Special Judges ✨NMIXX✨ [Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant : EP.166-5] | KBS WORLD TV 230403

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  • Nmixx in kbs shows ♥️ thanks kbs they're fun to watch

  • I was very surprised how detailed their feedback is and how much they can eat lol Just seeing them enjoying it made me feel satisfied lol Nmixx ❤️

  • thank you KBS for having NMIXX❤

  • They're soo good and funny, thankyou for having nmixx on your show❤

  • Haewon’s face when she asked about the cilantro is too cute to handle 😂❤

  • Thankyou for having NMIXX ❤

  • Que hermoso ver a NMIXX las quiero mucho 😁💜❤

  • Thank you for inviting nmixx KBS lovelots ❤️❤️❤️

  • This is such a great show. Thank you for inviting nmixx 😋🤗

  • I am a simple person,i see Nmixx, I clicked

  • どの料理も美味しそうだけど、NMIXXが食べているのを見て韓国料理が食べたくなってきました🤤

  • I'm very happy when they eat well and like this!!!💖🐋

  • Thanks KBS for inviting NMIXX 🙏

  • I just love BamBam just on every main TV broadcast in Korea!

    • I was just going to ask is that Bambam from got7

  • Terimakasih KBS sudah mengundang NMIXX. ❤

  • When Haewon said "We're the greatest combination in the world" no lie detected. All fact, no cap.

  • Once again, thank you for inviting them KBS

  • Heawon : hello we nmixx THE greatest combination in the world 👏🔥🔥

  • they're so cute I love them

  • Thank you for inviting Nmixx 🥰

  • ❤❤Congrats to Sooyoung!!!❤❤

  • This was fun to watch, i love the dishes exhibited, thank you for having nmixx


  • this might be biased but jyp nation are great eaters!

    • It's fine to say that, the vid is about them as food judges anyway. It'll look bad if tou say that in other,s vid hehe

  • We love you Nmixx!!

  • Look so delicious 🤤

  • If jiwoo is there just give her meat dishes to win 😂

    • True

    • Why jiwoo and kyujin are not here?

    • @skzstay8792 Probably resting or have other schedules ? Or maybe not allow to be on the show remember the food is hangover food minors are not allowed to drink .

    • @evan yong Ah yes. These two are minors so may be becz of age system for food?

    • @skzstay8792 Nope these food are special it's for when you have a hangover tomorrow ( which meant drinking last night )

  • Udah berasa jadi juri master chef aja 😂

  • Congratulations suyoungshi 🎉.

  • i love nmixx

  • Malem2 liat ini jadi laper😅

  • I appreciate that inspiration was taken from Vietnamese Pho...However, if you are going to use the word "Pho" in the name then having it as a rice dish does not acknowledge what Pho is....which is basically all about the broth and noodles. You could "K" it up by changing the garnishes such as minari instead of cilantro was a great idea! You can alter the broth, use Hanwoo beef, etc. But a rice dish can't be called Pho even if you put a "K" in front of it.


  • They invited Lily right on time. She likes malatangand rice noodles

  • I love nmixx so much

  • NMIXX!♥ I'm hungry

  • Love you NMIXX

  • They are so smart

  • KBS really love NMIXX i guess, thank you for that hehe

  • ว้าวน่ากินมากเลย พวกเอนมิ้กน่ารักมากอะ🫶

  • Vocal line

  • Why jiwoo and kyujin is not here? Where maknaes?

  • Lily 🎉🎉

  • 엔믹스 보러왔다가 라면 끓이고 있네

  • Ahaaa 1N2D