Retired Teacher's Single Level Tiny House

Dipublikasikan tanggal 12 Agu 2022
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Charlene leaped into tiny living after retiring from her passion for teaching. Her husband passed many years ago, and after maintaining their 50-acre ranch property, she decided to downsize and live simply in Austin, Texas. She and her husband used to be sailors, so the galley kitchen feels right at home! The bedroom has a rustic feel with a cedar accent wall, turquoise decor, and a large bed centered in the middle. With ceilings stretching over thirteen feet high, the entire tiny home feels beyond the 399sq ft it is. There's an exterior living space that welcomes neighbors and friends to gather by the wood-burning fireplace while the sun sets just over her prominent balcony.

Shot by: @theirhappytrails
Edited by: @theirhappytrails

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  • So proud to be one of her grand children! I can confirm that Charlene, or as we call her "Honi", is just as charismatic in real life as she is in this video! Love visiting her in this tiny home, very nice. :)

  • Ms. Charlene was my geometry teacher in high school four years ago, it’s amazing to see her now, and in a much less formal setting! She was always so sweet and kind, I’m glad she’s doing well.

  • You, Young Lady, should be on a tiny home manufacturer's staff, DESIGNING tiny homes!

  • This is my favorite tiny house I've ever seen! I love her design style and décor!!! She sure would be a fun neighbor, and what a great person!! 😊❤️

  • Another piece of Ms. Charlene’s genius is she hasn’t shied away from using large furniture pieces for her tiny home. Everything looks very appropriately scaled and not cluttered. I am so impressed.

  • I always thought I'd like to have a loft model, until I saw this one. This is perfect for my needs. Even after retiring, this teacher is still teaching all of us how to have the perfect life and retire in style. Thank you!

  • This lady needs her own show. She's adorable and smart and knows how to word everything just right. Beautiful charming lady.❤️

  • I have to say this Tiny Home has to be one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen. If I were to downsize, I would love one just like this one. She thought of everything she wanted and how she wanted it. I hope she enjoys the rest of her well deserved retirement!!

  • I honestly loved her tiny home, but how not to love her more? She's such a precious little gem 💎

  • Just wow! Not only is her tiny home stunning, she is a beautifully articulate lady. What an awesome job she did showing and explaining tiny living.

  • It's so important to have the outdoor living space in a tiny home. Good decision, Charlene!

  • She reminds me of my grandma, she passed away this year at only 65 and I really still can't believe she's gone. She always lived in really nice mobile homes growing up and she had nearly identical decor as this sweet lady :)

  • I love her unit. We need more communities like these. Seniors want low maintenance, great neighbors and a community feel. Going small does not need to mean dumpy. I'd much rather have a smaller place that's decorated nicely than a huge place with nothing in it.

  • This is the most beautiful tiny home I have ever seen! Thank you both for sharing your tiny home with us!

  • Once a teacher always a teacher. I love how she explained the details of tiny home living.

  • I moved to Austin because I loved the tiny house community in hopes of getting a tiny home next year. I drove through the community in July and I was amazed at your tiny home, it’s beautiful from the outside. Now I get to see the inside. Thank you.

  • :yt:

  • That tiny house is beautifully designed! It’s also like the Tardis - it’s MUCH larger on the inside than it appears from the outside! What a delightful lady!

  • One of the best, most thorough, descriptions I've ever heard of everything in her home, and why she chose what she did! VERY well thought out. You can tell she is a great teacher. What a charming little carefree home and life she has designed! No wonder the neighbors are always over there.

  • I visited a “fancy” senior care living facility that was an enclosed with everything needed in the building…. Everyone I spoke with said they wanted to move out. More land should be designated for tiny homes