Second 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Dipublikasikan tanggal 22 Okt 2020
President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the second 2020 presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.
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  • LMAO 😆. Still watching this debate and Trump is being Trump full of sarcasm very direct pretty much truthful calling Joe Biden the politician and saying that Trump didn't get voted because he's not a politician I have to admit most Americans like the fact that Trump is not a politician. Like I said I'm independent but in a way I hope Trump's re-elected.

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  • Americans y’all really wanna vote for joe guy... just don’t... They are only liars (+kamala).

  • Biden is such a tool I’ve made more money in the last four years than ever and Biden care please how the hell can you justify fining people for not being able to afford health care the dems are out of control me I can’t even afford heslth coverage with my co putting In 25 percent Biden is so full of shit his eyes are brown I know it’s my opinion but it’s mine Ty

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  • don't let this distract you from the fact that Megan the stallion is named after a male horse 🐎

  • Trump’s claim that he has had the best economic performance with respect to the lowest unemployment numbers in the history of the United States is *FALSE* and fraudulent. Under his tenure, before the pandemic, the lowest unemployment level he achieved is 3.5% in November of 2019, according to the Federal Reserve. Not bad. But, under Calvin Coolidge’s presidency, the unemployment rate dropped to 1.6% in 1926, handily beating Trump’s performance by a respectable spread of 1.9 basis-points. Then again, during Eisenhower’s stewardship of the economy, the unemployment level dropped _below_ 3.5% to 2.5% in the Summer of 1953, beating Trump’s number by 1% - not much, but to say “the best unemployment numbers in the history of the country” is nothing but hogwash, and this puts into question almost any other claim he makes. There are plenty of other times when the unemployment level has equaled or been better than Trump's performance. People lie, numbers don't.

  • So funny to see America crumble away

  • “Queens” lol he had to interrupt he controlled himself every single other time I respect he thought about it and said fuck it

  • تشعر بشئ من الفراغ ؟ القي نظره على قناتي لعلك تجد بها ما يلملم شتات قلبك 💜

  • That beach taking sides...

  • BIDEN 2020.

  • As you for you, unite all the kids and their parents because you have no right or power to separate children from their parents and families

  • Biden looks drunk or he's on meds. He wasn't like this w/Obama administration.

  • Bir de bizim mitingleri izleyin bu ne ya pff

  • Orange Man is hilarious lol and Sleepy Joe contradicting himself all the time: "'climate change is an existential threat to humanity' and 'we're gonna past the point of no return in 8-10 years' and 'four more years of this man, we're gonna be in real trouble' and proceeded to say 'HOPE OVER FEAR' lmao who made his script seriously X'DD

  • This is ridiculous both of these dummies are corporate money making pigs they should focus on being president and not focus on making money and making decisions to benefit themselves

  • “Kills the birds”

  • Trump supporter will see false in Biden and Biden’s in Trump. My friends clean up your head first and view from different perspective.

  • I’m voting Trump Look at how many blacks were able to get out of jail Because of trump I have been able to join the stock market and make some nice bread He did close the country He did help the black community And I don’t want taxes to go up When Trump became president more people became entrepreneurs I voting for trump

  • Yo we do be livin in a simulation... : Joe Biden so don’t worry 😉 about so don’t worry 😉 about it😨

  • I'm not even American, but ill be honest i hate both but Trump doing better job. Joe Biden will increase taxes 80% we are at 60% and if we make money with jobs we won't have alot of money for important things Joe Biden said we make college free and school open and make health care free or something but where he get all that money right? He will make America worst, Joe Biden is dumb he could of tried helping us from past but he late and he very bad person he will ruin our lives.

  • If you don't see America as red and blue state then why did your Democrats governors lockdown their states and economy and you are saying you will be a president of the red and blue states... you piss me off with lies

  • Trump for prison!!!!

  • "I don't see blue states and red states, I see the united states. But if you look at the hotspots they're all red states." Hmmmmm interesting Biden

  • iden in big trouble: FARA for failing to register as a foreign agent. 2: Tax evasion for failing to report income from these transaction. 3: Money Laundering from layering and placement of proceeds obtained from loans ($5 million loan from Chinese Communists) that was interest free and eventually payback waived entirely... ya didn’t have to pay it back. 4: Wire Fraud for filing paperwork and transmitting funds with false information under false pretenses and 5: RICO are statute violation with an organized enterprise structured in a way to escape laws and hide ill gotten gains.

  • I love how trump keeps saying why didn’t Biden change things when he was Vice President with Obama key word Vice President he wasn’t in power meaning his ideas wouldn’t really go through like that of Obama’s ideas

  • who's the impostor ???

  • New Rules especially turning off microphones for candidates is great loving the debate , its more civil

  • Anyone living in england watching this 😂

  • And blm is a terrorist organization

  • Who built the cashes joe??

  • This bitch asking these questions wont fuckin stop interrupting trump. TRUMP 2020!

  • How many times is joe Biden gunna point at the camera and say how many of y’all are going through this or I’m gunna do this but explain your plan joe

  • just curious. Like if you support Biden, comment whatever if u support Trump

  • Jo looks so tired

  • Biden what you and your democratic government have not been able to do for 47 years and you here deceiving yourself that you will do it in 4 or eight years? My advice to you is to apologise to the American people for deceiving them for 47 years

  • Know your history or be doomed to repeat it 🐸

  • This is random, but is anyone else not happy with the way ID-tv made the color of the thumbs up white instead of blue?

  • Is Joe wearing different color contact lenses? He looks off.

  • "...children are bought here by coyotes..." ROFL 😂😂😂😂

  • I though Trump said “Nasty Pelosy,” I laughed.

  • No one: Me just reading the comments to see if there’s any funny ones or roasting ones to like

  • Oh my gosh, Joe you are such a LIAR!!!!! And everyone knows it!!!

  • how much did he pay each person to be in that Ad?

  • I was half-hoping Trump chases Biden around the stage trying to give him COVID

  • I wish they have more of this. It has everything comedy, drama action and romance COME ON

  • Fuck Donald Trump

  • No lie, when Trump mentioned Ukraine and Russia giving money to Biden, Joe looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

  • I’m from Philippines, My only concern watching this is if Trump win will be good for my global stocks holdings and dollar gonna get smashed to the floor! How awesome is that🤣✌️

  • Trump is a God send. Keep America great

  • Trump, 你要小心飲酒啲玻璃杯邊,唔好飲紅色嘅酒,e.g.白蘭地之類。小心啲玻璃杯啦,無論係咪用嚟飲酒。

  • Why do all presidents have to be old?

  • Joe bidden sounds like a rambling idiot

  • And then you're saying No Deal pointing at me in a cop car while they're driving by holding there eye saying no deal

  • In Trump we Trust 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Africa for Trump 🇲🇼🇿🇦🇿🇼🇬🇭🇳🇬🇨🇲🇩🇿🇿🇲🇪🇬🇰🇪

  • Music of God of War remix

  • I felt this woman interrupted too many times to Pres.Tramp.

    • Over 20 times, opposed to joe about 3 times


  • After a spaceship and then when you are after Charles Manson in a blimp or a spaceship four times then a voice says how about a adduction in the house meaning a girl in Columbia after a pyramid playing with their p**** a wiener after Columbia because they say the Antichrist Charles Manson's wife the baby No Deal then F your angel No Deal then we're soon little apartment girls and then there clicking walkie talkies are grinders cuz there's a rib is grinding because you're saying the sergeant is now taking that as long while you taking pictures behind me cuz I'm acting for you cuz you guys said cuz Obama's fake you inviting the him in cuz chipping over there taking pictures In Huguley Hospital Obama had who shi t at my mom Then the grandfather e40 darryl Walker lied Danny lied

  • I'm just here to read the comments..who else??

  • Trump your words have come back to shoot you in the PRESIDENCY!

  • Is this jeopardy or family feud?

  • I think USA is a great country just like other great countries in this 🌎 every country has problems I think we forget we all live on planet earth everyone deserves a fair chance of life & deserves to become great just imagine if every country helps 1 another wow we can do amazing things as a whole 💙

  • Does anyone else notice She is not letting Trump speak

  • this feels like im watching a 6ix9ine video.... a mess

  • we've lost retweets function for this?

  • WTF do you want Trump to do. ????? No other country has a vaccine ... What would you do Biden ? Let's go to Walmart and get medicated .😆

  • *Hey, to you reading* ... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” **

  • I think Trump won this debate and I’m not even over this video

  • I'm not American but... Trump sounds more mature than joe

  • She got a good line of suff

  • Vote for Baiden, guys. He will not kiss Putin's ass.

  • Drain the swamp

  • That lady sucks at this

    • Biden needs help. He is slow. Also, she's kinda hot so we're going to let it slide this time.

  • Why both of them fall in silence after Biden said ‘because we have republican congress’ ?

  • who else is just here for the moderator? its not like trump or biden were going to add anything new.

  • Drive able bench gang

  • I will say this at least Trump can't be bought off. Or bought out. LOL

  • Where's his face mask?

  • Weren't they supposed to mute the mics...? Anyways..

  • Man Biden is so bad. I just can't, in good conscience, vote for him. I was kind of leaning towards him but with this email stuff and this horrible debate performance... I think now Trump has my vote.

  • I'm not a Trump fon, but this time obout the pandemic, he is right!! Biden speak as a neoliberal.!! In this case both are not good for president of this country! But the less worse will be Trump!! Better him, to continue another 4 years . Because if Biden win, USA will be in bad hands!! In this case I will vote for Trump!! But Bernie Sanders for ever!!

    • lol Trump is not a politician, how is he not good for America? Especially if you look at his record. People want someone who just knows how to speak like a president in short just "act presidential"

  • This “within 100 days” was once told by current president of Iran in presidential campaign. Uncle Joe did plagiarism again.

  • my prediction winner of the 2020 presidential election..Joe Biden 👍

  • If I was Biden I would've been like "YUPP, I GOT HOUSES, CARS, ALLAT", lmaooo.

  • Do want to respond to that Vice President Biden Biden: No

  • Without it u would all freak out

  • no surprise, the 'head' of the debate commission , a Trxr ///

  • Most of you are children or teenagers saying who won the debate.. you can't even vote.

  • At 1:44:08 trump called India 🇮🇳 filthy, in case if you want to hear that

  • Idk why these guys aren't working together to help Americans if either of them cared about us they would work together and try to fix Corona and instead of arguing they would discuss shit but thats not gonna happen

  • But quess people are stupid enough to deserve this coca cola, pepsi democracy

  • Nice debate: Joe Biden is a Politician.

  • Who else is watching this in 2020?

  • 😳 my face right now. Come on dudes...

  • Eh! at my time of posting, just 8.3 k non amercains netizens watched this!! good to know.

  • The only question should be how to get a working economy for everyone... This is still embarrassing to watch!

  • Donald Trump: "Nobody has done more for the black community than Donald Trump...except maybe Abraham Lincoln." Also Abraham Lincoln: Makes Emancipation Proclamation(frees slaves in Confederate states, which the Union had no control of)😂

  • The crypt keeper hosting and the men after all not wearing face masks