Remembering Etika: YouTubers React to His Death | E! News

Dipublikasikan tanggal 25 Jun 2019
James Charles and more speak out on the tragic passing of gamer and vlogger Desmond Amofah, who was found deceased a week after going missing.
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Remembering Etika: ID-tvrs React to His Death | E! News


  • All the kids spamming 🤡 in his live streams and posts are now trying to make amends and act like they’re sad. If you are said person, I hope you rot in Hell.

  • pp die all the time, what can u do

  • Not gonna lie like everyone else Ive never even watched him ive only heard of him, but id never wish death upon another living being, so with that said. Rest jn peace.

  • R.I.P may he rest well

  • Holy fuck...I kind of wana cry

  • No respect for someone this selfish Suicide ain’t worth remembering.

  • Everybody commenting about how nobody cared until now when those same people also didn’t care before either.

  • I’m not going to lie. I don’t really know who this guy is , but I hope that his family, friends, and followers find peace and will heal from this loss.


  • Man. I didn't really know this guy. I only knew him because there was a meme that was him being super shocked if something. And then I saw DramaAlert and keem was talking about a video Etika made about him talking to police. I didn't really knew what was going on. I heard he was in a facility. Not sure if he got out or not but now I see this in trending. He was so young. I wish it didn't end like this. It's SO sad to see people go. He's in a better place now. You'll forever be with us in our hearts.

  • Bury him at the ID-tv headquarters

  • who?

  • I never watched his videos but i saw the one where he locked himself in his apartment and it was clear he wasnt in a stable state of mind. RIP. He seemed like a great dude

  • So many people criticized and made exposing vids in him. now everybody who did that is emotional? Hypocrites

  • rest in peace etika🙏🏽🕊💔🖤

  • Used to watch and love this man back in the Smash 4 days... His charisma and energy were what kept me entertained for years on end... I'm so sad to hear this happened to him... Watching a few of his old videos from his early days, from a humble small ID-tvr, no one would have ever predicted this to happen... I want to offer my condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones. Especially his mom, having to lose 2 sons in the span of a decade... No parents should ever get to see their children get buried, let alone a second time... Rest in Piece, Desmond Amofah. I hope you are in a better place. You've changed many people's lives, including mine, and we will always remember you in our heart. Thank you, Etika.

  • E

  • 6ft? I think has about 6ft 6 oh man why bro why, God bless his soul rest in peace man 🙏🏾

  • Bro disrespectful

  • Who?

  • He said he hopes the memes are good what a legend definitely deserves an f and a rip

  • “The same people that were spamming clown emojis, are now saying RIP Etika.....”

  • I’d rather have him saying it’s a prank than to see him actually gone. He’d get a lot of hate but at least he would’ve been alive. It would have been better if he had just stopped youtube instead of ending it all like this. This is the craziest week I’ve ever had. R.I.P Iceman Etika

  • Rex for smash in memory of etika or a small amount of xc2 content as he really loved mythra

  • Why would you monetize this ?



  • This man brought joy to the men community such tragic r.i.p

  • SO CHECK HIS SNAP et1ka he is active on snap

  • F

  • I’m not gonna lie I wasn’t a actual fan of etika but I did watch a lot and I mean ALOT of his videos but when I found this out I was actually shocked I didn’t know what to think

  • I give him honorary aryan pass.

  • NO!!! 😭

  • F in the chat

  • Mental illness is serious, please seek help. Never heard of him until now but nobody deserves that hurt. I wish this wouldn’t happen to anyone and he could’ve been helped. I know the black community aren’t big on mental health awareness and that’s sad. Hope he knew before he passed that he had fans like some of you guys that care. Rest easy, brother.

  • Without saying mental problems is there any reason he killed himself

  • Unlike all these dickriders in here, I never heard of him but RIP

  • You made this video just for views this is so disrespectful that’s why you disabled likes and disliked you don’t care about his death you just care about money

  • Him missing after my birthday makes me scared like the death of x Rip my dude

  • Social Media and the Internet is MORE POWERFUL than We BELIEVE!! 😥

  • Meanwhile many non ID-tvrs have committed suicide and no tribute paid to them.

  • He didn’t even get to play banjo Yet

  • terriosts

  • Suicide isn't a joke

  • That's fucked up, I enjoyed his memes and reactions so I feel for him. This 9yr old mourns his death.

  • Dam youtube you didn't care about him you ban his Channel your just doing this for view this is just low

  • This has been the worst week ever. Narancia has died, Micheal Jackson has died, and etika has died

  • Rip etika

  • Rip etika

  • lmao they hid likes and dislikes

  • He died the same day as Michael Jackson

  • No more reactions :( this man always made me laugh

  • I didn't really know him but RIP Etika I wish I knew you before 😢

  • I was devastated when he went missing and then when I found out he was one of the most saddest things I heard he died May you Rest In Peace

  • Unfortunate

  • How did he die?

  • This video annoys me so much



  • at least it’s #1 on twitter

  • R.I.P Etika bro. you are greatest reaction. 😪😥😫😭😭😭 oh my God. Rest in peace bro.😭😭😪😪


  • These clowns really disabled the like ratio huh? Hmmmmmm looks fishy

  • I cant belive y'all people that ranted on etika possibly leading him to suicide now coming on to mourn his loss, god bless his soul with heaven

  • Just posted his suicide vid. Rest in piece my brother

  • Really you think this is good content

  • We will never forget you, Etika. We should all see the lesson in this. Etika is the prime example of people not caring until you just, all of a sudden, kill yourself. It's so disgusting to see all these people pretending that they care, that they feel bad, that they mourn about him, but when in reality these are the same assholes that are trying to degrade him, expose him, and insult him. It's honestly so disgusting. I also feel so disappointed in us, including myself, for knowing that he had a problem from the very beginning, but... we just couldn't do anything. We should vow ourselves to never make the same mistake... We will never forget you, Etika, and we will value the lesson you have taught us.

  • The boy was moist.

  • F

  • Idk him but rip

  • I wish ID-tv would put his channel back up in remembrance of him. There is no reason not to.

  • I feel like as years go by it gets more and more depressing. Rip etika. Your reactions to videos always made me laugh.

  • We won't forget u, etika 😭😭

  • glad this made #1 trending

  • Very tragic 💔😥 Also he said he won't ever finish Attack On Titan😓😥

  • Sad to see that a channel that only gets an average of 10k views per video has to use someone's death to get views and money. Truly disgusting. Rest in peace my man.

  • James Charles please stop...


  • Drugs fucked up his mind. Rip

  • Thank you for listening @ID-tv. This deserves to be number 1 on trending.

  • i like how they got rid of the ads after people got mad

  • RIP man, i watched your streams and you made me laugh a ton of times through all the memes.... one second i though you were getting help and the next you're gone. i'll never forget you dude.

  • My Chris Pratt ID-tv videos deserve a like 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Comments Disabled

  • Stop the ads

  • Death is cool isn’t you sick fucks

  • This guy was lit 🔥

  • It’s the same thing people are doing when Stan Lee passed away people suddenly care about him when he’s passed News channels always do this to make a quick buck it just makes me mad when I see when two people that make me who I am Today get treated like this if you truly cared you would’ve helped him before.

  • Does anyone recognize my logo if you do you are G.O.A.T

  • Who?

  • I never considered myself a fan of Etika but I do like some of his twitch clips and I respect him but I suddenly find this? What the actual- :(

  • I rember etika and dashie and something like that

  • Who is this guy?

  • Never heard about him but he seems like a wonderful man

  • WTF

  • Really sucks that people will treat other people like trash on the internet. And then when that one person commits suicide or dies but any other means. All of a sudden the people who treated him or her like trash are the ones who are saying how much they love him or her online and then the cycle repeats. Anyways R.I.P Etika hope hes in a better place.

  • Life is harsh & bitter.....R.I.P dude❤

  • Etika has the same disease as my brother he think he has everything i dont remember him anymore

  • Lolololol people really think we care about this man?

    • Doobie Kyo village don’t mix “I” with “we” cause thousands of individuals (possibly millions) care about this man, especially from the Super Smash Brothers community. He’s a great man who brought lots of laughter, brought support, and talked about his personal issues/life. It’s sad to see him pass away.

  • Woody Dies in Toy Story 4.