Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)' MV

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Red Velvet's the 5th mini album "RBB" is out!
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01 RBB (Really Bad Boy)
02 Butterflies
03 So Good
04 멋있게 (Sassy Me)
05 Taste
06 RBB (Really Bad Boy) (English Ver.)
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Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


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  • This music video looks like musical

  • If your feeling... Sad, listen to One Of These Nights. Happy, listen to Power Up or Red Flavor. Sexy, listen to Bad Boy or Automatic. Stupid, listen to dumb dumb. Killing someone, listen to PeekABoo or Russian Roulette.

  • Red velvet yes my dudes

  • +124k in 15 hours

  • Can't wait for "Sayonara", and I will listen to it even it's in Japanese

  • IM BACK LUVIES🎀 Came back from my trip in my hometown, Philippines, and I didn't have wifi so I couldn't use my phone and iPad😫 Now I'm streaming like crazy😁

  • 32.9M!!!

  • Can we talk about their vocals for a second....Like omg 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nope sorry gotta make this public. They lent the Kind of England my body so he could insult the Queen. You really didnt tell them?

  • Can you please explain to them they offered to break the Pent hex and I keep to minimize human casualties?

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  • 32m only?? Hm

  • Seulgi voice 💛💛💛😍😍😍😍

  • Aaaaaaaaaa i start my red velvet marathon ✌️

  • 32.8m!!

  • Seeing them today in Chicago today!! So excited!!

  • I know I’m a little late but 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEULGI!🎉

  • I love this song💕

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  • ‥지금부터 존재말 합니다 ‥존재말과 반말의 제대로 알고 사용해요 ‥지금부터 살려면 똑바로 사과해 ㅡ사기분따라 반말 욕또 한네요 ㅡ알면서 몰라요ㅡ바보같은놈아ㅡ언어폭행형사처별 구속 해요 ㅡ 악풀욕때문에 마지막 전화 신고 해요 알면서 몰라요 ㆍ 악풀욕때문에 최진실탤런트 자살죽음 생각해봐 💀💣☠😠😡인정사정 볼 수 없다 ㅡ악풀욕때문에 마지막 전화 신고 해요 ㅡ알면서 몰라요ㅡ경찰 신고 전화 해요ㆍ 악풀욕때문에 너도 똑같이 당해봐ㆍ 니가지금나라면입장바꿔 입장바꿔 생각해봐 장애인 차별하고 말무시하고 마음 상처받고 생각해봐 신체적학대 하지마세요 정서적학대 하지마세요 장애인 학대 예방 전화 해요ㆍ 언어폭행금지8 조 뇌진탕 암 후유증 때문에 머리가 아프고 잠을 못 자고 피곤해 죽겠다 근육통증때문에 진통제약 먹고 있다 화병 ᆢ 💣💀☠😡😠😓👍나한테 화풀이 하지말고 집에서 화풀이 해요 ᆢ 악풀욕때문에 문자 메시지를 보내고 생각없는?? 너 바보야

  • still not sick of listening to this song. watching this with the live choreo is a total 100% perfect

  • This song is really really REALLY GOOOOOODDDDD

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  • My Nana loves this song

  • 32.839.074 ⚡

  • 아이린 너무너무 이쁘다♡♡♡

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  • Só eu q não gosto da seulgi aqui!!!?affs

  • Hi REVELUV. Please help us to stream Shoot Out mv. Currently has 32M views. Our goal is 50M views before Monsta X comeback on 18th Feb. Monbebe will help to stream Really Bad Boy too.

  • 0:33 en esa parte fui la unica que escucho dame un oppa? :V

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  • Keep straeming guys to : RBB = 50M BADBOY : 200M SAPPY : 20M POWERUP : 100M HAPPINESS : 100M GO,GO,GO🙌

  • This song is so good?????????


  • 노래제목뭐예요

    • Hello! The song title is RBB (알비비 ) which stands for "Really Bad Boy" :)

  • Just people who don't love Red velvet really says this song not good coz the facts Reveluv love everything which Red velvet makes it 😊😊 in my opinion 😐 2019.2.15

  • Wow...The real K-pop I have known are coming back.

  • My horse is called Red Velvet😍

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  • Who is streaming with me?

  • RED VELVET REALLY BAD BOY(RBB) 02/14 6:40PM KST:32,620,769 02/15 6:40PM KST:32,801,885 Today views:181,116

  • 00:10 Wendy's Death Scene 1:17 Joy's Death Scene 1:53 Seulgi's Death Scene 2:34 Irene's Death Scene 2:43 Yeri's Death Scene 3:00 Everyone Death Scene

  • Hi luvies!!! 200k til 33M let's hit 35M this week? Can we?

  • Got busy with work over the weekdays now I am back! Let's str3am SM stans!

  • 32m👍❤

  • Really really really bad song

  • Keep streaming luvies💞💞 fighting!!

  • what is their fandom name?

    • Again, is ReVeluv

    • eljaydl Kuya. May amnesia ka ba talaga o ang kulit mo lng. Ilang beses nyo na po tinanong yan. REVELUV po tawag ng fandom.

  • 169.640 in a day

  • Wow parang halloween

  • this song still charting in billboard????

    • Not sure... last I heard it had charted for 7 straight weeks, which was a record for them. Whether it's still there I don't know.

  • Best song in the world. I love Rbb so much, they're everything in the world. I love listening to Red Velvet. they make me feel so happy😂❤💛💙💚💜

  • Omg hes a really bad *BOY*

  • 5pm 32,780,583 1,316,693 Let's try to increase the daily v.... and hit 40M by end of february :))

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  • I love these queens😂❤💛💙💚💜

  • Hay lam do

  • The boy? Really bad boy Irene? Screaming and slaying Blonde hair? SLAYGI hotel? trivago

  • RBB so good

  • UwU

  • The HiteJinro channel dropped two more short cf vids featuring Irene in the last three days, including one for Valentines. Here's the link to the channel:

  • i love RBB since Day 1 and i always come back to watch the MV daily. It's just too addictive.



  • Happy Valentine's Day to all my fellow LUVVIES! I love all of you! 💖😙👏

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  • This suits my taste

  • 😗

  • Stream harder 😍😍😍 i love this song . VOCAL !!!

  • RBB RedBelBet



  • I don't care what others said, I think RBB is the most unique song RV had release. And I love it💗💗💗💗💗

  • I stan wendy

  • Red velvet - 4 months 32M views ITZY - 4 days 42M views WTF LOL

    • +Mac Tian Says the one who's replying to every comment in the thread. Sure hun sure

    • The talent isn't measured in ID-tv's views.

    • Bitches

    • Can we all just mass report this comment to get it taken off? Guys?

    • Don’t mind me. I’m just here eating with my poppy corn.

  • RBB!!

  • Queens!!!

  • Yeri’s body this comeback?!?! Damn she really snapped

  • 아ㅏ앙아ㅏㅇ아ㅏ아앙ㅇㅇㅇ아 렛ㅔ

  • people doesn't like this comeback while i listen to them everyday 😐

  • Actually RBB is a nice song but why the views is hella low 😩 I feel bad about redvelvet

    • Don't, RBB is their album with more weeks on Billboard's world album chart, they are more than fine.

  • Hes a realy bad boy and this is a realy bad song

  • Why Irene is perfect?

  • Look out for Red Velvet’s new Japanese single Sayonara !

  • Is the really good song is the really good song ❤️🤩

  • 2019🎧

  • let’s keep streaming everyone!!

  • 2019 ???

  • fightng red velvet ❤💙😘😍💋💜

  • Happy valentines day luvis l love you And happy valentines day red velvet

  • Who else is streaming with me?

  • Guys, get prepared for 20th! They will be releasing their second Japanese single! What do you guys think? I feel it gonna be a ballad just because of the name.

  • just noticed how thick their legs are. our thiccc queens are coming back from the dead aka dumb dumb era, and I'm really happy about it. we stan our curvy queens

    • +NCT Jaehyun's bitch lol, im just used to tgem being super dkinny thats all lol. Iwas mainly looking at joy tho. Also im not even thicc, im fat so i know what being thicc is 😅

    • You call those thicc? Are you from a land of sticks?

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  • This is one of the best Red Velvet song, I don't care what others say

    • +Caitlin Yang R9OKIE was the song that proved International Kpop fans know dick-all about what's popular in Korea. International fans HATED it. Korea went ape-shit over it. 9 music show wins and one of the highest scores ever recorded on Mnet Countdown.

    • Shamina Shaikh I gave it too many chance but more I hear it less I bear it. I'm sorry but I really can't, I was even asking myself how can someone like this song but I know it's everyone taste.

    • +Caitlin Yang I hated it a lot too just like RBB . I'm not forcing you, but give it a chance.

    • Shamina Shaikh It's my favorite along with peekaboo but I just haaaate Rookie

    • As for me, its second only to Rookie😁

  • road to 40 MIL~~

  • Goo