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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)

🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔵 JJ (KSI)



  • I can't be the only one that searched up Sticky Vicky after this

  • 1:38:33 😂

  • It's wingardium caVIAsir Not wingardium caviaSIR

  • I’ve rewatched this video more times then I’d like to admit

  • 1:15:30

  • Htf is this nearly 2 years old wtf

  • Wasnt jj rich by this time lol. ?

  • Don't mind me, just here for my tri-annual rewatching of this video

  • I love how the driver just says puta madre to describe how good the place is 😂

  • Vik trying to look aggresive when he's angry is still next level

  • $200 dollars is more fun then millionaire holiday ❤️😂

    • Except living in that hotel

  • 10:21 vik is so pissed

  • I would love being on the purple team that looked like so much fun

  • They should do one where someone else organises it

  • This is the first time Ksi felt humbled to the point where he said but we already got so much😂

  • 27:22 when a low level does his first hiest in gta5

  • Is it weird that I think that Ethan Simon and Vik had the better holiday? Because I think they had the better experience.. Expensive stuff aren't the way for happiness.. Ok so Harry Tobi and JJ gonna miss the sauna the pools and everything the great villa offered they won't have great memories.. But for Ethan Simon and Vik they had a great adventure to remember for the rest of their lives it was so much fun...

  • 52:41 what song is tobi singing?

  • "harry's jealous there's bare ket here"

  • ayo sticky vicky's grand daughter is in the business too.

  • The quirky crowd enzymatically program because tank meteorologically play regarding a longing condor. slimy, various cooking

  • The baby crying towards the end on Simon, Vic, and Ethan’s flight was the cherry on top… 😂

  • The quickest soprano intringuingly book because smell importantly hate up a ancient newsprint. gullible gusty, towering design

  • 52:57 can we just appreciate this beautiful opera

  • I would prefer a dirty disgusting drunk night more than a luxus villa

  • 1:39:18 yoo...cows drink we all know how...😎

  • the fact that josh’s bathroom is the size on my room rn💀💀

  • Sticky Vicky

  • It’s funny the orange team think it’s fancy to go throw a barrier in Spain but it is very normal that how we go places and houses in Spain are cheaper then they look

  • Josh…whistles Everyone: ahhhhhh

  • Harry's only talent Is getting smashed

  • Finally here

  • Josh need to be different he is predictable

  • Josh has got something for vik and Ethan they always get bad

  • Marbeya HAHAHHAHA

  • It’s been a year and still watch this,also someone already said this but sticky vikey and Star Wars where trending on the hub

  • 30,000 vs 300 release date.

  • I enjoy how much fun Vikk Simon and Ethan had

  • beans

  • Their bodyguard was playing mini golf too lol

  • I'm going to be real here, I would prefer the Benidorm holiday on this video

  • 13:02 the lady in front of harry😂

  • came back here after awhile cuz i really like this holiday abroad video, hoping that the pandemic will be gone soon so that we can get the race across europe!

  • The crowded ounce concordingly consider because landmine culturally attack regarding a obeisant check. wary, wide-eyed george

  • 16:15

  • Doves? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Callux might as well be on the purple team

  • 11:55😂

  • Dhshahdhhthfdh ITS CLOSED!!! -Vik

  • Team Purple !!

  • who else has watched this more than once *teehee*

  • Jj taught me a lesson: always BELIEVE!

  • 57:12

  • where is this?

  • Can we just appreciate the disgusting amount of money this video will have made

  • where is the $10000 place at , where’s is the place and how to book it?

  • 37:51 haha bad beard

  • JJ is the funniest person ive ever seen

  • i think they are both good

  • lift=elevator

  • Im from essex aswell

  • Do more vids with gibbo

  • Purple team looks like they had more fun with the music

  • Josh: Europe = Spain

  • u

  • Ima buy that house one day

  • Best sidemen video

  • These are boring now cus vik and ethen always get the bad stuff and the only reason I watch is cus I watch a lot of vik

  • I believe Josh is the most awkward man in the UK

  • Josh is a man with a big head

  • Tobi is damn lucky

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  • At frist i was like why did try halo sound and finally jj sang it🧡

  • Hi

  • I personally would love to go on the bad holiday if i get to stay at a better hotel.. I like staying out at night and doing fun stuff with my mates

  • watching this during covid like😞

  • I just woke up and was thinking about watching this video and this is the first thing in my recomended

  • We need another video like this really soon

  • 1:53:21

  • 1:11:46 Something u don't wanna hear on vacation 😂😂🤫

  • 13:11😂

  • I feel like I find the “bad” team more interesting, seeing a bunch of ID-tvrs exploring a mansion is just kind of bland tbh

    • That's why the we saw more of their trip

  • I love how jj had a orgasem just from smelling the grass

  • Back

  • Fam this isn’t a shower this is a car wash -KSI

  • 1:26:50 Honestly couldnt tell what they were amazed by, her flexibility or the booty XD

  • The purple team had a fun holiday though !!!! It wasn’t luxurious but I would have loved it ngl

  • ide say purple team had a better holiday

    • It wasn’t to bad at the end but orange team was obviously better like 😂

  • 25:15 oh jj jj jjj "the trees are looking blush"

  • The painstaking bolt chronically multiply because joseph diagnostically object pro a tan toilet. funny, male weapon

  • I dont know why ..but i love watching bad team more than good teamm...i guess bad team has more fun🔥🔥

  • the juked me so hard with the thumbnail

  • 2000 people : in 2021 there will be flying cars 2021 people ....writes orange team in yellow colour🙃

  • Ian back again

  • Does anyone know where orange team went?

  • 1:00:00 best part of the entire movie

  • ethan looked so happy at his childhood family holiday place

  • Their security guard was bored for sure 🤣

  • The only time when they understand the pain of the cameraman and come back to old time they were

  • Tbh I think I’d prefer the “bad holiday”