Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber - Monster

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Directed by: Colin Tilley
Produced by: Jack Winter
Creative Direction: Connor Brashier

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You put me on a pedestal and tell me I’m the best
Raise me up into the sky until I’m short of breath
Fill me up with confidence, I say what’s in my chest
Spill my words and tear me down until there’s nothing left
Rearrange the pieces just to fit me with the rest
But what if I what if I trip, what if I what if I fall
Then am I the monster yeah, just let me know
what if I what if I sin, what if I what if I break
Then am I the monster yeah, just let me know yeaahhh
I was 15 when the world put me on a pedestal
I had big dreams of doing shows and making memories
Made some bad moves trying to act cool upset by their jealousy
Lifting me up, lifting me up, yeah and tearing me down, tearing me down, down, down,
Take responsibility for everything I’ve done, holding it against me like you’re the holy one
I had a chip on my shoulder, had to let it go
Cause unforgiveness keeps them in control, I came in with good intentions then I let it go
And now I really wanna know
What if I what if I trip, what if I what if I fall, I fall
Then am I the monster, just let me know
what if I what if I sin, what if I what if I break yeah
Then am I the monster, just let me know
Please just let me know
Please don’t let me fall
Oh please don’t let me fall
What if I’m the monster, what if I’m the monster yeah

Music video by Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber performing Monster. © 2020 Island Records/Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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  • An underrated collab we never saw coming

  • Months ago, this song made me weep. Mended fences with someone so very dear to me, now it’s pure tears ofJOY. 🙏🏻 Wishing both these talented artist much peace and success !

  • a r t e

  • I also like when jb and shawn mendes go back to back its so cool and the beat so good!

  • I like when jb points to shawn mendes its so cool!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

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  • You both sound beautiful. Love the song💜

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  • Novo musica legau amor beijo

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  • Covose aqui comigo amor casa 🏠 prasirera fã

  • Aqui legau amor beijo

  • Muito especial

  • Legal 👌🆗

  • Two legends singing together 😭😭


  • girls' favorites

  • My cosion is hu ge of monster

  • Love u both😊😊

  • ok we wont let u fall

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  • if u fall people gonna catch u😂😂

  • when will u release it?

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  • I LOVE THIS!!!! like more than I thought I would.. the collab we all needed.. respect!!

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  • shawn is a bit better singer than justin no offense

  • First shawn and justin were angry at each other idk and now they are doing a song together! Wow my 2 favourite singers!😍😉

  • Back to many years ago, If that past JB were JB today, I would really really like him.

  • Eles dois são altos acho q eles tem mais de 1,70

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  • Littlemonster96

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Reminder good wins. 👏

  • The besttt songgg

  • This song also reminds me of the girlfriend I never had. (⌣́_⌣̀)

  • This video is so underrated it has so less views and some useless songs get 500 million views in 6 months how world has changed 🙃

  • muy hermosos

  • Canada 🇨🇦 is my favourite country for two reasons and you know it if you watch this video.

  • Хоть кто-то что-то нормальное поёт,даже с текстом нормальным❤️🤘

  • Song is on another level..........when two masterpiece collab a new century of music began👍👍

  • What’s this

  • For godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death. 2 Corinthians 7:14

  • I love collaborations even if there are more people. I am gonna say once love music mate

  • Everyone gonna have a attraction on this song

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  • Why is this song not more popular? Wow! Thanks ID-tv algorithms for this recommendation.

  • I really like this text congratulations guys👏 10/10👍

  • I'm 52 and I love this song the boys can 100 per cent sing that's for sure 👌💯


  • 2021 is here and its crazy a little bit Good thing the coronavirus is under control and its being dealt with

  • 2020 is over its been one year since this came out!!!

  • Justin looking so small in front Shawn

  • Justttt beautttiiiifuuullll!!

  • This song is beautiful!! Love it!!

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  • The perfect partners for music

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  • bravo Justin

  • Underrated song 😔🙂💔

  • por dios q temaso no dejo de escucharlo son unos genios

  • they're saying we shouldn't put celebrities on pedestals or demonize them and that's so true!! Everyone glorifes them at first but when they make one mistake, people ruin their image and cancel them. Purity culture on the internet is so toxic, everyone should understand celebrities are human and make mistakes too


    • Appreciate

    • Agree! People make mistakes, sometimes really stupid ones. But we all deserve another a break, maybe more than one. Applies to celebs too.

    • Exactly! People fail to understand that celebrities are human s it's obvious that they will make mistakes

  • While this isn't a song id add to my playlist on my tablet it's a cool song.

  • I am 7

  • Love you Justin bieber this song happy can you make a new one Again

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  • Shawn, ptm, me pusiste de los nervios cuando te acercaste tanto al borde. Yo todo el vídeo: se va a caeeeeeeeerrrrrr

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  • Best ever collab🥺❤️

  • justin is so short compared to shawn

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  • aunque no soy fan de Shawn Mendes y justin Bieber, me gusta escuchar esta música porque me identifica. jeje

  • That side eye that Justin gives us..... makes you feel the worst if you've ever said anything bad about him.

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