Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Without a makeup that doesn’t complete a great Halloween costume, your whole Halloween look won’t be so impressive. When it comes to makeup tutorials and especially on Halloween, stunning makeup ideas are popping up everywhere, and it makes harder to choose which one is the best for you.
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These Halloween makeup tutorials may be seen as challenging, but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
Makeup-lovers might use cosmetics to feel their prettiest 364 days of the year, but Halloween is reserved for scary, gory costume makeup. Oct. 31 allows those with a crafty hand, an arsenal of brushes, and some face paint to transform into the creepiest versions of themselves. With the rise of Instagram stars and hashtags (such as the #100daysofHalloween challenge), we predict this year will be the wildest one yet when it comes to costumes. To get you started on your gory mission, we rounded up some of the most terrifyingly gorgeous (or just plain horrifying) makeup-centric costumes from Instagram.
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  • Did u guys notice the 2nd girl used james charles kit

  • 1:45 das a lot of makeup to take off 🤯 its amazing-

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  • Sweet tooth was dope should of done like a firey hair dye for the head on fire

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  • At first these designs seem really good... But then you have to try and take them off. Lol😂

  • Does anyone know exactly what you need to do things with fake wounds and makeup ?

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  • the makeup and hair is great and really scary but when the contact lenses go in.... it's whole new level of freaky!

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  • I just finished watching James Charles and now I'm watching this for my makeup for halloween and litterly saw 'James Charles' on one clip and I-

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  • I'm gonna try the first one for Halloween😁

  • and i can't even put on lipstick without messing it up.

  • It's funny how they do such good tutorials but,never use them for Halloween."Are these tutorials just for show,If so then your lucky you even know how to do realistic makeup." [Not and Insult.] (Pointing out the fact that I can't do Halloween makeup that good,all I can do is a cat and a dog. . .)

  • Make up dajjal

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  • Me: puts on clown makeup My friend: it’s not what I expected but at least you look like a clown Me: is it *that* bad? My friend: (finish the sentence)

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    • @Jami & Renai REACT's opposition play

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