Shannon Sharpe addresses the altercation at Lakers-Grizzlies game | UNDISPUTED

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  • This apology is EXACTLY why so many people love and respect him.

  • That was the most authentic and meaningful apology I've ever heard from a public figure on TV.

  • "I'm never too big to apologize" clear shot at skip, love it

  • Shannon's apology brought a master class of "Here is how you recognize your mistakes, acknowledge them, and then heartfelt apologize for them." Sadly Skip had the corners of his mouth up and momentarily looked giddy that Shannon was in the heat. It says a lot about Skip.

  • It’s amazing that Skip allowed Shannon to talk without interrupting him.

  • What a great apology...even saying sorry to his family. ❤

  • I know Shannon had to make an apology because of his job and stuff, but I really liked how he stood his ground

  • He literally had no choice but to make this apology, yet still managed to make it a real, honest apology. Can't help but like the guy.

  • Damn... as a Grizzlies fan I just gotta say I have nothing but respect for this man after this. What a class act!

  • Coming from Memphis, you owe us no apology. It's a part of the game. If it weren't you, it would've been someone else. We have much love and respect for you, Shannon! You're always welcome to Memphis!

  • Damn. That was probably the greatest and most sincere apology of all time. What a man.

  • You don't owe us no apology, but the fact that you did makes me love you even more Unc! I've always been a Shannon Shape fan and forever will be 💪🏾

  • Even more respect to Unc after this apology💯

  • This guy does his parents, his family, and himself proud by the way he goes his life - a very decent man.

  • I really felt this apology ..almost like he was apologizing to me too 🥺

  • Wow. My respect for him went through the roof with this one. This is how a grown man apologizes. Something we can all learn from

  • Shannon is a real one. That was probably one of the most articulate and sincere apologies I've seen a public figure give (and he really didn't do anything wrong). Dude was raised right

  • Well done Shannon. ABSOLUTE RESPECT ❤️

  • That’s the most honest public apology I’ve seen in a while. Real accountability 💪🏾

  • Not only Athlete's but people just in life should all watch this man . The biggest problem in this country is accountability.. nobody's ever wrong !! Shannon I commend you brother!!! Thank you for showing the world how you're supposed to handle things!!!