Real Madrid 5-1 Valencia | HIGHLIGHTS | LaLiga 2023/24

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Real Madrid saw victory against Valencia at the Santiago Bernabéu with a great offensive display and a wonderful night of football. Dani Carvajal scored the first goal with a great left-footed strike right outside the box followed by Vini Jr and Rodrygo Goes, who both scored a brace in what was a fine display from the Brazilians. Carlo Ancelotti’s side head into the international break with their tenth LaLiga win, their fifth at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.
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  • Think the score is a little messed up but. Hala Madrid!!!

    • We wait vardrid for your next humiliation 💙💙

    • @@abdoucityzen bruh your club didnt exist before you were born 15 years ago

    • ​​@@abdoucityzenguess what u became city fan after 2011 isnt it and though being a frenchman u choose to support city over psg cause u are a typical plastic fan isnt it😂

    • Jajja ...que susto me llevé!!!😂

  • Rodrygo hitting siuuu after scoring at Santiago Bernebeu,Nostalgic ❤

  • Rodrygo i Vini taka samba, że dłonie same składają się do oklasków. Brawo!

  • Man Rodrygo with 2 goals and 2 assists. What a player!!

    • If he scored that freekick 👀

    • Yeah his first 2 goals & 2 assists after 10+ games

    • Vini and Rodrygo both are club player, not a national player.

    • Look whom he idolize 💝🔥

  • This match was the best match in this season 🔥

  • Si Vini y Rodrygo salieran así de inspirados en cada partido, no habría quién parara a este Madrid

  • We totally deserved to win this one. HALA MADRID!!!!!!

    • Watch the Match and score df

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    • bruh dont say that/barcelona might comeback.laliga this season

  • Fue un espectáculo, Vinicius y Rodrygo increíbles, ese es el Madrid!!!🤍 VAMOS!!! Hala Madrid 💪🏻

  • Beautiful way to bounce back after a disappointing home draw! The Brazilian duo is back in form which led the a dominate win. Vini Jr back to being the best winger in the world. Was such a huge threat to the opposing defense with his speed and pace. MOTM goes(no pun intended) to Rodrygo. 2 goals and 2 assists this game he was phenomenal. And with 3 goals his last 2 games it’s safe to say his slump is over. Lunin may have lost his clean sheet at the end but he made some nice stops in the first half. He’s really making this goalkeeping situation very interesting. Girona won again so we remain in 2nd place but an outstanding way to head into to international break. Great job Los Blancos, HalaMadrid!!👑


    • Lunin was great hope he doesn’t get injured cause that Madrid curse this season.

    • @@sphezimakhoba5365 Now Camavinga and Vini are injured…

  • The fact the fans join in on the SUI is amazing 🤩 Hala Madrid

  • Me da mucha felicidad ver a Vini y Rodrygo volver a su mejor nivel 🤍

    • Esperemos así lo mantengan hasta el final de la liga y champions

  • The best match I have ever watch this season. Everyone was at the top of their game in Madrid shirts . We need this form from Vinicius n Rodrigo . With the addition of Bellingham’s from I what I saw in the match , we would win trophies this season

    • It might be tricky when bellingham plays this duo doesn't have as much as freedom as today

  • Vinicius Jr and Rodrygo are back 😍

  • The greatest club of all time

  • La delantera Vinicius-Rodrygo empieza a dar sus frutos, nos van a dar muchas alegrías!!

    • When this two guys are on form Madrid can compete

    • Já deram título de laliga, mundial, copa da liga e champions league. Isso não é dar frutos?

  • 2:11 Ronaldo's spirit never leaves the Bernabeu Hala Madrid

    • Still miss him😢

  • What a great performance from the squad❤ Hala Madrid!!!

  • Carvahal goal is absolutly incredible.

  • Viniiiiii malvadeza 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    • Espero que ele jogue nesse nível contra a Argentina nessa data Fifa

    • ​@@gustavo-gw9gpÉ complicado, ninguém na seleção estão jogando nada, tudo morto.

  • Cuando vinicius esta enfocado en jugar y no en buscar las provocacionea ni peleas es imparable, espero siga asi en toda la temporada que queda, es suficiente que demuestre su talento para dejar en ridiculo a cualquier agresion... ¡Hala madrid!

  • La prueba sin Bellingham no significa que sea inútil😎👑 🤍

    • Y alguien q la gente se olvida, guler lamentablemente no ha debutado

  • Vini and Rodrygo is back. Vini looked much better mentally and Rodrygo is getting the confidence back💪🏻

  • Enhorabuena por esta maravillosa victoria. Muy bonitos goles. Muy feliz por esta victoria. Te amo Real Madrid 🤍 Madridista de Irak 🇮🇶❤️

  • For those who may have a bit of curiosity, Pirri (now the Honorary President of the club) was one of the best ten players of Real Madrid in the last century. A wonderful miefielder and defender since 1964 to 1980

  • Madrid is such a prestigious team. I particularly have a soft spot for Rodrygo. He's so cool with the ball. Hopefully he grows to be one of football's greats of the incoming generation. Plus, Lunin's goalkeeping exploits are simply remarkable. Such a fine shotstopper!

  • Partido Histórico, la venganza de Vini fue Épica, Hala Madrid!

  • Que humilde el Madrid regalandole la victoria al Valencia

  • Imagine messing up the scoreline in the title when your team has just scored 5 goals 😅

  • Stunning performance from Vini Jr and Rodrygo 🇧🇷🤍👑

  • I cant believe we lost 0-1, only if Rodrygo had tried to give 2 assists and 2 goals and vinicius also tried 2 goals, and hopefully Dani added one, we would have won 😭😭😭😭.

  • What a match 🔥🔥

  • Really underestimated Lunin, he’s been putting out great performances for a minute now

    • Ancelolti tidak butuh lunin, ancelolti butuh karius dan onono

  • Lo de Lunin es increíble 😍

  • I wish every 1-0 game had this amount of goals!

  • Carvajal back to his prime 🤘

  • Espectáculo brasileño en el Bernabeú 👏

  • What a beautiful game it was, one day I hope il get to watch my favorite team live at the Santiago Bernabeu ❤🇳🇦

  • Kudos to the whole team for a 5 star performance,hope we mount excessive pressure on Girona after the international break….HALA MADRID 🫡

  • Espectacular. Hala Madrid.❤

  • Mérito para Lunin🙌🏼 defendió la portería muy bien🤍🤍

    • This just shows how much gk's are underated....😢

  • Rodrygo and vinicious jr.....😍... One of the best duos of football history.....

  • The goat is proud that his legacy lives on through players like Vini jr and Rodrygo🇵🇹🐐🙌

  • This team is legendary ❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • Que partido!🎉

  • Amazing🔥😢 0:05

  • Hala Madrid ❤ desde México 🇲🇽. El país con más aficionados merengues del mundo, incluso habría que ver si en nuestra nación hay más seguidores del club blanco que en la España misma. Amo al Real Madrid ❤.

    • Hala Madrid! (Desde un salvadoreño nacido en usa 🇺🇸

    • No Brasil também tem vários torcedores do Real Madrid, Hala Madrid y nada mas!!!🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    • Hala Madrid y nada más! 🇪🇨

    • مشجعي من🇮🇶

    • Lo dudo mucho que haya más que en España.

  • Hala Madrid!!! Although the scoreline is messed up a bit, but Vamossssss! Vini and Rodrygo well done!

  • Don't mess up one of the best scores in Laliga this season 😢

  • La celebración de Rodrygo 🥹🥲

  • What a game that was 🔥

  • Foi um bom jogo treino ✅👌🏾🫠

  • Grande equipo!!! Buena actuación de Lunin

  • Beautiful game. Hala Madrid ❤

  • إبداع لاعبي البرازيل 🇧🇷 Hala Madrid 👑

  • Its a really tough game with valencia pressing heavily. But somehow with brahim in the center, suddenly vini&rodrygo become better in dribbling and scoring, nice👌

  • Congrats lads. You all guys very deserve to win this match. Hala Madrid.

  • como ha crecido vini el primer gol es prueba de su pasion

  • Celebrations today: -Vinicius Jr: 'Calma' 🤚🏼 -Rodrygo: 'Siiiuuu' 🙌🏼

  • Carvahal's goal is simply amazing.

  • Justicia Divina…Vini…Adelante no mires Atraz ,Tú vales más qué cualquier Equipo Frustrado e Ignorantes enfermos de Odio…Pudrance Vinicius Jr se Feliz..disfruta El Don y las Bendiciones qué Diosito,Te da a manos Llenas..Rodrigo niño Lindo…God Bless Your..Always.From 🇺🇸with ❤️ ❤❤

  • Brahim Díaz is so underrated… he definitely let Vini and Rodrygo shine

  • Excelente victoria de real Madrid y goles de brasileños para tomar más confianza ⚽💪🤍🇧🇷

  • Que partidazo de el portero lunin


  • From Everton to Real Madrid, Capello really deserves his chance at the big time. Hope he wins the Champions League to add to his list of achievements! 🎉🎉

  • Dani Carvagod jugó un excelente partido, pieza fundamental del Real Madrid.

  • amazing amazing amazing performance by our samba boys vini and rodrygo. God bless Brazil!!

  • Andrey lunin on fire,good perform💥☠️

  • Dani scoring important goals. First againt Sevilla and now against Valencia Hala Madrid ⚪⚪⚪

  • Me alegra muchísimo la noticia sobre Mbappé, no le quiero en el Madrid ni en pintura y que no se vaya a vestir con nuestra camiseta y nuestro escudo me hace especialmente feliz (aunque sé que a los antis les hará más). Sin embargo, el vikingo (Haaland) que venga, esta es su casa. Siempre le he preferido y quizás se reduzca el dinero como han hecho el resto (Camavinga, Tchouameni, Bellingham...) y desde luego no va a romper el vestuario, se le ve un tipo estupendo. No me importa lo bueno que sea, como si es la reencarnación de Maradona y Pelé juntos, me da igual, lo único que importa es lo que sientas por vestir la camiseta y el escudo, como hacen los mencionados antes y Rodrygo y Vini y Luka y..., todo lo demás es mercadotecnia y falsedad. Eso no va conmigo, prefiero tener "a los míos" y defenderlos como ellos defienden el equipo. Es una cuestión, de orgullo, de lealtad, de sentimiento. Y eso es lo que nos hace grandes. Eso. Así que al final el Madrid gana, el Madrid siempre gana y él pierde. Que se vaya donde le dé la gana, como si se quiere ir al Barcelona (lo dudo, están en la ruina) que me da igual lo que haga con su vida. Muy contento con el Madrid y con Florentino. Así sí. ¡HALA MADRID! ¡SIEMPRE!

    • He will come. These are Perez tactics.

    • I hope not.@@Oetlul4956

    • Ele vai estragar toda a dinâmica do jogo com sua invalidade e egocentrismo

    • Es imposible que Mbappe a día de hoy caiga bien a ningún madridista, incluido a mí, pero en el Farça no me gustaría verlo porque es un jugador determinante. Y sí, el Negreira's FC está en una teórica ruina, pero se engañan los que piensan que está hipotecado. De todas sus deudas (incluido el campo en construcción y de Mbappe si viniese) se haría cargo la Generalidad catalana que también lo está, por lo que seríamos el resto del Estado (incluidos los madridistas) los que vamos a financiarlos.

  • This beautiful team deserve all respects from me Hala Madrid!!! Vinicius and Rodrygo were so perfect and scored more classy goals to Valencia.🙏🤍💯💪🙏👍

  • Vamos otra victoria y a seguir 💪🏻

  • What a game Hala Madrid 🎉

  • We lost 1-0 but if Rodrygo and Vini braces were onside it would be the best game so far for us. Hope they both play like this with Bellingham.

  • La mano de Oro 🖐 & nada mas, Hala Madrid, Vamos por el Triplete este año! & Estimado Presi 🎩gran discurso el de hoy defendiendo nuestros valores del Club, dejando en su lugar al Negreirato, te mereces una estatua en el nuevo estadio, por todo lo que has hecho & continuas realizando por nuestro Madrid, gracias Presi eres un padre para todo el Madridismo te queremos, saludos, un fuerte abrazo hasta Ciudad de Valdebebas. 🤗

  • Vinicius y Rodrigo la mejor dupla del mundo ✨🤍🐐

  • Lunin is improving day by day....🧡🖤🧡 Hala Madrid! Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • I was really sad cuz some Valencia fans discriminated Vini again... what a shame....

  • More improvement from Lunin 💪

  • guys this is truly heartbreaking we lost 0 - 1

  • 02:10 la mejor celebración

  • Vamos Rodrygo 🤍🙏

  • Ojalá Ancelotti entienda que lunin merece muchos más minutos

  • Lunin is a beast

  • Rodrygo hitting the SIU, Vinicius hitting the Calma, these two are peak, and are nourished by the Great Ronaldo himself, i see a bright future and they're cooking it, Vamos!

  • Señoras y Señores. Rodrigo ha vuelto Hala Madrid 🤍🤍 A por la 15

  • El mejor este equipo🎉🎉🎉🎉❤

  • 00:12 Nothing seems simpler the than the first goal. 🤩

  • damn vini junior really turns into prime cr in this match. tears in my eyes 😢

  • Rodrygo with the SIU 😮‍💨🤍

  • We were unstoppable today, look at the madridistas ✨✨

  • Claps for LUNIN 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • carvajal’s volley is definitely a goal of the season contender..

  • Hala Madrid! Like always - great 👍 ❤

  • Rodrygo with the siiiiiu ❤🐐

  • Volvieron Vinicius y Rodrygo por fin!! ⚪⚪⚪


  • Great goal from carvajal 🔥

  • 2:08 Cristiano Rodrygaldo! Grande el chaval, no solo golea, también asiste…

  • 2:11 la torcida gritar siiii me hizo recordar los viejos tiempos. 🥺