Shots of the year on the PGA TOUR | 2021 (excluding majors)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 30 Des 2021
Incredible hole-outs, impossible escape shots, unbelievable clutch moments, check out the best shots of the year on the PGA TOUR from 2021 excluding majors, featuring Jon Rahm, Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and many more.


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  • Few shots from Morikawa - suppose that’s because he saved all his best shots for the majors 😂

    • I’m sorta sad that they didn’t record Ancer’s ace

    • and they've spelt his name wrong

    • Yup. And because of all of the stupid broadcasting rights, can't show them

  • Chesson Hadleys hole in one was one of the most heartwarming things ever. To think this guy has been on your for a minute and still had no hole in ones to that point blows my mind. Happy for him

  • The butterfly putt at 13:57 was great.

    • Love that they put the tracer on it 😂

  • I have discovered golf this year, i never thought this sport could be that exciting

    • @Pulse2AM think I’m gonna do that before it really warms up since I’m in VA.

    • @Natty Bummppo If you're not taking lessons find a good pro! I was always one of those that said I can do this myself, two sessions with a pro changed everything for the better.

    • Started playing less than a year ago and now I’m obsessed entirely. Wish all us newcomers could come together and talk about our favorite shots of the year.

    • Same I started playing 4 months ago and I’m addicted.

    • same!!

  • Legit would like to know who Speith sold his soul to in order to hole out so often. dude is crazy

  • If I could drive like Bryson and hit wedges and irons like Jon Rahm I would be happy

  • Always fun to watch!! Thank you.

  • Rahms ace at The Memorial that didn’t count 😞

  • Here's to a great 2022! Happy New Year everyone!

    • may next year be better than the last 2 years

  • 5:32 my favorite golfer, Colling Morikawa

  • one of the rarest birds; the double eagle! so rare it doesn’t exist

  • How many damn times did Jordan hole out?!

  • No better reaction than at 10.10!

    • Cursed timestamp. 9:51 for the shot and 10:07 for the reaction.

  • 5:32, introducing Colling Morikawa, Collin's twin brother.

  • :47 we need Norwegian announcers. Haha

    • So right. They sound like Mexican soccer announcers we need that.

  • These guy's short game is unreal

  • These guys are good.

  • How was did Jordan's vertical shot in the Ryder cup not make this?

    • That’s not part of the PGA tour it’s a separate event

  • John Rahm is gonna get the green jacket this year!!!!

  • “Go get if butterfly YEAH!!” 🤣

  • Where is the guy that made the bunker shot on the drone flyover that was such a great coincidence

  • You spelt Morikawa’s name wrong. “Colling”

  • Happy New year 😃

  • Thanks guys

  • Wagner’s shot is just ridiculous

  • 5:37 Colling Morikawa LOL

  • 15:48 Jon putting the "Huh?!" in John Huh

  • 10:26 turn that sound *all the way up*!!!!

  • The ace from Niemann looked awkward from the tee? I didn’t notice a tee box, but it looked like a blind shot over the trees.

    • He was on the other fairway since he took a drop, so when he holed out it was his 3rd shot on a par 4, so a birdie that would have been eagle without the penalty stroke.

  • 5:35 Colling all Morikawas

  • Ahh yes Colling Morikawa

  • It was actually me that made all these shots. They've just cgi'd in the pros. Don't know why

  • Did the guy say "Bet." At 5:08?

  • Albatross > double eagle

  • 5:33 misspelled Collin

  • lol "Colling" Morikawa 5:31


  • 5:34 ... COLLING Morikawa?

  • 5:33 colling morikawa ???

  • What does "stone motherless dead" mean anyhow?!? LOL

    • @Deadhead99 One time I played golf with two guys that had just got out of prison. I don't remember the exact phrase but it was something about bending me over in the sand trap! :O Haha

    • Lmao that’s just Faherty being Faherty. He says stuff that makes no sense

  • Joaquin Niemann after holing it out “Sheed avbejgkt fmejf now”

  • I hate when people who don’t know or play golf make these vids. Half of these are luck and you can tell by the golfer’s mannerisms

  • Yeah!

  • Disliked due to Americans not knowing what an albatross is.

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