SpaceX just launched humans to space for the first time

Dipublikasikan tanggal 30 Mei 2020
Elon Musk’s aerospace company, SpaceX, just successfully launched its first two people into orbit, ushering in a new age of human spaceflight in the United States. SpaceX is now the first company to send passengers to orbit on a privately made vehicle, and the flight marked the first time astronauts have launched into orbit from American soil in nearly a decade.
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  • What role do you think private companies should have in space exploration?

    • Dylan Stewart no, I am not a pseudoscientist

    • @Robert2Real Are you an astrophysicist?

    • It's not the best choice, it's Spacer's Choice!

    • I think private companies should secure greater technology than they do now and play a big role in space exploration.

    • @Abc Abc I agree with you. The universe shouldn't be a playground for rich people.

  • 3:18 In short, all American space travel

  • I am just worried that with commercializing the spacecraft launch industry, the bad effects of capitalism don't hinder space exploration.

  • Just another way our govt is subsidsing space travel instead of funding it through nasa

  • Respect Russia 🔥👍

  • This is a massive breakthrough and the stupid mainstream media did not cover this.

  • Kinda funny cause NASA always used private industry to make thier shuttles

    • NASA by and large only uses private industry to manufacture their parts. The Saturn 5 had Boeing make the first stage, North American Aviation made the second, and the third stage by Douglass Aircraft Company. Rocketdyne provided the F-1 and J-2 engines. IBM provided the instruments. All NASA did was basically assemble the parts, but they didn't go building a Saturn 5 rocket themselves.

  • Time to end the lies are on borrowed time anyway

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  • Thank you for uploading. I got to witness a rocket launch in 2018. Memorable experience. I shared a pretty solid video of the experience on my page.

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  • At last! To inspire the Dream One Way Ticket To Mars

  • Sometimes capitalism does great thing only with great minds

  • there u go. just for you. everybody should be a space enthusiast by now. it was awesome working on it. you'll love it. I give you my word. link:

  • Hello to the Galaxy and beyond live long and prosper 🖖🖖🖖

  • nope...

  • It’s amazing that a newcomer like Spacex is already ahead of a legendary company with so much experience like Boeing.

  • INCREDIBLE ! Compare those "space suits" to the old type , they look like something from an old DEVO video.

  • In the near future, when someone says NASA... People are going to think they're talking about the capital of the Bahamas.

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  • 999,999 subs

  • She is so pretty!

  • How they use the loo?

  • Not just the 2 astronauts theres a toy dinosaur inside

  • How is it competition? Boeing want to change 80M same as Russia. It got more funding than SpaceX and still can't get their programming right.

  • Only white straight males are allowed to be astronaut, so racist

  • I’m happy spacex knows how to make touchgloves

  • This was a big moment for human and American history

  • Best way to be safe from COVID-19

    • Flatearthers disliked this video. Lol.

  • The tax payers still over pay while it’s citizens don’t even get health care in this global pandemic.....but GOV Elites get their cut kick backs in investments in Space X 😡

  • 0:51 Mom, can I bring my toys to space 😆

  • The best of capitalism.

    • I’m not interested in islands, I’m interested in planets. - Elon Musk-

  • Space X first time sending humans to space is like turning down graphics to a beast computer to have better fps

    • Elon musk is the real life Donald Davenport

  • 98% of the badassery involved in this endeavor was accomplished by the uniforms and pressure suits worn by the pilots and support crew! Ohmuhgawd this was cool...

  • This was so unbelievable to watch live on TV, as someone who never saw any of the shuttle flights live. Also being too young for any of the older US manned space flight missions, this felt like I was watching history in the making. Tears of joy are all I can describe watching Bob and Doug leave from US soil and watching them dock on the ISS the following day. Truly inspiring as a starting aerospace graduate student looking to fulfill my dream of working at NASA. Space Guitar Strap Link: Please check out my ID-tv channel and subscribe. I am creating many NASA/space-related content in the near future. To celebrate this massive success of Launch America, I made a time-lapse video of myself making a NASA inspired outer space guitar strap. Please check it out and share it with other space enthusiastic, I made a custom guitar that is all space-themed as well, huge video of that coming soon. Stay tuned.

  • Amongst a global pandemic, racial tension, riots, and civil rights. We made space flight history. Because...humans are pretty neat.

  • This was a really enjoyable video to watch, but you guys really need to do something about your audio. Loren's audio sounded muffled, the whole time.

    • @kolim jone No.

    • Wasn't this the same launch where a rat was walking around on the rocket while it was in space?

  • Wonder what stunts Tom Cruise will perform in space!

  • neat

  • Amongst a global pandemic, racial tension, riots, and civil rights. We made space flight history. Because...humans are pretty neat.

  • I wanna go!

    • SpaceX made NASA's spacecraft look like child's play.

  • Bout time!

  • Failure is what makes ur invention succeds!! So failure is fine soo as in life 💯💯💯💯👍

  • You never see footage of the actual space chimps as it lunches.. no one ever leaves

  • Flatearthers disliked this video. Lol.

  • I really think it's cool

  • 4:03 has PICKLE RICK! Nice.

  • I’m not interested in islands, I’m interested in planets. - Elon Musk-

  • Very superficial and redundant information. I am quite disappointed. I think everybody with half a brain or those who don't live under a rock know everything you said in the video and more.

  • Elon musk is the real life Donald Davenport

  • When you remember that all of the outer space shots are 3d made... :(

  • Capitalism gets it done!

  • Wasn't this the same launch where a rat was walking around on the rocket while it was in space?

    • In the rocket--maybe. Although I find the existence of said rat dubious at best.

  • shinny touchscreen display . lmfao

  • Imagine running into a different species like a alien 👽

  • God is real and he loves you ❤

  • SpaceX made NASA's spacecraft look like child's play.

  • imagine being lucky enough to leave earth during this time

  • Is it me or did the space suits in the early days look cooler! The space suits today look like an episode of 'Lost In Space'

    • 3:48 No, Boeing is not even close...they cant even fix their planes Great piece btw

  • New First victor

  • So NASA works with scientology, that is something intresting.

  • Invest in spce !

  • all it funded by usa government ha ha ha

    • No, it is funded by the majority of SpaceX

  • Hi,,😍🥰😘😚

  • More info nxt

  • one thing fun is, Tom Cruise is going to space

  • SpaceX is the new NASA

    • That's not even remotely true. NASA is primarily a research agency that from now until forever ago has always contracted out private companies. SpaceX will never develop and operate something like the JWST. Because there's no return on investment, and SpaceX is a business. NASA hires spacex to do things that aren't really all that important for them to do. Developing and operating something like GLAST, Hubble, or Parker Solar Probe is NASA's job. Getting those objects into space can be done by any private contractor able to do so safely and cheaply. SpaceX qualifies, so they can get government contracts, but they are not even attempting to do what NASA does. If they ever start, and Elon is running both Tesla and SpaceX still, then remind me to short tesla immediately, because Musk apparently has lost the principle of "a business is supposed to at least have a potential revenue stream from investment." Doing NASA's job would not qualify. Something like gamma ray astronomy does not have a clear revenue stream. At all.

  • So how good is the WiFi up there

  • capitalism wins

  • I hate the fact that I will never get a chance to work up there in my life. Get me a new brain quick!

  • I love very much this documentary film

  • If SpaceX keeps this up we might finally send people to the moon

  • Why are they wearing halloween costumes?

  • Yeah jumping to lvl 3 civilization

  • 3:48 No, Boeing is not even close...they cant even fix their planes Great piece btw

  • Next step: Find the space “interstellar corridors” All set. 👍🏼

  • *Elon Musk is a total diqhead. He's all butthert, misspells intended for filters, about Palo Alto, California and threatening to move to Texas. Showing Ted Cruz multiple times shows just how much of an ungrateful little boy you are Elon. California doesn't want you!! I grew up in San Carlos where you started and even I DON'T WANT YOU!!! GO ON GET!! PLATITUDES FOR DOING WHAT YOU DID IN KEEPING AMERICAN NASA ASTRONAUTS SAFE BTW*

  • You ever heard of any other transition phrases other than “All in all” 😑

  • Go SpaceX, Go!

  • I still can’t understand what’s the point in doing all this?