Staying at The WORST Reviewed Hotel in my City (1 STAR)

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  • a couple things! first, I didn't realize who actually started this trend because I've seen so many people doing so many 1 star videos but you guys have brought to my attention that started this trend so please show him some love! I should have done some research into where it started Second, for the people asking about the protein shake recipe: -Fill a large cup (like the one in this video) half way with ice -1/4 full with almond milk, water or actual milk (your choice) -1 scoop chocolate protein powder -full banana -large spoonful of peanut butter then blend :) that's all, hope you have a great day!


  • Da holo backpack! 💿😱

  • Ohhhhh if i could hang with u guys, i know i wouldnt stop laughing. U could be the cure to my depression lol

  • Hotels clean their sheets but not the duvet I’ve worked in multiple hotels and they all didn’t changethe duvet

  • I miss these days

  • what is the name of the ending song? at 20:58. please and thanks!

  • It’s called the Starlight Inn for whoever is curious.

  • I keep just looking at mjefferys ass where ur mean old KREW now gettin shrugged on apologize? I did sonic duhin. Coked (my fav soda pop) out this funwash Chris

  • I literally have that jumpsuit lmao

  • “But thats not the hotel’s fault”

  • I've legit been to this hotel lol

  • Shave your chest hair And then you will look good overall nice outfit

  • morgan really put shade on new mexico 💀💀

  • I love how morgan believes that she will find a boyfriend any where she goes!!!

  • lmaooo im really good at researching and i found the hotel...

  • Real talk though, our filthy, dirt bag neighbors recently gave us bedbugs (we live in an apartment building)... ...They are NO JOKE, we had to throw out our bed, sheets and all, some clothes, I literally have scars forming from where I peeled away skin scratching at the itchiness... Be careful with that crap!


  • Eating while watching this was a bad idea :)

  • “Why do you have my house on your screen?” 😂😂

  • Oh my gosh I’m all seriousness I would of had to go in there with gloves. There is no way I could touch the mattress, those, sheets or anything in general without protection🤢

  • 1️⃣🚫⚒🆙️🤘📲 🤡🅰️🧜‍♀️ only poeple who speak emoji know what I'm say Reply what you think I said

  • Why doesn't morgan like new Mexico? Thats the second time I've heard her say something negative about it being ugly

  • 14:52

  • so i think i might be a little bit more than a year late

  • As they said they were going to Chick Fil A I just got done ordering Chick FIl A lol

  • i went to a very expensive high rated hotel, there was only 2 beds and 5 of my family members so we told my brother to sleep on the floor, he found a old moldy birthday cupcake under the bed✨😃

  • I literally hated having scabies

  • Can you place that shake recipe, or maybe do a video of like healthy pre/post work out shakes or meal replacement ones! Shane can taste test them 🤗🤗🤔🤩

  • Morgan showing us her 🎂

  • Mermaid of rylantys ❤️🥵

  • I love how the picture for morgan is her eating, legit queeeeeeeeeeen

  • 5:23 Morgan and ryland turn at the same time

  • Ryland was so nice about not dragging this hotel. I really feel like if they didn’t want that, they could simply make their hotels cleaner 😂

  • Garret dresses like the Expedition Unknown host.

  • i love how garret said 2009 was a tuff year but i was born in 2009

  • I also don’t support chick fila because they are against gay people

  • was ryland wearing reputation merch omg

  • 2:15 I feel offended


  • Shane watches this and asks how these people are his friends.

  • All the mexican people being like... Mean...

  • When Garrett said 2009 was a rough year I’m laughing in the year 2020

  • I see Garrett and Morgan in the thumbnail, I click.

  • I have the same pants as rylands sister

  • 3:58 what is Ryland doing to uno?? Lmao

  • these are ny hang over videos

  • You can tell Garrett had a serious bed bug infestation by how paranoid he was

  • Bed bugs don’t. CAre about rich or poor high quality or low quality hotels lol I’ve literally stayed at a suite in Orlando next to Disney world 500 a night and found bed bugs

  • *I should not have watched this while eating...*

  • Garrett has such an amazing heart and bunny was obviously over-reacting when garrett pranked her 😒😒😡

  • At 0:53 I literally thought Ryland was drunk 🤣

    • WeRe gONna hAve a BlaAsTt

  • Why are rylands eyes so pretty

  • Shane has made many mistakes in the past and has never felt genuinely bad while Garett has. That’s amazing

  • I don’t know why garrett is so self conscious he’s literally so attractive!


    • Right if he wasnt gay I would date him if I was his age

    • Sweetest, handsomest man ever!

    • Literally he’s so handsome and has such a good personality.

    • I know if he wasn’t gay I would date him.(maybe do a little more😉😉)

  • why did ryland and garrett switch characters-

  • *What if all the gay guys that Morgan's dated just flocked to her after rejecting Garret* *I've been seeing a pattern all these years, we need Shane for this conspiracy*

  • Ryland: I TOUCHED THE CEILING! Also Ryland 2 sec later: *Touches neck*

  • I miss Garrett.

  • Shane Dawson is like 👁👄👁 you bought food with out me

  • ok so that google search of ryland made me wanna see what comes up and apparently ryland did stunts for a rugrats movie?

  • Lmfao@ 19:13, When Garrett's dancing and the choice of song. Omg that shit had me dying!! Love you guys!

  • omg meghans face at 19:30 lamo

  • morgan: maybe we can go to New Mexico somewhere with a 1star vibe new mexicans: sounds about right

  • Garret: *2009 was a rough year* Me: tf- 2020 was a rough year bruh.

  • Shane used to be one of my favourite ID-tvrs, but now he honestly makes me SO uncomfortable after watching the new videos that have came out exposing him for being a literal PREDATOR 🤢

    • @Minute Movies just go to twitter and youll see everything

    • Bitch... Where? 🤦🏻‍♂️Receipts

  • garret favorite moment: "makes bunny cry" OH MY GOD I'm Choking

  • Am I the only one who thought bunny overreacted

  • W

  • I stayed at a knights inn in LA and woke up covered... I mean COVERED in bed bug bites. It was so fucking bad... I eventually drew on them to make them look like faces.

  • honestly Ryland killed the outfit

  • He is the daily vlogger we all wish we were! :p

  • I shiiiippp Garret and Morgan sm🥺

    • Omg yes theyre made for eachother uwu

    • @Molz • I KNOOOOWWWW

    • Garrets gay 😆

  • Ya girls have a vigana

    • yay! you passed 7th grade bio!

  • Someone call Gordon Ramsey

  • Garett: 2019 was a rough year Me in 2020: Well that’s about to change

  • New Mexico is not a one star place I live there and it’s awesome

  • Morgan dissed my home state

  • At 2:18 in the video Morgan said that we should just go to New Mexico with a one star vibe like don’t get me wrong i love Morgan but when she said that i was disgusting that a human can say that :(

    • Well then they do earn as much money as people from America?

    • Randomish Aster yes ik that

    • Haily Marie Correa New Mexico is in America?

    • Randomish Aster well if you know that that’s a little rude and also All people who work day and night for there family and they don’t get that much money as People from America

    • What’s wrong with saying a state has a one star vibe?

  • Morgans girls night out: Panda Express at a 1 star restaurant with two gay guys one being her brother

  • why do me and morgan get the same thing tho -w-

  • Rylands really got that 🎂

  • When he said "Hi Lisa ! I felt that 😂❤

  • The next video:going to a five star hotel!

  • Why is ryland so perfect in every way ?

  • Has anyone noticed that garret wears almost the same thing in every video I mean no hate I kinda love it

    • @Minute Movies yes! I love it

    • He like a fucking cartoon character🤣it's honestly aesthetic

  • Garrett "I'm feeling sorry for the bottom of my shoes right now " 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I'm from New Mexico. Morgan with her "let's go to New Mexico, or somewhere with a 1 star vibe" 😯🤨. True🤣🤣🤣

  • " I found this at a dead woman's house" lmfao I love Garrett

  • Why the frick is Garret a living, walking, talking, male adult version of me?!?!?!?

  • When the camera cut to Ryland holding Uno's ears up I died with laughter

  • Why would Walmart kick them out wouldn’t they be promoting Walmart by filling there?

  • 10:38 He was ahead of his time...

  • I found a dry puddle of blood on the floor in a hotel room and also some in the bathroom. My parents went to the desk and they were trying to cover it up with kool aid but I didn’t believe that for one second but who knows it could’ve been

  • i think ive prolly commented before but im still mad at bunny for that haunted night lol. i love her but she was way overdramatic

  • I hated graveyard girl so much like bitch should’ve cried

  • hearing morgan go “ugh, skinny” looking at ryland was the most relatable moment of my life

  • The way Morgan held onto Cheeto 🥺

  • im so sad Shane wasn’t there to judge rylands outfit

  • We all know everyone wanted to laugh at garret but couldn’t because of graveyard girl