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Rubik's ABSOLUTELY love this video made by Polder Animation. Please read credits below.

After Esra misses her train late one evening, a discarded, living Rubik’s cube tries to get her attention in an attempt to get solved.

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Full Credits:

Writer/Director: Bastiaan Schravendeel
Art Director: Sander Kamermans
Technical Director: Jean-Paul Tossings
Production: Polder Animation, Tunde Vollenbroek (Tunde Animation)
Animation: Veronyka Jelinek, Quentin Haberham, Bastiaan Schravendeel
Additional Artists: Bram Vermaas, Fokke Mars, Jan Postema

Composer: Daniel Polman
Sound Studio: Bob Kommer Studios
Sound, Foley & Mix: Jeroen Nadrop, Robin v. d. Heiden
Rail Platform Recording: Robert Jung
Supported by: Creative Industries Fund NL

Rubik’s Cube used by permission of Seven Towns Ltd.

Festival Distribution: Ursula van den Heuvel (KLIK distribution)


  • I Just love how they're able to render the cube emotions without It having even a face! It's so incredible. Also I was expecting It to turn into a dog

  • As someone who learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube recently, it is really satisfying once you struggled for awhile and break through the frustration to find out that you could do it.

    • I had one for 6 years and it is unscrambled.

    • Solved one for the first time like a month ago. I was shocked at myself

    • You are absolutely right

  • And this was the backstory of two of the best cubers in the world.

  • I've watched that when i was a non cuber kid it literally gives nostalgic feel

  • Fun fact: When she solved the yellow side she didnt actually just solve the whole yellow side randomly, she actually got the whole first layer done!

    • Yeah, I guess she saw them as pieces and not stickers

  • The cube gives a sense of hope to the frustrated people in the train station. Train station is a sign of repeated routines like going to work and school. At the end of the day, people get tired because of failures, mistakes, and responsibility. Some even ask themselves about their lives' purpose. Solving of rubik's cube reminds people that if they can solve something that is challenging as it, maybe they can achieve the big dreams of their lives. It gives a reminder that dark times in life are temporary but the future is still bright to those who wants to keep on accepting challenges and exert an effort for their dreams.

    • What the Rubix cube that’s a long comment

    • I literally am making a shirt that has that statement in a nutshell

    • rubik's cube makes your brain be strong

    • @Sen Önemlisin.." bende turkküm türkey

    • Wow so blessed with your comment. Thanks a lot 😊

  • I gotta say hats off to all the animators and editors that made this masterpiece.

  • I like how she feels rather upset about it being just an inanimate toy again, but still feels proud of herself from being able to solve it. that last glance out the window tho, the little details.

  • It's so surprising that she learned how to speed cube in just a short period of time and is able to speed cube with a rubix cube that by my experience is hard to turn since my first and only cube is exactly like the one on the vid and trust me I tried speed cubing with it and it broke easily so wow good job to her

  • Fun fact: When she solved the yellow side she didnt actually just solve the whole yellow side randomly, she actually got the whole first layer done!

  • As a cuber i love the fact that she used a real case of OLL on the cube, not random moves

    • @basically anime are you being sarcastic or joking

    • @shoaib I don’t know how to solve a cube

    • @Elfilin(Happy) as a gacha tuber I can't even confirm

    • @franklin clinton it just means that you can't solve a something without formulas. ~Tsun Tzu, Art of Common Sense

    • Is full OLL worth learning?

  • As a cuber I loved how they entered the color areintation correctly and used actual OLL algorithms in the animation

  • Thanks so much for this video, it was oddly satisfying to watch and I love the animation and animation style, this must have taken a long time to make. kudos

  • Im impressed that she learned to solve it in just a couple of minutes

  • When I first saw this video it inspired me to learn how to solve a rubik's cube. It took a long time but I managed to do it. Now today I know f2l and can solve a cube in 40 seconds. This video teaches you to try your best no matter what.

  • i wonder why suddenly she's a speedcuber and the cube is so smooth

    • @FLO'S EATYARD You could also say it was me for some reason agreeing with him. Which I was I don’t know why I was agreeing with him, but I know I had a Rubik’s brand and a Gan

    • @Luke's Gaming Adventure "I wonder why suddenly she's a speedcuber and the cube is so smooth" "Yeah since its a rubik's brand"-your reply Pretty obvious you don't know rubiks brands aren't good

    • @FLO'S EATYARD it doesn’t say it’s smooth, I understand why you think that’s what I meant, but I don’t think I thought they were smooth. Also I was a cuber

    • @Luke's Gaming Adventure rubiks brands aren't smooth non cuber

    • she's maybe son of felix zemdehs

  • Amazing animation! The cube being alive and helping her solve it is really cool.

  • I refuse to believe that a cube i find in the train station will turn that fast and can even do finger tricks

  • I learned from this animation, always be calm and imagine before work. ✨

  • 5:53 I love how the cube scrambles itself while running towards the guy

  • You know your cube is loose when the pieces are able to come off and make the cube walk around.

    • @BluLEmoN idk if you’re joking or not, but replies have existed for a long time

    • This is a pretty good joke

    • Reply me if you are alive 😁

    • @Jordan B are you still gonna reply to this comment

    • @a_black_cat_chilling yes

  • For somebody who learned how to do the Rubik’s cube without a tutorial or experience is impressive

  • Imagine a random cube in the subway bei that easy to turn.

  • If she’s good at Rubik’s cubes at the game, than she must be good at the real life version

  • I like how the cube actually teaches the girl how to solve it

  • She's speedcubing in another level by learning cfop so fast

    • I learnt f2l and oll yesterday in 2 hours iguess 🤷‍♀️ i actually dont know about the other methods but cfop seems easy so far

    • It’s a he

    • @JustANoob your joking right?

    • @Pixeled Mango what is cfop

    • @tcwnt same I've been cubing for 3 years

  • I love her face when she first sees the living Rubin cube

  • This looks like a disney short!Love the effort put into this!

  • the fact that she can turn that cube so smoothly astonsihes me

  • I like how she doesn’t turn her head to the sound of the cube moving

  • Why does the cube remind me of Wall-E? This animation is amazing btw!

  • Imagine it being actually that easy to solve a cube....

  • the amout of details in this video is crazy , even the phone when she turned it off had some finger prints , this video has been done by a genius

  • I remembered 2 years ago I saw this and I wish I could solve my cube but now when I look at this and think I did it this kept me motvated

  • I didn't know you can imagine solving a cube then solving it irl

  • I love how she magically knows what to do

    • @Ansh Playz Heyy I also agree!

    • @GUIMUVI PLAY yeah

    • Batata, your is Brazilian?

    • Really It kind of cheapens how much work people put into developing all those methods when some made up person just does it like it's nothing.

    • The cube is an SCP...

  • this has to be the most wholesome rubix animations :’)

  • Did you know that there’s a speed cube thing called “GAN”

  • I cant stop watching it repeatedly due to the satisfying asmr like noises, very calming

  • Since I've learned, I do it a few times a day and have purchased cubes for friends who are dealing with stress and relationship problems, addictions, etc. I believe the cube can solve help people solve their own life issues.

  • Anyone else notice the cube actually acting out the algorithm for getting the cross after solving the bottom two rows? Trying to help her out? Such a small but beautiful detail! I love it!! Awesome film

    • everyone saw it sherlock, it's part of the animation not a small detail

    • I saw it too

    • She was using the OLL technique (as said by another commenter)

  • Oh god, i cant imagine a rubix cube seperating its top part walking up to me when i miss the train

  • Esra is so good she can learn cfop without watching any tutorials

  • I gave myself a challenge which was solving a Rubik’s Cube starting at the same as Esra started to solve the Rubik’s cube she had and even when she stopped, she still managed to beat me by like 30 seconds but considering that I couldn’t even solve a Rubik’s cube before, I’m still proud at myself

  • Bruh she legit just solved a Rubik’s cube with no experience in just 6 minutes, no tutorial, no knowledge of any algs… listen the cube may have helped her a bit but the fact that she was able to do it without any experience is just mind blowing

  • Unlike other videos involving cubes...this one wasn't that cringy for actual speed cubers..agree ?

    • Please 1v1 Dekhenge kon fast hai Please reply something

    • Yes

    • agreed

    • Ye

    • Nah its not cringe, reminds me of myself really. When im obsessed with playing minecraft, i dont practice, if only my cubecould stand up and encourage me to practice.

  • If I ran into this cube, I would take it home as a pet because it’s so cuuute

  • Basically. Scrambles needs healing by being solved however he lives near the last station where barerely 10 people go he had no luck catching 1 train his previous owner threw him and he was mad…

  • me as a half cuber who only knows how to use that strategy she used before solving:

  • How’d they learn cfop that fast!

  • Imagine how cool it would be to have a cube that also acts as a companion. I dont think id ever need a dog or cat again.

    • @TryHard nice opinion

    • Imagine being so delusional

    • @Gray & Dev PDX eX-Mars is close to this

    • Companion cube

    • it'll hate me because I can't solve it :( lol

  • If a rubik's cube turned that easily, it would be litterally an antique

  • At the end when she tries to celebrate next to the cube and it doesn't move, i thought the cube was trying to be solved in an attempt to end his own life, then i saw that he just doesn't like to see the people frustrated

  • Seeing this I got motivated to buy a cube and finally bought one

  • I'm happy I know how to solve the cube, or I wouldn't caught got the train in time! :D

  • I love the way she suddenly became a speedcuber Edit: Thanks For 1k+ Likes

  • This was an impressive 3d animation, nice work!

  • That animation was really cool! Good job

  • “A game can be used to solve a single problem.” -people who watched this vid

  • Days, weeks even months! of experience in a little more than 6 minutes Amazing

  • I think this method is called CFOP Cross, F2L (first 2 layers), OLL (orientation of the last layer), PLL (Permutation of the lastlayer)

  • Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  • The fact that there was an actual OLL makes me happy

  • this has been being recommended for me for years and I finally decided to watch it

  • Imagine a random cube in the subway being that easy to turn.

  • First watched this video at 2020 bought rubiks cube 5 months after I watched this video Tried to solve it for years and years I watched 10000 tutorials and still couldn't solve it till finally at 2022 march i saw a tutorial and solve it for the first time i was so happy now I Speed solve 3x3 Because of this video I bought rubiks cube and because of rubiks cube I go to Tournament thanks ur my inspiration Rubiks cube

  • id want a Rubik's cube as my pet if they were animal like and could move..... love this SOOO much!!!

  • 2:25 girl that’s a decent reaction, I would have yeeted that cube right away and get out of there

  • Just learned how to solve the white side of the cube after weeks of trying. I’m too dumb for this. Or at least. This is too smart

  • Cool, my rubik's cube talks to me..we have in depth conversations about politics, sports, religion...or maybe im just little crazy, great vid tho.

    • i walk my rubik every days man

    • @Tech Beat correcting on *the internet* is already bad enough, but correcting something that's *correct in the first place?* bruh

    • @Tech Beat Rubik’s

    • Lol

  • Imagine whenever she turns the cube it breaks all his bones

  • Pov: me trying to solve a rubix cube while other people can solve it in 5 seconds

  • Love how all of a sudden she knew what to do….

  • I just wanted to know, how does the cube see if it doesn't have eyes?

  • 5:53 I love how the cube scrambles itself while running towards the guy

  • I am wondering how is the Rubik’s cube turn so good. It looks old and dirty and left out for 10 years and it still turns Good.

  • Me who just solved 1 layer of the rubik's cube: 😭😭

  • imagine is she does a corner twist and the cube pulls out a gun and is like: *”NO”*

  • I Just Love How To see my Childhood again.

  • That cube played simple but very important role .. just releasing some pressure from people who are frustrated.... Amazing idea 👍🏻

  • Imagine seeing a Rubik’s cube sitting next to you…

  • The cube when theres other people: USE ME The cube when theres cubers:I GOTTA HIDE THEY ARE GONNA USE ME 24/7

  • The only thing I like in this is the cube it's so cute and easy to turn

  • 5:52 I love how the cube scramble

  • Nice, and used the right colour scheme too

    • @FimJim maybe no one saw the comment till now

    • @FimJim ohh

    • @Ansh Playz I have no idea it’s strange, maybe ID-tv clears them or something? I have no idea why they would. Maybe space? I know that sounds silly but it kinda makes sense.

    • Wait why popular ancient comments have low replies ¿???????

    • Lol

  • *She gets mad when she finds out that yellow is scrambled again* me: does she not know how physics work?

  • The way that she solved the cube is the same way that i use to solve

  • Imagine a “Rubik’s” Cube alive in a Subway?? I can’t even solve mine?? HOW DID SHE SOLVE IT?? Not fair 😡😡😡

  • I don’t know why but each time she turns the cube it sounds like bones are breaking in my body

  • If I were her. I would have kept the cube

  • “ Cubes Have Feelings Too Y’know “

  • it made me sad because it got left out and i feel like everything has emotions

  • Nah there aint no way it's that easy it took me forever to solve mine

  • Imagine being so sensitive that you get mad over a rubiks cube even when your a non cuber

  • for those not from the netherlands, as this is set at a fictional dutch railway station it's kinda funny how the cube walks out of a pile of old station equipment (old departure boards, old stamp machines, a sigaret tile to throw your burned up cigarettes in) which all were introduced around the same time as the rubik's cube

    • You can also see on the yellow board a map of the Netherlands

    • I think this is Israel

    • Also, the what I thought were fake letters actually read something. On the screen it says the train is going to Utrecht C. and Almere among other cities I can't read.

  • the movement on the rubix cube when he walks is so cute

  • The real question is why she has headphones when the audio is playing outside of the phone 😂

  • i rate this video an 8/10 because the rubik's cube unrealistic not because of the walking but the way it's turned so smoothly

  • If there's a unsolved cube I have an urge to solve it

  • This should have been given an Oscar Nominee Award

    • @Mistraplays who they hired... to make the animation.... for Rubik's. that is how these things work. the company. pays people. to make the animation. and this company. paid an animation company to make an animation featuring this product to promote their brand . as an ad.

    • @Hobe Large ;-; it’s not made by the company themselves. It’s made by polder animations. Not rubiks. Read the description. You will see I am right.

    • @Mistraplays this wasn't created for fun it was created to show Rubik's product and by Rubik's depicting the product and how it's so fun. it's an ad. just a well animated one.

    • @Hobe Large are you blind. At the very start it says it is a film. What ads would have film at the start? None. Also, it’s not an ad. At all.

    • @Udinacat it's an ad for Rubik's.