Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 5

Dipublikasikan tanggal 28 Mar 2019
This is the moment we have all been waiting for! Will this smashed Lamborghini start for the first time after its collision? We did a ton of research and troubleshooting to try to figure this one out. However that alone wasn't enough. With the help of you guys and some exotic specialist we managed to work some magic!!! Check out what happens! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Soo that car is yours now ??

  • Well done Goonzsquad. That engine sounds terrific. Yo! Lets see the rest of that rebuild. I knew it was the circuit breaker. I am surprised that Vtuned couldn't fin-it. But you've done it. Well done. Michael. Nth London. United Kingdom.

  • It goes 300mph look it up it does and it’s not kilometers I know

  • Try to get hennessey venom GTF5

  • Dude at autozone did NOT want to be seen on ID-tv 😂

  • man you guys are so much fun and i love to watch every rebuild you do, keep up the great work

  • you could've just checked Alex Rebuilds he figured this issue out on an audi R8 2017

  • You guys talk a lot, rest all good

  • awesome job guys nice job

  • I forgot about that impact crash switch it shuts off the fuel pump so the fuel pump if the ignition is on doesn't keep pumping fuel and start a fire it's mandatory on all cars and trucks and it could be located anywhere most cars they have a trunk American cars it's located on the driver side of the trunk and has to be reset. It looks like a button on a garbage disposal if you look under the sink there's a red button on a garbage disposal and if it overheats it trips that button I was concentrating on the starter and the Bendix of the starter not thinking about that switch called an impact switch

  • do not replace that exhaust cause it has to be there for its motor to run right

  • Bacot doang

  • Too much talk than works

  • This is the seventh time I've watched your video to fix this lambo .. I'm trying to send you something special but it's hard because I'm your fan from malaysia .. Something very special .. But I'm sad that I couldn't .. So, this does not prevent me from supporting you both .. Will continue to support both of you in pursuit of the dream .. best prayer for Goonzquad.. Keep the great work.. I cant wait for the next video..

  • 25 parts omg , to much talking

  • That sounded freakin' great!!! This channel is awesomely addictive! 🙂

  • agx coming to the rescue ...markgyver is a genius

  • Amazing work guys.

  • drill a hole through the cross member for easy access next time.

  • Modern cars cut fuel pumps ecu's to prevent fire in a accident. Its a good lesson the guys learnt here

  • Bruh be complaining about parts, dude be buying 2 lambos for the money he made of these videos...

  • love the good work

  • GutterSnake Dopeeeee!!

  • Too Much Talk No Work?

  • How many times are you gonna say clean the engine bay !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dont drive it without fixing the cooling system and filling it with coolant.

  • DANG!!!!!!!!!! That sounds wicked lol

  • where are you guys from?

  • The cat guards the the Lambo!

  • Now that S not a toy


  • Good job gys

  • why you don't drive this car anymore since you fixed it?

  • is an handmade car so you can re-assemble easy with screwdriver, a genius project parts by Magneti Marelli parts

  • Am I the only one that the engine bay is pissing me off because of the dirt.

  • insane shit

  • where did you find sam crack?

  • Bored.. af.

  • amazing how this guys work, they basically go blindfolded on how to fix a vehicle that most "shops" wouldn´t even touch, this is how yo dou things, trust yourself and your habilities and build your way up to achieve your goals, maybe soon we'll see them working on a bugatti, that would be awesome.

  • buy a volt meter and check your grounds.

  • It sounded like it it sounded like a straight piped Ford Taurus

  • Shut the fuck up and start it

  • @Guttersnake Mark is an absolute legend. So glad he helped you guys. I could actually see how excited you guys were and how much you genuinely appreciated Mark's help. Awesome vlog!

  • lol lol lol lol

  • Congrats bro u r too good .... Can I join u for learning's my dream job You must go on ..... best of luck for your future

  • love watching these hillbillies fixing a Lambo. cheers!

  • Show top car

  • افرین💞💖💞😘

  • Well done guys, 👏👏

  • the clicking is the selonoid which is the plus voltage engaging the flywheel gear. the motor still need plus voltage which is the big terminal where the thick power wire is coming form a relay or straight from the battery. u need to check ti see if the motor has power on the terminal. if not its a fusible link someplace in the wiring harness. check voltage with a meter always

  • Bacoot banyak lo...

  • Its a safety feature. Its designed to shut off the fuel supply and prevent the car from starting anytime the air bags deploy. Think about it, when you spend $200K for a car, it would suck to watch it burn to the ground after you rear ended someone.

  • right at the start the hatt

  • Can you help me rebuild my Nissan Altima

  • Well Done Gentlmen!!

  • Stop throwing things on , this is fragile components needing a bit of care ?

  • Am I the only one here that has zero knowledge of cars, but still enjoys watching those videos? 😁

    • @Johnson times Jj Nop, I didn't

    • Jasminanya me too and did you like your own comment

  • It just needs some WD 40, that's it.

  • Actually @Géza Hernádi told you about the pyrofuse in the part 4 video....

  • Indeed, a cheap multimeter would have told you what the issue was right at the beginning!