Simply pour the eggs over the potatoes‼ the result is amazing and delicious! # 139

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You just have to pour the eggs over the potatoes, the result is amazing and delicious‼ ️
Get a delicious, easy, gourmet meal in minutes.
If you have potatoes, 3 eggs and a little cheese then making this delicious easy and filling recipe for breakfast, lunch or dinner you are going to love this recipe.
We all know the potato / egg mix is one of the best mixes we can't be disappointed with the taste😋
Hope you like the recipe🥰
do not hesitate to leave me your feedback in comments
Take care of yourself💚

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4 medium potatoes
3 eggs
80 g grated cheese of your choice
hot sauce (optional)
a tablespoon of green onion


  • hello my friends how are you☺️? activate the subtitles by clicking on the 3 small dots at the top right of the video. What country are you from?💚

  • Bonjour, j adore vos recettes, je suis de Suisse , et cette recette avec les pomme de terre, chez nous ça s appelle les roestis, c est une recette de base dans notre pays, mais grâce à vous, vous me faites connaître une revisite de la recette! Merci à vous et continuez de nous faire envie avec vos supers recette 😘❤️🇨🇭

    • Je suis du Japon. とても美味しそう💗🤩⭐💞🥳。私の家族も絶対喜ぶレシピです☺️💖💖❗

    • @Dans La Cuisine de Sou Gracias por tus apetitosas y sencillas recetas...te saludo desde New York EE.UU 😍🇺🇲

    • 00000000000

    • thank you, amazing dish, but simple, looks yummy.

  • Что-то бедновато,проголодаешься.можно внутрь добавить порубленным ветчину,а мыть картофель не надо очищенный и нарезанный.приятного аппетита!

  • Vous êtes cruelle chère cuisinière.Moi, qui n'ait pas eu le temps de déjeuner à midi me présenter un plat aussi delicieux !! que simple !!! Merci pour cette idée je vais dans ma cuisine préparer la même chose. 😄😄😄 Cathy du Pays Basque en France

  • I've always cooked my eggs and potatoes separately, lol. This looks absolutely delicious and I can't wait to try the recipe. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Looks delicious! And so versatile - will be trying this soon! If you let the water that the potatoes were drained in sit for a while, the potato starch will settle on the bottom of the dish and after draining the water from that, you can use it in addition to the cornstarch! (My mother-in-law's trick)

  • Спасибо, очень хороший рецепт,сейчас сразу буду готовить, доброго вам здоровья

  • Przepis świetny.Lubię taki zestaw .Mam jedno pytanie czy dodajemy mąkę czy skrobię kukurydzianą bo jak na mąkę to jest podobna raczej do skrobii kukurydzianej.Pozdrawiam🌺

  • Happy to see you use cornstarch instead of flour! I am gluten sensitive so I can’t eat anything made with wheat flour. Looks so yummy! Thank you!

    • Yeah rinsing off the potato starch to replace it with other starch was so stupid.

  • That really looks delicious! And changing the the filling of sauces and cheeses can change the taste to fit the mood.

  • Я извиняюсь, а зачем промывать картофельный крахмал, чтобы потом добавлять кукурузный?

    • Картофельный крахмал темнеет. Мы лраники делали сначала не промывали картофель, а потом пару раз помыли. Состав получается светлее, но мне кажется вкус меняется. Попробуйте так и так. Муку тоже можно.

    • Potato starch and corn starch are two different things.

    • А у меня и кукурузного нет... А если муки добавить??

  • Hello, Love the ingredients in your recipes. I am a Canadian and I have lived in Florida since 2010. I was a fabulous cook during the 1970s when I had a farm, the tastiest vegetables and fruit. We butchered our own meat - beef cattle, pork, rabbits and chickens, who laid fresh eggs. I am quite sure the rich soil and mild climate in Nova Scotia had a lot to do with my cooking skills that decade. Your boiled cabbage dish is making my mouth water. I hope the recipe will turn out as good with store bought cabbage.

    • Yes, cooking with proper nutrients is how we get good food, and it really is hard to get good results with bad ingredients. I will say as a chef that cabbage in particular is just a no-contest ingredient - home grown it's great and from the store if not organic (or if stored in a plastic bag) it's pretty rough. I'm sure that NS soil was really outstanding

  • Lovely, simple recipe! And SO versatile--I look forward to trying many different additions to see which ones we love most. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Parece muuuuuuito bom 👍 Não é difícil, gostei

    • 글씨가 너무 작아요

  • Minha mãe fazia muito, só q chamava de fritada de batatas. Muito boa!!!

  • I think you could also add ham and green peppers to this recipe. Looks delicious! Thank you

  • Lubię czytać Twoje wiadomości ❤🌹super przepisy 😃🌷

  • Очень симпатично и несомненно вкусно все ингридиенты соответствуют на вкусняшку 👍👍👍🌹👍🌹👍🌹спасибо🌹♥️🌹вам успеха в ваших делах и здоровья хорошего🌹🌹🌹

  • Lubię oglądać przepisy , i zawsze coś zrobię

  • Mam nadzieję, że to jest smaczne danie obiadowe np. Muszę je wypróbować. Przyjemnie jest oglądać takie przepisy a jeszcze lepiej je smakować. Dziękuję 😘

  • Se ve buenísima la receta de las papas se que si las prepare gracias por la receta Mercedes desde Maracaibo Venezuela

  • Looks very good, will try it as I’m hungry now! Love the music, and you made it very clear how to make it, Blessings to you my friend!

  • Gostei muito, essa sim é fácil e rápida.

  • Linda receta! Y lindas las manos de la cocinera! (Saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Hummm deu água na boca 😋😋

    • Looking like 👍👀👌a omelet

  • A very easy recipe, looks delicious & will certainly give it a try!!! I am from Australia, sharing your recipe with friends. Many thanks. Therese

  • Looks delicious! 😋😋We want more! 👌 Can't wait for the next video ❤️🔥

  • WOW. So quick & easy for any meal of the day. I'm making this for supper tonight. 🤩


  • Love your recipies and the way you prepare them. Simple obviously very delicious.

  • It looks delicious, I'm definitely going to try it 😋

  • Je viens de réaliser votre recette : une merveille . Merci pour ces idées simples mais si savoureuses .

  • I made this for breakfast this morning and it turned out great. The family really enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing 😊

  • Que delícia 👍👍👍 vou fazer obrigada 🙏🥰

  • В чем смысл: сначала картофельный крахмал смыли, а потом добавили кукурузный?

  • me gustan mucho sus recetas sencillas y se ven ricas haré está receta muchas gracias por compartirlas 😅

  • Se ve rica y muy fácil de hacer, también como el comentario de la señora le pondría jamón con el queso creo que quedaría espectacular 👌 gracias por tu receta que Dios la bendiga 🙏😉😊😋

  • Adorei a receita muito prática e fica deliciosa 😋. Obrigada. 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Oddly enough this is the first food you tube video I've watched start to finish. Not sure what compelled me to, but I'm glad I did. I think I'll make the same but with three cheeses and additional ingredients. Looks scrumptious. Thanks.

  • This looks so delicious...will definitely give this a try tomorrow morning! Thanks for this video!

  • As the first one was cooked I was thinking how well chilli sauce, cheese and spring onions would be with it, lol. Off to make it right now. Thanks. Could put all sorts in it..

  • Спасибо за рецепт, готовлю почти каждый день, только без крахмала и без сыра

  • Gostei da receita,vou fazer, deve ficar uma delícia 😋 amei 😘💕

  • Очень интересно. Надо попробовать. Спасибо.

  • i'll try it later at home... looks delicious and easy to make

  • Adorei a receita...ótima, saborosa!!! Obrigada que Deus te abençoe e ilumine sempre bjjjiiisss!!!!

  • Naprawdę to Świetny POMYSŁ 👍 Dziękuję 👍 I PYSZNY 🤗

  • Boa noite!!Nossa que receita prática e fácil!!! Vou fazer para o almoço, amanhã!!!! Muito obrigada! Sucesso em seu canal 🙏

  • Спасибо за рецептик. Хочу такую лопатку. Как можно купить?

  • I love simple recipes that produce delicious treats! Thanks for sharing.

  • Una delicia, la hice rellena de jamón y queso. Y muy fácil. Gracias por la idea 🇺🇾

  • Все замечательно! Быстро, ясно, вкусно! Что скажешь. Мы из Сибири 🐻🐿

  • Я делаю так не промывая , в картофеле свой крахмал, зачем добавлять кукурузный, получается, так же вкусно, и без лишней возни, а Вам спасибо.

    • И ч о том же. Зачем промывать картофель????

    • Умничка! Я согласна! 🤗

    • @Валя Теникова и я тоже думаю так.А в общем рецепт очень понравился. СРАСИБО

    • Good advice there sure is plenty of starch in potatoes my mum used to rub a raw potato on my dads shirt collars to stiffen them it really worked too! That was just after the war when there was still a lot of shortages.

    • Я тоже подумала, зачем мыть, если опять крахмал добавить.

  • Tiene muy buena pinta. Lo voy a probar. Gracias

  • Спасибо за рецепт! Оригинально и просто. Обязательно приготовлю !

  • Una buenísima y novedosa tortilla de patatas, me ha encantado la receta. Me la quedo para hacerla en casa, a mi marido le va a gustar mucho. Gracias

  • Спасибо за рецепт! Буду готовить это блюдо!

  • Your recipes are so easy and fun. I have been cooking for my family for years and although during that time my cooking has improved my creativity needs a boost and yours is the perfect channel! Recipes I can make without a lot of fuss.

  • I love your recipes, keep well and continue to share your great food. X

  • Спасибо за оригинальное блюдо, обязательно приготовлю!!! ⭐👍

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  • Очень вкусно и просто, огромное спасибо.

  • Muito bom deu água na boca

  • This looks very tasty. I’ll have to give it a try thank you ☺️

  • Ça a l air délicieux je le ferai demain in chaallah merci

  • The cake is so delicious, I wish I could eat it. Have a nice day!

  • Yummy. Can you use frozen hashbrowns for this? I would add some diced bell peppers to cook with the potatoes & eggs. I have to try this recipe. It is like an omelette with potatoes. Excellent idea!

  • I love potatoes but never tried it with eggs but it sure looks delicious. I'm going to fix my breakfast like that.

  • Зачем промывать тёртый картофель от крахмала,чтоб затем добавить крахмал? А вообще,интересный рецептик. Приготовлю. Россия!🙋‍♀️

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  • J'ai fait cette recette et c'est trés bon. Merci!!!

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  • Aqui en Perú las papas son económicas y variadas las voy a preparar gracias por el consejo

  • La receta se ve buenísima y muy práctica.

  • Ура! Получилось! Спасибо .

  • I just found your channel - I am so impressed, not only with the wonderful recipe, but the perfectly crafted video. Everything was amazing - background music, various sounds of prep and cooking. Great visuals, too (cutting board especially). 👏 I will watch more! Thanks!

    • Muchas gracias

    • I agree with everything you said .gentle music nice and slow pace .I do not like videos with jumpy loud frantic music people shouting instructions in heavy accents .this was perfect

  • Hola buenas noches hasta hoy miro su vídeo gracias por su receta se rica y fácil de hacer siga adelante muchas bendiciones

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  • Nutritivo e barato. Falando aqui do Brasil. Saudações

  • Beautiful to watch. Loved listening to all the sounds and peaceful background music. Looks delicious!

  • Bonjour , Potatoes are one of my favourite things I like to eat and finding a new and different way to cook them is always something I and my family look forward to. Your recipe looks easy to make and delicious and I will be looking forward to making it for the family . Thank you ☺️

  • Cela a l'air drôlement délicieux. Merci pour ce sublime partage et donc je m'abonne.🌷🦋🌹

  • I came from Brasil. Muito obrigada.

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  • ,La hice me quedó exquisita eso sí en vez de harina le eché en pan rallado gracias

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    • это два наших драника, только посередине начинка. вкуснее просто драники со сметаной )))

    • @Tatiana Kotsorou Вот я тоже смотрю и удивляюсь. Ну те же наши драники, только без муки. Не вдохновилась рецептом.

    • @Tatiana Kotsorou да я тоже удивилась, сначала вымыла весь крахмал, а потом добавила крахмал, странно

    • 😆😆😆👍

    • @Beshenniy kotсперва она промыла картофель от крахмала ,а затем добавила.Думаю лучше муки немного добавить.

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  • What is the nutritional breakdown of the recipe please 😘

  • Adorei esse prato já fiz e fez sucesso. Obrigada. Veja se vai poder acelerar os outros vídeos

  • А зачем сначала промывать картофель от крахмала, а затем его же посыпать крахмалом?

    • Когда промоешь он потом не липнит.Я даже когда перед жаркой всегда промываю....Попробуйте...

    • Получился один большой двойной дранник с сыром.,но крахмал лишний в организм точно не нужен

    • @Анастасия Меликян Смотрите ответ выше.

    • Неувязка. Смыть один крахмал, посыпать другой.

    • Potato starch is sticky but corn starch is different stickiness.

  • That looks super delicious! I love potatoes and I will cook that in a smaller amount just for myself!

  • Gracias por la idea, muy fácil y buena para practicarla de inmediato, saludos desde 🇵🇪

  • Absolutely delicious! You can add onions and jalapenos as well!

  • Deliciosa receta saludable y muy fácil de preparar gracias por compartir Dios la bendiga 🙏 saludos desde Toluca estado de México cuídese mucho.

  • "Yummy!" I'm going to try cooking those grated potatoes with eggs & cheese, ASAP! Very simple recipe & I love the easy learn video style. No fancy ingredients needed either. (Big plus, since I don't cook & don't have usual basic cooking ingredients, like spices, etc.) I want to cook...simple things that are tasty good. I mean, really simple. I'm a 60+ woman with chronic illnesses that zap my strength very quickly, so when got sick had to stop doing many things. 30yrs later & I've forgotten how to cook! Trying to get away from frozen (over-processed) food & make simple meals myself. Crazy how much I don't remember how to do. I really enjoyed this video alot & usually don't like cooking videos/shows... Too much talking is too distracting for me, so this was perfect! Thanks! Will be watching more of your cooking ideas & simple recipes. Can't wait to try making this one - soon as I can get to the store + feel good enough to stand & cook this, clean up after. 😁

    • What is the red between: tomato or strawberry?

    • hope you'll be better soon.

    • I used coleslaw in a bag instead of potatoes, ( veggie) less calories and less time standing

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