Spicy Cup Pong Challenge! | Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce!!

Dipublikasikan tanggal 19 Apr 2019
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In this challenge, we play cup pong with hot sauce! If you throw a wing in the other player's cup, they must eat the wing with however much hot sauce is on it!
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  • Jeff is the real winner for putting himself through that 😂

  • I think that Jeffery is gonna lose

  • it’s not that sad because who told you to suck at cup pong? it’s the number one game at college. 😂🚮

  • Oh no...I have whip cream on me hahahahahaha

  • J Fred’s a savage

  • When the slap was so fast it looked like cgi

  • 1:12 when you talk back to mom

  • like is you did

  • i seen jeefs chanel

  • Joey: *bayoooo... bye bayoooooo*

  • do more spice challenge

  • Awesome Challenge! We did something very similar!

  • Jeff wins

  • Jeff also had to have one of the bad one right after the 6 million one so it was 10x worse

  • 4:23 they all *SQUAT*

  • We all know that slap was fake asf

  • Jeff got so many hot ones that he is like a hot sauce king

  • The funny part is when j-Fred holding the boxing glove and getting hit

  • I tried the Carolina Reaper hit sauce and I'm only 9

  • That girl behind the scenes secretly enjoyed watching them groan in agony

  • KiDs In AfRiCa

  • I think that bobby should have done the 6 million because he didn't help brian out at all and jeff had to go through so much pain

  • I just love the way J-Fred was caressing the boxing gloves!

  • 12:36 is my favorite team edge moment of all time

  • 12:34 lol 😆

  • I'm low-key upset cause I wanted to see Bryan take the end xD

  • I am going to back hand every chicken wing I throw at you : Jfred o no

  • Who else wanted to see Brian eat "The End"

  • 12:36 *he was not heard out*

  • Does any else notice that Jeff cussed in this video

  • WOOOW what a great coach Joey is to Jeff when he to the end sauce

  • My mouth burns just watching thiz

  • watching them eating chicken with hot sauces makes my stomach ache

  • nobody pointed this out so i will 0:13 Papers Please

  • Did anyone else think of Hanilton when Bobby said “you gotta rise up”?

  • "I'm smarter than everybody else" Isn't this the same guy who didn't know that red and blue make purple?

    • How dare you insult Joey😭😂

  • Oh muffin

  • You guys should make a vid which has all the J-Jokes clips

  • Did Bryan turn into a rabbit 5:57

  • I hate Bryan he’s really cocky he has like 100 scollville units and he is in agony and when Jeff gets 6m scollville units Bryan’s like that’s nothing

  • 1:13 Jeff slaps J-Fred Jeff: Disrespectful!!! J-Fred: Disrespectful (laughs)

  • Dang jeff that was savage

  • I wanted Bryan to be in so much pain.

  • i am black and I LOVE CHICKEN so plz do ever do this again thank u luv u joey

  • Gets the punching glove and hits his face with it a million times Lol

  • Can you make another one of these videos plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Or do devil's blood

  • Try flash bang hot sauce I tried it and guess what I was on the toilet for three hrs it's so hot it feels like fire is in 🔥 every part of your body your po will burn you but and I heard it n the internet some ppl died from it commet if you don't want them doing it but it would be funny

  • wait is the cyanide reaper actually;;y real?

  • Jeff seems annoying

  • V

  • I want to see joey to eat spicy food

  • The Carolina reaper is the hottest pepper in the world!

    • Abrahim 909 what about ghost pepper

  • Your bad Bryan

  • Nobody: Bryan: What’s Wrong With Your Face

  • Cant stop rewatching the slap at 3:15

  • nobody:..... J-Fred: I like stupid things. Me: dead lol

  • Jeff is just like jeff the killer do not read you can read if you are a fan 你的生活方式? you got a foods

  • 14:13 when you get ripped off on something (j-fred)

  • Bryon cused

  • hi j the jraf

  • You should have given them stand blood

  • Nobody gonna mention they misspelled units as unites?

  • Chris on dangie bros did 6 000 000

  • What about wing pong

  • 12:37 Bobby: If the ping pong balls rolling--- (He was not heard out) Bobby just deal with it

  • He looked so sad when the icecream was pulled away from his face

  • Reaper more like raper

  • Bryan I eat carolina reaper wings all the time. Im also 9

  • 15:07 got'em

  • Jeffs pimp slap to j-fred was, top notch. Very nice 👌

  • I've had the end befor I felt like I wanted to throw up

  • ok am hungry now 😐

  • I dare you guys to try Resiniferatoxin, 16,000,000,000 Scoville units!

  • wait why did jeff get 2 0 and bryan only got 1

  • How is Bryan so bad at cup pong? Yes, they're throwing wings but still, come on Brian😂

  • Joey : me and Bobby will not be participating do sertin reasons 3 secons later: Joey eating a wing

  • 16:35 wtf bryan

  • Dis dod slap J fred

  • He was not heard out