Slippery shot, awesome reaction 😂

Dipublikasikan tanggal 9 Nov 2021
In the first round of the 2013 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Houston Open, Robert Allenby finds himself in a tricky situation on the par-4 18th hole and is forced to keep his shoes on despite playing a shot near the water.


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  • Golf, the only sport that gives you a play by play of someone putting their shoes on

  • “All that for that” was my exact thought

  • The giggling caddy is everything 🤣

  • "Now that's a little damp" as the man proceeds to shake a gallon of water out his shoes lmfao

  • Ive seen this countless times, still doesn't get old watching a pro play a shot out of the water.

  • They should put mics on the players more often , listing to what they deal with is way better than commentators

  • "Shoes are on, fully equipped!"

  • Can I hear a little positive energy in here. He got it closer to the hole right! Who really cares if his path is his own. Tremendous Teamwork!

  • That precision is astonish tho, the control and balance as well, golf is like an underrated sport when it comes to skill.

  • “You wanna come in?” You know they are friends

  • "Its so slippery I'm gonna slip"

  • I like how the commentator says “fully equipped” when he put his shoes on like he just unlocked the final piece in his armor set😂

  • I love how he is enjoying it and laughing instead of getting annoyed like a lot of people would.

  • The way they talked to each other was entertaining lol.

  • I thought you did good bud! That was a very difficult shot in my opinion.

  • I was just afraid of gators the whole time.

  • Самое забавное, что гольфисты думают что они спортсмены 🤣

  • Love the commitment, we'll played sir.

  • The caddie is so nice, someone give this man a medal 🏅

  • I love how he doesn’t act like he’s too good for the catty some golfers act like there too good for the catty