Rod Wave - Cold December (Official Video)

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  • Rod wave means so much 🧡

  • “Times change, people change, and grow apart.” Damn… I felt that shit.

  • Nudity 0%

  • I love the way this song started off. The vocals and beat at the beginning is brilliant. Rod Wave always know how to tell his story. I love it.

  • Im 50 years old and this young man is very talented. Having grown up on hip hop from the very beginning when it first started, I have to admit that Rod Wave has his own unique style. Whoever makes his beats gets much props as well. He has perfected the R & B / Hip Hop flavor in his music. I salute this man and I hope his journey inspires others coming up in the rap game to succeed as well. Classy music 👍

  • I've shed so many tears listening to Rod Wave it's been a long time since we've seen such an inspiring artist

  • So many people don't realize how good his music Is 😪

  • Man this song relates to me so well this past December I lost my dad, my cat that I’ve had for 8 years and then I went to jail for a month on December 17th and missed Christmas and New Years. I’m out now but man that was a rough patch of my life God is good though this is all his plan🙏 R.I.P Dad and Wester I’ll see you again love you guys❤️

  • I battle with depression but I swear his music really is therapeutic 💪🏽🙏🏾❤️ thank you

  • Rod my boy if you out there and reading this I just want you to know you saved my life.. no bullshit. Keep grinding and doing you. Remember your music makes a difference no matter what anyone says. 💯💯

  • I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I'm a whole air conditioner

  • Rod Wave goes so hard on this, never disappointed. she is not like other rappers who are going viral by using

  • " the same night i fall in love i feel it fading " good shit rod i love how i can relate to your art

  • I’m 45 years old my daughter just introduced me to Rod’s music two days ago - She played the Cold December & Tombstone videos- Wow 😮 I’m super impressed definitely a new fan - This video is cinematic excellence can’t stop watching

  • He never disappoints 💯

  • I don't mean to rush

  • I listen to this song at least 5 times back to back every day

  • Get me through a hard day of teaching and commute drive home. Great music

  • but times change, people change 🕊

  • Honestly rod’s best hook imo. That “Cold December, lonely cold december” sounds so damn good. Beautiful voice :)