Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal | Wimbledon 2019 | Full Match

Dipublikasikan tanggal 1 Agu 2019
Relive the fourth Wimbledon meeting between Rafa and Roger in the 2019 semi-final...
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  • 44:46 - Start of first set tie-break 51:52 - End of first set 56:59 - Start of second set 1:28:20 - End of second set 1:31:39 - Start of third set 2:06:45 - End of third set 2:10:06 - Start of fourth set 2:54:53 - Start of final game 3:03:00 - Match point

  • Roger Federer has the abilities to play for 5 more years.💖💪😘

  • World-class tennis players gather on the court. To watch tennis tradition

  • Out of all the tournaments Roger didn't manage to win, I think Wimby '19 is arguably where he performed his best. Other examples of this include RG '07, RG'11 or Masters Cup 2005.

  • That was cool!.

  • 1:07:46 why does this look like some sort of speed racer cutscene lmao

  • 个人觉得还是比较适合我

  • this video: 69% Nadal pre-serve rituals 11% breaks and inter-game time 20% beautiful, god-level tennis

  • Still watching ❤❤

  • only an english commentator would have nil idea as to the reference GOAT...

  • Hard to watch when one knows how the next match went...

  • 0:22 my love video :X.

  • 2:37:40 the guy with the blue hat tried to keep clapping with one hand

    • Lmao i can't believe a verified ID-tvr is act trying to get likes by stealing comments lol.

    • Stolen comment


  • me da no sé qué la cantidad de tics de nadal....

  • 0:22 my love video :X.

  • Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment

  • Mirka played her game ... she unbuttoned her blouse in the final points, facing Nadal

  • They always surprise us with great skills and mental strengths! Look at the last game! Two champions!

  • 3:01:25 commentator wrongly states Fed held championship points in this service game and the previous return game. Bad error by someone paid thousands to commentate, and no correction or edit..???

  • It's part of the game unfortunately there can only be one winner but always utmost respect for the loser also

  • Fantastic.

  • I'm learning so much with those two strong opponents. They're my favorite players but I love Rafael Nadal more!!😘😘

  • WAE

  • 2:47:10 It’s always amazing to me how Federer can be one of the greatest players ever to grace the tour, and yet simultaneously one of the worst challengers on the tour.

  • 3:25 Sorry God forgive please i like-1 sorry

  • Jesus, I could go make a coffee between the time it takes Nadal to prepare for a serve.

  • One of the most highest levels of tennis level matches ever played it's two warriors breaking out full arrays of the highest arsenal. It's outstanding to take in...🤙🤙

  • ... .. .. k ...

  • Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

  • Original RF nike tennis cap new already 400$ on ebay wow. After Federer retirement price expected 10.000$ to 100.000$ wow

  • good


  • Wow.

  • The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.

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  • What is so painfully evident even in this match is how poor Federers Breakpoint conversion and the ability to win the clutch points is. Far superior player to all with a sub par clutch game( among the elites)

  • Nadal takes time before the first serve 25 seconds and another 15 seconds for the second serve. It’s so annoying to watch.

  • Like si veniste a jalartela.

  • UNIMAGINABLY AMAZINGLY AMAZING AMAZINGNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This should go live.

  • mfs really wear suits to go watch tennis

  • que manera de picarle el ollo a este weon. debe tener los deos pasao a kaka.

  • maschine federer, a perfect roboter on the tennis court.....

  • Federer beat Nadal last 5 times prior to this match or more what was the major reason for this?

  • I’m beginning to really get into tennis for the first time & I just saw Nadals 2019 us open match when he hits the ball around the bet that was crazy

  • I love this sport because i love so much Roger federer 😍🤩😍🤩 The Egyptian love to legends roh and rafa 👌😎

  • 51:51

  • Does anyone know why Wimbledon, an English tournament, measures serve speed in miles per hour and not kilometers per hour?

  • Hello

  • Hollo

  • Nadal is as usual over acting.

  • "King of Grass💚" vs "King of Clay🧡" 20-20🏆

  • 3:01:39 on his championship point, Federer has a tactic of over-hastily coming to the net to rush his opponent into a forced error. Didn’t work here (he approached off a ball that landed well past the service line!) and then it cost him dearly in the final...

  • Der Nadal sieht übelst krank aus.

  • 8:58 love this conversation about goats

  • After this Match Federer meets Novak Djokovic in the Final and lost,i don`t like Djokovic style to Play and his Personality.....

  • Please Roger win Wimbledon one more time.

  • Anyone during 2020 corona pandemics?

  • Federer's wife is so beautiful.

  • rafa vive obsesionado con su pelo y no lo digo porque se este quedando calvo sino porque todo el rato hace el gesto de ponerse el pelo detras de la oreja cuando lleva una cinta para no hacer eso. se pasa el rato poniendose el pelo imaginario detras de la oreja ajjaja. olvidate del pelo rafa!!!

  • Kinda funny he had to clarify that he didn't call them goats as the actual animal :D

  • Federer- The class apart Nadal- The class above Both are Gentle men

  • Federer- The class apart Nadal- The perfection Both are Gentle men

  • Why is Rafa standing so far back??? this is his biggest weakness. He can not stand close to the baseline and return as well as Federer

  • Here another game where Rafael Nadal moan his way to victory!

  • Federer's backhand slice to the Nadal backhand was a lethal weapon. So often Nadal didn't know what to do with it.

  • I wonder if Nadal sounds half as loud during coitus... He sounds like he's finishing on every stroke.

  • Why are they leaving the court together ? Looks like Federer has to follow Nadal

  • he says not the most beautifull thing to see in a tennis player but I say the most important part of an athlete

  • gREat sWISs- Boris

  • Look at all that crowd and now...

  • 56:16 David beck 💞

  • Very exciting Match.He is Federer!

  • Why he lost final ....I m still very sad .... 2 championship point ..means 2 21st grandslam point ...and lost ..very sad ....😒

    • More than 21st slam it would have been historic of him to beat his 2 biggest rivals consecutively at a slam. I don’t want numbers now I want him to win against both his rivals at slam before he retires.

    • It was very symbolic for his entire career, sadly. Still a wonderful player, though.

  • goats

  • I watched this live at the center court at Wimbledon. One of the best days of my life.

  • Check this out

  • the only grand slam that Nadal could not reach final in 2019 but won 2 ! and the only final Federer could reach final in 2019 but lose !

  • Roger Federer The Best Player all times from tennis

  • Amazing tennis by two champions! 🎾🔥I think that Roger Federer is the most stylish player, but much respect to the Spaniard for always playing his heart out and displaying his will for the audience. They are both always satisfying the picky crowd and fans all over the world! Vamos! 🇨🇭🇪🇸

  • Wimbledon 2019 semi final... Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal match ... And in 35:16 this boy read a book?!??!?! WTF?!??!?! 🤣

    • I think he doesn't know how lucky he is

  • Mirka was beautiful that day

  • Sampras 7 finales jouées 7 gagnées :100% Federer 12 finales jouées 8 gagnées : 66.66 % !

    • @Travis Bickle J'approuve. Bien calculé.

    • euler federer won his 7 wimbledon title with the age 31 in 2012, he had a 7-1 wimbledon final statistics..As Sampras won his 7 wimbledon title with the age 29 in 2000, he had a 7-0 wimbledon final statistics. Everything after the 7 title is bonus.

    • and? fed is the master of the holy grail

  • Best match

  • Lol without federer nadal thé best ever

  • my girl

  • Wish this was the 2019 final

  • استغفر الله العظيم وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم وبحمده

  • Classic already!!

  • 2:04:56 Yeah, I noticed that: if I bounce up and down in readiness to pounce on a serve, it really puts my opponent off and they're much more likely to hit the ball long or in the net.

  • Why does nadal look small compared to Federer in the thumbnail aren't they the same height?

  • 1:18:23He's turning into Sharapova in drag.

  • How does the serves work? Do they change turns every game?

  • Nadal whispered:"Good luck against the terminator"

  • Roger didn't even break a sweat..😳

  • 🖤🌐🗺🇲🇻🌠 Royal Familly Observed

  • Why do get the feeling this might be the last time they play:(

  • Intolerable that moaning and groaning of Nadal.

  • shameful wimbledon cancelled the tournament this year, all the other grand slams found a way to make it happen but prissy wimbledon couldnt do it, people that run wimbledon are a disgrace