Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 5

Dipublikasikan tanggal 28 Mar 2019
This is the moment we have all been waiting for! Will this smashed Lamborghini start for the first time after its collision? We did a ton of research and troubleshooting to try to figure this one out. However that alone wasn't enough. With the help of you guys and some exotic specialist we managed to work some magic!!! Check out what happens! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Indeed, a cheap multimeter would have told you what the issue was right at the beginning!

  • I cant believe you dont even know how to hook up a starter. A fifth grader can figure it out. You guys are dangerous. Do you know it runs on gasoline?

  • Wreck safety switch reset it

  • ,k

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  • Mark giver came in clutch again

  • U guys are more slower working than the car jejejej almost made a number 10 part jeejjje

  • Ya'll talk a lot

  • You can always tell the idiots. Before they've repaired anything they're already talking about fitting turbos and different wheels.

  • Awesome job guys!

  • i became fan of your job

  • I find it fascinating that somebody has supplied them with all these tools, this building, money, and a fancy bendpack lift, but they do not have their own battery charger or know how to cross a starter solenoid to see if a starter will work. SMH AutoZone battery for a Lamborghini? Sad... Maybe the money supplier should be out there with them teaching them how to do this stuff...

  • That engine might be locked.

  • Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Get to work already. Way to take a video series that could be 30 minutes and turn it into six hours.

    • ADAM WAITE of course they’re going to want to drag out these videos as much as possible, do you have any idea how much it is costing them?

  • And guttersnake save the day again !!!! gj man and thank you for sharing your knowledge

  • Needs lambo starter tested....goes to worst auto parts chain in the country to do it. These fuckin guys lol

  • Crush form front side ,ur engine 100% fine,Thats special one of lambo

  • 20:20, Totally Awesome Guys!!! I looked ahead and I know you finished with this car, but I'm very happy for you and I'll continue to watch this series to the end. I see the parts car coming and that's always great to have. I'm sure whatever you didn't use was resold to get back some hard earned cash.

  • Overriding a fuse like that, you were very lucky you did not burn out the entire electronic system out! VERY unwise. That was probably the most important fuse on that car!

    • its not a fuse. Its called a pyro switch and the wire goes directly to positive on the starter. the fused side is the remote wire to the starter. in other words they couldn't of burnt nothing. look back at the video and you will notice all the cables has fuses before the nuts except that one.

  • its great what these guys do, but really do waffle on far too much... Legit

  • 'Not like an ordinari foam... its like a high grade foam" seems legit.. XD

  • I was looking to restore my 280... long way from a Lambo. Came across this channel and was like, what do these kids know? Cutting to the chase, I was at work and actually yelled Goonzquuuuuuad when they got it started! Glad i found yall. Keep doing what you doing and remember, the better you do, the more they will hate. Fugg 'em

  • You guys are amazing having a Lamborghinis are cool supercars and you know.

  • 20:12 You're welcome

  • "A lot of people were giving us the information but they could never give us the right.." You guys ask for help in comments sections and these people gave you the correct info. It took you at least 2 videos to notice and this is just annoying. Also get a multimeter for your next projects.

  • You are gonna be a legend

  • 0:12 - Would you trust your rebuilt Lamborghini Huracan if it was bought from this guy 😱 😂😂

  • Do you really think, short cutting random wires is the right way to repair a high tech supercar?

  • the car is a rolling parts recycling farm and the engineer that designed the car -clearly never turned a wrench in his life - I mean really its insane disassemble the entire car to access a starter

  • Rev engine then shut off quickly killed me xD

  • RDBLA be like those poor losers

  • When you see they are leaving the same Autozone right in front of your house.. dafuq

  • Looks like the crazy bitch who wrecked it spilled her coke everywhere inside

  • now i want to play car mechanic simulator all over again ..... jee golly ding it!

  • the feeling of bringing back life! lol

  • i shed a tear when the lambo fired up

  • Out of curiosity, is this Hurucan under a Salvage Title or does it still retain it's clean Title ?

  • most cars when they have an accident the computer will shut off the fuel pump to avoid fire you have to reset the computer

  • another great show this is a show that my family all likes so much

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  • فيي عربب ولااا اناا الوحييدد..؟

  • yeah,,,bro....attention to detail and concern for the stitched feelings...what a sensitive cool bro yo

  • you stoned,,,, i'm DANTERA

  • if u are going to take me to auto zone, your music efffing suuucccclkkkkkssasss!!!!!!!!! shit suck anydamway

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Audi speaker!

  • Mattgyver aka Guttersnake

  • The video starts at 20:14 thx me later.

  • Hey it’s that British Green Ferrari guy that I just watched an hour ago lol

  • Great z squad.... Love to see ur fine work ... God bless you