Solskjaer Bruno Fernandes Transfer Update! Manchester United vs Wolves News

Dipublikasikan tanggal 14 Jan 2020
A Bruno Fernandes transfer update as we react to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer press conference for Manchester United vs Wolves. Get the latest Man Utd transfer news on The United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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  • Ole out

  • Why man United FC not go for Sanchez at inter

  • solskjaer out out out

  • I have now stopped to watch your video's. Used to enjoy your opinion etc but lately you have been super negative. Yes we suck. But still, we tried experience, we tried epl tested managers, we tried european managers and none worked. Ole at the very least has improved some players. His the only manager since Ferguson who signed three players that actually fit the bill. We are playing more attacking football than under previous managers. We beat all teams in the top 6 except Liverpool. So you need to relax. Your wrong about the signings. We MUST get two mids this window i agree but doesnt help we make the same mistakes and buy the wrong players. In 3 years we will be here again of we do that. Chil bra.

  • Woodward out!!!!

  • the football is better, he does rotate, he is working well at developing the youngsters, we have the 5 or 6th best squad in the league and we are 5th... what do you want from him?

  • Is Bruno the only player in the world?This getting boring.Any United Stand post concerning him I'm not interested in unless he's standing next to Ole with the shirt.

  • Another dissapointment is soon..

  • We are a big club acting small, this is not the Manchester united I know

  • " I don't know why am messing with my hair, Bruno might be watching" 🤣🤣

  • Ole is a passion merchant. Has the players in love with him. Scared of new signings who call out his bullshit coaching. Bruno is a perfect signing because he is pure passion. This is just convenient for all of us. We could have Dybala in the squad if it wasn’t for Ole being intimidated by him. Pogba would be in lock down too. Ole’s timidity means he is not good enough for this club.

  • LiverKlopp has taken 3/4 years of “not there yet”

  • Ole is not spending the money because he likes Lingy... Ole has the backing as long as he does not spend any of the money he has "available".

  • We need to Spinal tap the Bruno deal...crank it up to 11

  • ffs its 20million, get him in and lets improve this great club!

  • and where is SANCHO ???????????????

  • hi mate i think koulibaly has signed for us story going around by the mirror sources from italy please look into it ,saying he wont be here till summer but deal done

  • Bruno Fernandes is no better than what you`ve already got. Totally overhyped I`m afraid.

  • Mark, do you know that your press conference reaction video has more views than the official Man Utd press conference release video on you tube? Way to go bud. Love what you're doing.

  • ole is walking on a thin string because united didnt want to buy a thick sturdy plank

  • So manu fans are ole out but if i was a player I'd love to have ole as my manager he's so down to earth. Give the guy a chance he's fighting to save United in a world of snake agents and disloyal players....

  • I Still can't figure out how Average Harry Maguire is worth 75 or 80m (whatever ) and a Quality Player like Bruno Fernandes is bargained to 50m.

  • You could tell Mark was so proud of himself when he inadvertently came up with that 'backing and lacking' rhyme. The B-Side to "Give it time like it's 1989". Never change dude!

  • How pathetic the fans became. We wait for Bruno more than actually talking about the situation of the club

  • I repeat we are not signing Bruno fernandes or anyone else

  • Give them Lingard and Jones + €35m Everyone's happy ! 😀

    • Northy the things is we will have to pay them what there asking cause there bad

  • “I’ve got the backing if I need it.” Seriously?! If you don’t think you need a midfielder right now then how bad does it have to get for you to need one? The excuses don’t even make sense.

  • Drinking game: have a shot every time Mark says Bruno I’m drunlndbbdhhjmemkdk

  • AA is better than Wan Bissaka. Let’s not get carried away. We don’t half big-up our own players...

  • Just heard on my news feed, man utd just sealed £64m deal for Koulibaly but won't join till summer. Is this for real?????

  • Sporting have a big game vs. Benfica Friday night and the club want him to play. So if it drags on after that Id be worried this 'deal' is going tits up.

  • Bruno isn’t what ole wanted...its for Poch!!

  • Surely Bruno has better aspirations 😄

  • I can't say I'm confident this will get done. I was pumped over the weekend, but no longer

  • Aparnntly we are getting kolably from napoli in the summer apparently the deal is done for 70 or75 million euros

  • Arguably the best right back in league he said wham bar Saka lol

  • Is there any news on Soumare and Bellingham from Birmingham

  • "He said he got the backing but the squad is lacking, if he is not careful he's gonna get the sacking" lyrics from the song ole rant by Mark Goldbridge 😆

  • Abhishek chutiya hai

  • He’s not signing

  • I think bruno will sign Saturday or agree after the benfica game. He is a very loyal player and person n will give his all in this game. They need a win against benfica n need to qualify for Europe

  • Fed up with this saga!!

  • Manchester United are run buy a bunch of idiots who don't know how to create positive results on the field. What the heck is going on with those braindead fools?

  • Man United fans are in talks to remove OGS as Manchester United manager. Talks are at an early stage but an update is expected following the Liverpool result. The bored will support the out come of the talks, stating 'deadwoodward and the gleaners have had their day, and it's been years. And OGS has hitched himself to their wagon'.

  • Here we go again with more Woodward bargaining bullshit. JUST PAY THE MONEY EDDIE!!!

  • I thought i recalled you saying if Bruno comes in, you would wear an Ole t shirt saying Ole in for a while!

  • 🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼🤦🏼🤷🏻🤷🏻🤷🏻💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Funny yet Sad how we''ve all forgotten about a A Director of football. We need a director of football.

  • Ole get the fucking player

  • Not happening - Glazers out!

  • Ole is a sh.t manager, end of story. He utilises the squad badly, he is tactically inept, he can't coach, he fails with in game management, makes poor substitutions, in fact everything he does is wrong. If Bruno comes, I hope it's for the money, because if it's for the football he's an idiot and we don't need anymore of them.

  • It seems tome that the Glaz and Wood earn from News papers a great deal. Now they get us spend on reading each minute with expectations but NO attaining

  • I believe Sporting would have accepted 60 million euros for Bruno in the summer but because Benfica managed to sell Joao Felix to Atletico Madrid for the outrageous amount of 126 million euros, sporting decided to hold out for more. Sporting is bankrupt because of a series of bad managers, and it seems to me that their current management is also incompetent. No doubt that Bruno Fernandes would improve Manchester United; he would improve most teams, however, I think Manchester United fans are overreacting with regards to how good he is. 6O million euros is probably the proper valuation.

  • Mark lovessssssss bruno 😍😂

  • Bruno is going to West Ham...

  • Ed Woodward dragging his arse over transfers forever.🤣🤣

  • Partridge or what?

  • United shares on N.Y.S.E. this Morning open $20.17 Down -0.17 -0.84% Previous close $20.34

  • Don't get your hopes up: Sky Sports: "..but the two clubs remain a long way apart in their valuations." Now I don't believe it will happen.

  • I like Ole less and less with every press conference

  • Throw in that little toe rag Lingard for good measure

  • Haha, i always watch his press conference before listing to your reaction. And i have to say this time you interpret what he says or his body language. Well lets just say we interpret it differently. If we are getting new coach i want Brendon Rogers. He will suit United better.


  • You have money in your pocket and go shopping for clothes, do you see a jumper you want but then think should I wait for the sales in 6 months even though you say you have the money. No you don't wait cause your pocket has plenty of money. Same with ole if you have the money then improve your team as its not even your money, he talks smack but can't prove it with actions

  • Between Pereira and Lingard? Pereira is 1000 times better.

  • Ole sick of hearing the same Crap you sound like a STUCK RECORD

  • Oke Solskjaer was very low key in his press conference because he already knows he will be replaced by Pochettino in the summer. The board has already had informal talks with Poch but if Ole was to get the team in the top 4 or win the Europa his job will be safe. The board would prefer Allegri and they have also had informal talks with Allegri but Allergi will want to buy all world-class players and the club are not going to give Allegri 700 million to spend on players so they will go with Pochettino. But do not be surprised that if Ole Solskjaer is sacked that the board try and bring in Nagelsmann, the RB Leipzig manager.

  • Been following all the Bruno hype attentively since Friday night now and at this point I'm sick of hearing it and waiting for this transfer to get over the line. Typical United. I'm not going to bother checking for any updates now. If the deal gets done it's done . If not. Woodward can burn

  • United won't pay what sporting want so the deal won't happen also ole will choose lingard over bruno

  • so the board want to have as much money as possible and yet they are losing revenue because we are not qualifying for or winning competitions like the champions league! they need to start investing...

  • I’m just sick of all the lies from the club, why can’t Ole just give us a straight answer for once? It’s so frustrating!

  • We’re a club that can’t pat its head and rub its tummy at the same time! 😂😂😂

  • We are United we will balls it up 😪

  • Why get maguire for 80+ when we could of had 1 CM/CAM plus 1 CB for 35-40 million

  • Bring him before Liverpool game

  • We need patience liverpool took years to get where they are today so just relax

  • How does he have financial backing when he probably doesn't even have full backing of his job in general


  • IT most be difficult to move from one country to another . different culture , language . weather . and so on . so lets be patient with the Bruno deal .

  • Bruno's flight has been delayed. They had to switch to a rainy tires on the plane due to the weather in Manchester :D :D :D

  • 10:25 just another masterclass by Mark

  • would you take januzaj back? @mark

  • He might not come anymore because of the money

  • " He says he has the backing But the squad is lacking If he's not careful, he will get the sacking " -Markinem, 2020

    • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • Abhirakshit Nawani IITB 🔥🔥🔥

  • Build a Bonfire!!!!!!

  • Looks like it not happening. From some of the news coming out. Woodass messed it up again.

  • The amount of negative energy in this channel and also you is huge..

  • Not gonna happen

  • If he’s fuckin focused on beating Liverpool then does he actually think that Fred Matic and Pereira is gonna be a good midfield 3 for that game. If he signs Bruno Fernandes at least we’ll have a better battle in the midfield

  • Is that Asian player NO-WAN available?

  • Mad how you've had like a month and a half worth of content from this deal which still hasnt happened yet lmao

  • Mark ole ain't got backing and you Need smacking 😂😂😂

  • He says he’s been backed, but the team has lacked, if he can’t get on track, he’s gonna get the sack,

  • Understand your point now in Bruno mark .. as a Liverpool supporter klopp did the same.. looked at the talent he NEEDED.. that’s a positive sign from united - ole certainly has a plan if he’s looking at these types of players. Maybe a bit more time will be the way to go for united ? He needs players and needs to start making decisions

  • Got the money. Got the backing but buys no players. Ole the clown.

  • Aramco has raised 30 bil..... They want to diversify their investments.... United is a good option.... I dont see any other reason why our share prices are going up

  • N then woodward would say..we tried, but it january, there wasnt enough time..

  • Surprised no brand relationship for "Lollies with Goofy Faces" 😂😂😂

  • Goldbridge on crack talking about McSauce over Fred! I love McSauce but he's a backup dancer and Fred's lead bass

  • Mark, if this doesn't happen I'll be disappointed in you for going back to the bottom of the ocean to lift up the sunken Bruno Fernandez ship. It sunk for a reason. United were never in for him, the glazers will never pay £50+ Million for a Portuguese player, the games done. No Signings Happening This January!!!