Responding to Chael Sonnen

Dipublikasikan tanggal 22 Apr 2021
True Geordie responds after Chael Sonnen MAY have fired shots on a recent video.

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  • Chael responded... it wasn’t me 😂 still love the guy! 💙

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Mate you should do another video explaining the mix up lol. Get him on to talk to him

    • Did he say who it was? Because if not then he's lying lol

    • Jesus, maybe wait for someone to actually mention your name next time😉😂, either way, love the content mate, CONTINUE!!

    • lol for fucksake

    • yeah, it wasn't you after he realized he's a fucking bellend for going after you lmfaoooo

  • I love you tg, I think he was talking about a channel called hard2hurt who made the same prediction

  • When u expose ur own ego.... awkward 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Gurble gurble gurble... MR SONNEN

  • I feel like chael got hit in the head too many times

  • Lost quite a bit of respect for Chael here. He’s a pompous prick, he talks down to everyone and thinks he’s the be all and end all. He’s a twxt!!! I respect you a lot more Geordie!! Crack on and do you!!!!

  • Gordie said everything I wanted to say I'm so glad he made this fook that guy and Ben my my my how he ate them words huh and fyi you look fkn great Gordie

  • 15:56 - at least start with him! Delivered with perfect, David Brent style 😂

  • Can’t stand sonnen, he could talk a glass eye to sleep

  • With all due respect to Sonnen, Geordie know what he's talking about and he's a reasonable intelligent dude. I don't understand Sonnen's attack at all

  • There is only one way to sort this out....FIGHT!!!

  • does he mean ramsey duey?

  • This is great to watch back haha leaves it up for the revenue

  • You are a better fighter analyst than Chael Sonnen by far. You should do official prediction like he does. And at the end check who's the best...

  • Hey buddy just so u know , I don’t think he was really askin u those questions , those were what u cal Rhetorical questions .... and I doubt very very very very very seriously he would ever come on ur “pod cast” and he was clowning u , not really loookin for answers , I’m just trying to help u , weather u believe me or not

  • EXACTLY wat I was talkin about with my other comment, Chael just took the words right outta my mouth, like I just heard u say Chael paved the way for Conor!!!! Wtf are u talkin about dude, I just don’t understand these ID-tv clowns , dude I gurantee if u keep commenting on a topic that u CLEARLY. Have no idea about more and more fighters and just real MMA fans are gonna continue callin u out. U oughttta just quit before u get seriously embarrassed

  • Facts

  • What a video.. everytime I see this guys videos I become more of a fan. Keep the hard work up man. 💯😁👏🏼

  • Chael Sonnen is wrong almost EVERY time I hear him. You Geordie are right almost about everything EXCEPT for Conor McNugget bits. You are way too much of blind fan boy of his. Way too much... I might be concerned you might go the other way. JK!! LOL You are blind when it comes to Conor though. Conor is massively overrated and exposed. Nate Diaz knew it back then as most MMA fighters did. Rememer the Mendes fight?? in 2015 Mendes had him beat easily and then Mendes gas out. Conor floor game sucks, as you seen with Nate Diaz and Khabib. How can anyone say he is one of the greatest fighters when his floor game sucks so bad. He is overrated It's just the MMA community was shocked of the attention Conor brought and they were star struck by the audience. After they got used to it, Conor was exposed. Imagine as a sport you have been in the underground arenas and suddenly your events are like Super Bowls or World Cups. It wasn't so much Conor it was the attention the shocked the MMA community. The made it Big Time now, so much that people are considering Boxing dead.

  • i dont think mayweather was ever in any danger whatsoever

  • this is so disappointing man, ik it turned out to be the wrong guy but I never thought I'd see true geordie seem intelligent and chael sonnen seem like a fool edit: after watching all of it, TG got quite obnoxious near the end of the video, all is well in the universe

  • Such a good rebuttal! Chael is wrong about most of the things he says but I still watch bc he’s entertaining

  • True Geordie . . . Chael P. Sonnen. The Bad Guy and the Mad Guy. The Gangster and the ID-tv Star. A meeting 245 years in the making. THIS MUST HAPPEN.

  • Must admit geordie has taken his content down a path I haven’t been overly interested in (compared to his humble beginnings) but this was A grade material. Fucken love when he’s takin the piss like this.

  • 5:15 . We were all thinking the same thing. Chael knows the exact rebuttal to his comment that khabib out boxed conor but chooses not to include it in the discussion.

    • Geordie represented his knowledge of the game very well in this video.

  • I subscribed to your channel just now geordie, sorry you’re hero said this.

  • On camera you're acting about 15., Or just stuntin for your crowd. Terrible

  • Wow excuses for Connor yet again . get over it pls

  • You should be glad an MMA legend even talked about you lol

  • Uncle Chael is the ultimate heel.. respect 💪😀

  • So you respond to Chael without knowing it's you and then find out he's not talking about you? Well you embarrassed yourself

  • Mate he wasn't talking about you, awkward.....

  • Appreciated the office nod

  • So insecure about being hard

  • This is hands down the favorite video of yours I’ve seen and the one that will make me keep coming back to this channel. Really hope uncle Chael gives you a shot to be on his podcast or he comes to yours.

  • His scares talk to him it's like a weird Harry Potter thing

  • Yeah well chael also got mad at rogan for ......idk exposing reality. Not to mention hes never picked a winning fighter.

  • Geordie tool.

  • This is hilarious. Keep the good vibe Geordie you will be ended as friends with Chael.

  • And this is why I'm subbed to you, because you're just such a fair guy, and fuck chael 🤣🤣

  • Ye I love true geordie but he talks bollox alot of the time n I feel like he does come across as or tries to show his knowledge on the sport 🤦‍♂️

  • Let’s not get it twisted MMA fighters are still the best combat athletes in the world

  • Imagine making a whole 20 minute vid in response only to then find out he doesn't even know who you are... haha what a nob

  • Imagine being so full of yourself that you think Chael is talking about you. You still messaging girls the weird obsession you have with bbcs?

  • “Chael could *probably* kick my arse”. D’ya think?

  • short back left, short back right.

  • Ha ha ha haa! That's great! Who was it he was talking about and how did he respond?

  • "he could probably kick my ass" 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I'm amazed you didn't bring up the fact that Chael notoriously gets basically every single prediction wrong. I think he's a contrarian, picking the obvious underdog so that more people click his videos. Or he's an idiot.

  • Less of the fat jokes chael

  • does this dude have any fighting experience?

  • I don’t even think he’s talking about Geordie! Waste of video

  • Damn why is chael taking the piss at brian my guy TG knows his stuff even more precisely now since started boxing

  • Awesome Video Man!! I Just Subscribed!!

  • Dont even know who he is but he must be exhausted talking like that all the time.

  • Icy Mike from hard2hurt thought Chael was addressing him, interesting to see this video too. I wonder how many other bald headed folks predicted this fight and thought Chael was addressing them.

  • you literally wasn't wrong, in fact you were scarily accurate

  • Anyone else get pissed of by chaels voice but as much as i hate to say it jake cleaned him out😅😂

  • Chael is known for this I dont think anyone takes him serious any more

  • Chael might well disregard you as a qualified fighter but he's definitely overlooking a football fan who's as angry as a pissed off geordie with 15 years of built up emotion to unleash on a over confident American 😉

  • Never mind get him on the podcast, get him in the ring

  • True Geordie❤️❤️❤️💪 jake Paul❤️❤️❤️💪

  • to me, he didnt agree with what you had to say, but admitted he liked your beautiful scar free face, little victories mate

  • *_True Geordie_** 1-0 **_Chael Sonnen_* on this.

  • has Floyd Mayweather got any scars?

  • This speaks a whole lot of nonsense. Given excuses

  • This might actually be more interesting now that we know that Chael wasn’t talking about Geordie

  • Imagine if Chael wasn’t even talking About him how embarrassing would that be

  • I like true geordie but if chael wants to roast you accept it. It’s like Jake making a diss track on Eminem.

  • I doubt he’s supported Chael his whole career people didn’t even know Chael until his ID-tv channel it was a very small group of fans more like a cult. I doubt true Geordie was watching Chael back in the day becasue Conor wasn’t even in the sports so casuals weren’t watching every card back then

  • take the straw out of jake paul arse

  • 15:55 brian doing his best gervais impression

  • True Geordie taped.

  • when true geordie went on a rant about chubby ben askrin the at the end said bloody hell with a broken voice. got ricky gervais vibes 🤣

  • If your sparing at your weight at this stage of your life I hope your wearing the best headgear possible because by default your going to eat punches by hard younger more experienced guys every week and no ones taking away how tough you gotta be to do that but as a person who's done this from age nine and gone back after a long break most guys can relate its not like soccer where you just feel sick or pull a hamstring if you can't keep up with the younger crowd, it's just alot of head trauma especially in your division when the spar ain't going your way and sheer dumb stubbornness is stopping you from saying fuck this. 🙄 Hopefully your trainer keeps the spar controlled and light, again your division is very tough on the noggin.

  • A podcast with you guys would be epic!

  • This is brilliant my idol calling me a 'fat f#@ck' 😆

  • True casuals back

  • Brian don't take Chael seriously -- bruh he was a TRUMP supporter for suck sake

  • Chael is just digging for something to talk about at this point. He drops a video every 10 mins. I love him too tho

  • This is funny

  • If only DC had grabbed that jake paul at usman masvidal fight and slammed the clown on his head.

  • Chael looks like a right bellend now

  • Great video! I'm a Chael fan and yes Jake Paul is an assh*le...that's why everyone's watching his fights and other antics. Everyone wants to see him beat up. I'm also a True Geordie fan, mostly because you're my twin. And yes my BMI is a bit high, and Chael would rip me a new one, in that regard. BUT, your response is great. Self deprecating, humorous and filled with facts. Great! Thank you for great content! Keep it up, Greetings from Northern Sweden!

  • Chael's argument is bad. It's only relevant in MMA, not pure Boxing.

  • I hate when people say ‘i have done it so i know more than you’ example of this being awful - Michael Owen playing football to a top level.... fuck all knowledge being a pundit

  • Class vid

  • I like Chael Sonnen but he talks out of his ass

  • Chael Sonnen doesn't know you exist mate don't flatter yourself

  • You're responding to someone who isn't directing their criticism at you, reminds me of Grandpa Simpson shouting at clouds

  • Ur too kind to this guy, this guys just a prick

  • I also love Chael, but I think a little bit of time has shown True Geordie to be right.

  • *Me whenever I saw the notification for this video: okay great*

  • Bro I’d love to watch a video where chael rips me for 5 min

  • this chap is a joke

  • Winner cheal finish him

  • Where is the reaction for UFC 261??? Wanted to see how you react.

  • Wasn't he talking about Mike from hard2hurt? 😂 😂

  • it is the guy hard2hurt he responded to it

  • I like sonnen, apart from the steroids