Seafood Boil with ImwoahVicky

Dipublikasikan tanggal 25 Mei 2019
Join me and ImwoahVicky for a seafood boil Blove Style. Connect with Vicky:
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Artwork by Paris L. Wilson


  • GM, Everyone, I just wanted to say I don't know what some of yall beef is with Vicky but I genuinely like her for the person she is. She really is a sweet young lady. A lot of yall may not agree what she does or how she does it but I'm a strong believer in to each its own. None of us are perfect, if u have problems with individuals Pray for them and keep it movin. Love u Guys very much, Enjoy the rest of your Weekend😍

  • I came to say why tf does this need trend

  • She blek

  • How is everyone callabing with Vicky

  • I watched two beautiful black ladies eat lunch. I need do my school work

  • DAYUMN THEM lashes long af 😂😂

  • Gluttony is a sin. And this is just disgusting.

  • 真香

  • Number one trending??????? I upload videos with my little brother. Our channel dont even come up. ID-tv really love small creators.

  • Oh, more sea monsters.

  • 这么长的指甲,吃东西方便吗?

  • Vicky got fat

  • Trash

  • I see u wanna dislike, so here it is 😎

  • Fine ass bitches

  • You are so annoying stop saying stupid stuff what's up its best so annoying no wonder why you are trash

  • Next will be halsey

  • she got a chunk of meat in her weave trying to help homegirl get a pc 🤦🏼this mukbang was all sorts of awkward lol

  • Use me as a Why is this trending button 👇

  • Nobody cares stupid you're retarded nobody cares what you're eating

  • How many followers you got: 2 million How many brain cells you got: Yes

  • why is this 1 on trending

  • Next will be bhad baby

  • Me: what's on trending? ID-tv's algorithm: we're experimenting new content

  • she did her dirty lmao wipe yo face gurl

  • As y’all can see anybody can be trending anybody goodbye hope for ID-tv

  • Next will be jeffree star

  • 那白色的。。是水煮蛋?

  • Oh god no. First nikocado then her im out

  • i came back to try and watch. didn't care for this one, my mouth dropped....sorry next

  • Ima kill myself now bye cruel world

  • They be smashing. Prison style 💯 ❤️

  • anyone else waiting for her to close her mouth and stop chomping like a cow....catch me outside how bout that...cousin??? maybe 🙅

  • Woah Vicky nasty when she eat face stayed dirty the whole video😂🤮and talk like she kinda 🤪🤪🤪

  • First 5 seconds and I'm like nope... it's that white girl that thinks shes black😂😂.

  • Why is her eyelashes so so so long.?omg..

  • Mannnnnnn i don't even know who's channel this is and im disappointed

  • Annoying terrible humans

  • Some of you as so fucking ignorant and disrespectful. Don’t act like yall never done wrong or silly shit in ur life. Grow up!! She is human just like anyone else and makes mistakes. She is GROWN now and v mature. We all have a past we regret. She did what she did to make money. Get over it. She a good person

  • Dunno who is who but someone straight up looks like a Bratz doll gone terribly wrong.

  • Is Vicki low key retarded.

  • Gross dude. GROSS!

  • yes corn is seafood

  • Why does this look and sound like this should be on animal planet! Close your mouth when you chew!

  • 1:10 " Have you turned aids before? " " 8? Yeah, I'm an egg " Wtf did they say

  • This bullshit is Trending?! Is this the first sign of the apocalypse? Gotta be....

  • Omg thes bitches look ugly af


  • Cientifics of 1950: in 2019 cars will fly 2019:

  • Bethany, I swear if you don't stop playing and bring your brother back on the channel. Ain't nobody tryna see Vicky, she been brain dead and cancelled. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • your government has become a foreign private corporation you've all become slaves and this is the garbage you watch wake up.

  • Is this video a joke? They really talk like this ? How does she expect to be a respectable lady ???

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  • Why y’all hate this white girl so much? This white is for us. She for the black community and picked up our slang to communicate with us. Y’all so rude and unappreciative.

  • Theses girls are not attractive and vicky is a abomination to the white people

  • All women belong in the bedroom for fuckin' and in the kitchen for cookin'. That's all they really are good for.

  • She dont know how to eat crab lmao she eating all the damn mussels . She had to pull out her own water bottle . She cant handle the spicy sauce 😂

  • Nice N Ghetto

  • SMH...... So many of our ppl are asleep

  • Vicky has Adam's apple - he is into the secret transgender agenda

  • Abomination. If you don't keep GOD'S law, even your prayers are abomination and unacceptable to GOD, ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE......proverbs 28:9 kjv. Shellfish, THE ROACHES OF THE SEA, are forbidden to eat..... Leviticus 11:9-12kjv

  • *Vicky is the human version of Sid the Sloth😂😂😂*

  • I may vomit..... Food looks nasty too 🤐🤐

  • Felt like she was interrogating Vicky lol

  • Show me love on my recent

  • The most disgusting combination why is this on my feed I swear y'all some nasty hoes for watching this🚶‍♀️

  • Sorry this video is a no for me. Respect to y’all for getting for coins though

  • this is such an awkward collab. couldn’t even get pass 10 seconds.

  • I’ve never heard so many words pronounced incorrect before.

  • My favorite two black women!

  • You trending B!!!!!!♥️❤️♥️❤️❤️


  • Vicky dyin🤣

  • 🤡🌍

  • I'm not a Vicky supporter bit some of these comments seem way to hurtful

  • Ada apa dengan Indonesia ID-tv

  • First on trending wow, I'm shooked

  • Me gusta mucho su canal pinches zorras negras y la otra puta guera desabrida,mejor ven y chupamelo malditas greengas. I love you.👽📛🍆💣🔫😍😪🙉🙉💂

  • Stop smacking your food like damn.

  • I love you.

  • this was not a good video ideaa....

  • Am I the only one who was about to vomit 🤮 because of their nasty long nails


  • your joking youtube hahahaha

  • Dont chew with your mouth open and dont talk with food in your mouth! Gross!

  • Why... 🤦‍♂️

  • Lol she said she reminds of the girl she was trying to fight 😂😂😂

  • Why is this #1 trending? LMFAO

  • Just two beautiful black women enjoying a nice boil.

  • am i the only one who disgusted 😂😂😂

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  • 26:58 Egg-Zach-Ali

  • White girl needs to trim her eyelashes. Looks like a pair of ballcaps on her eyes. Lol

  • Is that a man on the left

  • It's fucking nasty to eat such messy food with long ass nails like that

  • The reason that ppl don’t like her is that she makes a character out of all of the negative stereotypes about black people (vernacular, aggressiveness, “ghetto” etc) she is promoting stereotypes

  • Somebody please slap the ebonics out of her

  • I can’t stop laughing at everything that’s happening here 😂

  • *Who else was just waiting for Vicky to clean her face* 😂😂😂

  • yeah