Spicy Cup Pong Challenge! | Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce!!

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In this challenge, we play cup pong with hot sauce! If you throw a wing in the other player's cup, they must eat the wing with however much hot sauce is on it!
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  • Jeff is the real winner for putting himself through that 😂

  • Were is matt

  • Ever notice that at 5:25 they skip Jeff's turn so Bryan lands his first shot.

  • Let's talk about that thumbnail tho....

  • What Team Edge's Level At On Coaching:Level 0

  • One more video like this pls

  • I would love to do that

  • Next they should do the 9 million Scoville unit hot sauce

  • The guest had bad energy not a fan

  • who else likes really spicy food XD

  • Hey Team Edge I'm 13 and I've been eating spicy food scince I was 3 years old

  • Bobby is so boastful to Bryan he think he can handle the spicy

  • I watch alot of dainge bros and they dont care

  • no joke i went to kfc and got chicken wings

  • 13:32 that is true but i still like it

  • This video is making me soooo hungry

  • Can Mathias Come back fore one video

  • What happened to Matthias

  • R.I.P Jeff

  • Jeff in fire pit literally burning, "I'm fine," ,"everything is fine,"

  • i knew i reconized jeff!

  • How was the bathroom after that one

  • Livin that EDGE LIFE

  • *1:13** STRENGTH 100* Skyrim reference btw

  • Stop throwing those wings if u don’t want them just give them to me

  • Let's all say it together.... Poor Jeffrey

  • Only true team edge fans will know this......... J-Jokes

  • Good luck jeff

  • I'm immune to hot stuff like, hot sauce, hot chips, you name it bro.

  • 7:45 How is it a camera trick if you’re seeing it in real life?

  • J-Fred needs to be next!!!

  • Hi

  • "Through it in my mouth" is what she said at :39

  • Do a collab with the funk bros

  • What was that slap at 1:12

  • J-Fred said he liked stupid things...... but I never got a call from him....... 😞

  • they did not have mad dog which is 9 million scolvel unites

  • Gravity is on blue team's side AND HERE'S THE PROOF: 4:52

  • Did Mathias leave? What have I missed?

  • I want to know the name of that Edge Life song

  • *eats hottest chicken wing* I’m hot now

  • Joey living for Jeff's pain is disturbing.

  • Joey is a baby because he is never competing in the hot sauces but he is saying that it isn't that bad. Next hot sauce challenge Joey should be in it so he can feel the pain and so Brayn can make fun of him. Also can we get a RIP in the chat for Jeff

  • brian should get fired

  • Did anyone see the freakin wind behind that slap or was it sped up

  • eating all of those wings look epically good.

  • Sinaied... Reaper...!!!!!

  • 3:20 Bryan struggling Punjabi comes in, "Hold my Lussi."

  • 7:20 BRIAN, I HAVE GERBILS AND THEY ARE AMAZING! SO OFFENSIVE! ( Before you start hating that was a joke although I do have gerbils and they're really cool. )

  • do more of these

  • Jeff a 1:12 is SAVAGE

  • ]

  • Chris is taller than Joey, Joey is taller then Jeff, Jeff is taller than Bryan, Bryan is taller than Connor, And Finally Connor is taller than Bobby

  • Bobby: Joey has never participated in a spicy video Joey: I’m smarter then all of you Brian: True Me: HAHAHA

  • You should of had the Mad Dog 357 Plutonium in one of the cups, it is 9 million Scoville units

  • "Unites"

  • It’s team gel vs team caps

  • Pro tip: STOP Sucking

  • 7:10 and no reason what are you talking aboat 4:23

  • I love the danigie bros my fav is Jeff

  • 1:06 made me laugh for some reason and I cant help but replay it over and over again im dying the slap is fake but its still funny...

  • Yay Jeff but where’s rob and Chris?

  • 13:29 got me in tears💀

  • Bryan cheated... He doesnt rerack his cup!!! I called it!!!

  • No you are not😡💢

  • Jeff is the real winner

  • Jeff is so precious. Protect him at all costs.

  • My family got the mad dog 357 one

  • 10:50 bold words bobby

  • No one probably cares but just wanted to put it out there... I had deja vu of having deja vu of watching this video.

  • U guys should get Joey and Bobby to do a spicy challenge to see who’s the bigger wuss lol

  • At 4:53 the red team got 2 turns

  • 13:10 me with my homies

  • I love how Bryan says it not that to the "the end" hot sauce but is saying that he has to do it out the 1m one

  • Love this hot wings challenges 🤪


  • J-Fred:I like stupid things Me:you are a stupid thing

  • i thought bobby could handle a lot of challenge games with his friends, but from watching the first few minutes makes me think that he's not the person he used to be, same with tyler from dude perfect he's still good at battles a little bit

  • I really want some wings now🤣😂😂 Love Ur Vids

  • R

  • Nice video! It was very funny!

  • I miss Mathias ;-;

  • Brian can't even leave the edge space without winning.

  • Did Matt leave team edge?

  • I had the reaper sauce on wings I died

  • We hate Bobby he is a child

  • Jeff needs Dr.Phil

  • Tell Jeff to say “My name is Jeff.”

  • Lucky because ilove wings and hot sauce

  • He was not heard out🤣

  • 1:11 Jeff has fast reflexes

  • Jeff put his cups spaced together, Bryan............ lol

  • New merch idea. I LIKE STUPID THINGS

  • Jeff was brave like joeys said because Joey is always right

  • Let me join this gameeeeeee!

  • 3:40 everybody is talking. It's just making me more upset. Awww... upset...😢

  • Send me some chicken

  • 5.57 was a high jump like it u agree

  • this thumbnail though

  • 2 million scoville..... That's my normal hot sauce.