lmao

  • I wanted them to look at the Dolan Twins 😌, great video though. David collabed with them after all.

  • David dobrik my name is Frank Espinoza very appreciative if he helped my God what drive please help us with a stripe of America

  • why isn’t anyone talking about how josh pronounced Nike???

  • By far, my favorite Coachella outfit reaction

  • Literally no one: Me: josh would do a great job of playing mr.penutbutter in bojack horseman Everyone on the planet: wtf

  • *David*: “i think i only picked This photo ‘cause she has a pizza” I’m dying haha Never seen Josh being such a mood

  • Fun fact when: when I lived in LA we had parties EVERY SINGLE DAY and night all we would hear at night was music and people laughing but also I lives near the geto so I would also hear gunshots with those music and laughing.... But then I moved near holly wood it was so easy to get there by car it didn't take long I went there to see santa but we couldn't XD anyway yeah that was my experience in LA but then I moved 😭😭 yo San Bernardino in California but still pretty far XD sorry for this long ass thing it took awhile to make but anyway I WISH I MET YOU ALL BEFORE I MOVED ;( I WAS BORN IN LA BABY AND PROUD TO BE

  • David fuck me

  • damn I saw james charles in the thumbnail and thought that the title was recreating the outfits.....

  • david’s fucking hairy legs make me cringe

  • that is the kind of review I like haha , those beauty gurrus trying to sound like they know everything about fashion ect. , but a sleepy david and a joyful gayish josh is what im here for , really saying theirs true opinion while being an iconic hilarious duo .. I need more david and josh only videos , they're so cute and hilarious .. just two bros chillin while commenting nicely on peoples oufits .. the kind of comments i would say , knowing nothing about fashion also .. I could relate :P haha

  • is no one gonna talk bout how the thumbnail is james charles from 2018 coachella

  • David wearing neon hoodie, and not black? Something is wrong. Is that actually David? Something happend with David

  • I love how dave is so rich he doesnt know i more broke then the word broke

  • Says looking at youtubers outfits and only shows 1 fucking outfit wtf guys

  • ever since jp had a kid he looks and acts like 55

  • David should do daddy and me with jason

  • Anyone ever realize josh’s voice has never changed since drake and josh

  • josh has become such a dad and i love it

  • Anyone else think David Dobrik is hot ❤️❤️❤️

  • his outfit would go for if shane dawson can sell his underwear fro 100k

  • Josh is such a dad

  • i went to coachella in 2011 and it was so fucking hot i almost died. but then of course the sun sets and because it's a desert the temperature drops and you freeze.

  • Where was billie eilish

  • Can josh tell david to not wear shorts i dont like seeing so much hair

  • Josh: Did you hear the story about Kiernan and I at the Kids Choice awards with Bebe Rexha? David: No what happened. You told me but I forgot. Josh: I was standing with..... David: Oh yea! 😲 wtf?

  • I used to live in 29 palms in Cali. I HATED Coachella weekends lol the traffic coming through town, hated it lol

  • No one: Literally no one: David: I really like when girls, or even guys, wear jeans

  • 10:24 haha and Shane Dawson put his underwear on eBay and people wanted $100,000 for it😂

  • James Charles has his butt out cuz "he's a virgin" & wants someone to (DESPERATELY[HENCE THE STRAIGHT MAN] ) POKE it. Dduh

  • David is literally hung over

  • I live in the Midwest, where minimum wage is WAY to low to purchase tickets for any music festival if it’s over $500 for a weekend 🤣

  • Wat would happen if James Charles had a poo and he didn’t wipe probably