Stephanie Poetri Talks "I Love You 3000", "Appreciate", and growing up in Indonesia

Dipublikasikan tanggal 14 Agu 2019
#StephaniePoetri stopped by the studio to talk about hit hit song #ILoveYou3000, #Appreciate, growing up in #Indonesia & more!
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  • JANCOK!!!

  • I love you stephanie poetri

  • Attitude is everything..

  • When you collaborated with your followers and it created something gone viral... That's brilliant in using social media.

  • Great girl !! Reach your dream 😍

  • Cool. Success to you stephanie

  • I really enjoyed the conversations, stephany poetry stay genuine as you are.. Love u!

  • Her Mom used to call her Menik. Btw, her ex step Dad is a musician, her ex step brother is a musician, her Mom is a senior singer, her Mom's ex lover is a talented musician, so you can imagine how easy it is for her to record her song.

  • Taurus squad over here ♉♉♉

  • U r very welcome ❤

  • ok

  • ngopong opo kue ndok...tpi ayuneeeeeeeee

  • gua curiga ini di beda-beda ruang deh...

  • Bangga dengan Stephanie Indonesia bangga punya Stephanie 😍😇

  • I’m from Houston and tell me why we literally have the same slang in our vocabulary.. 😭 htown tingz

  • She's sooooo cute! 😍

  • She is so charming and chill❤️

  • Pada ngomong apa si? Bahasa glodok ini kali yak

  • Anjir la gua kagak ngerti bahasa Inggris cuk, jadi kagak ngerti apa yg di omongin

  • The "oe" should be pronounced as "you" without the "y". Poetri or putri means princess or just (casually) daughter.

    • Its poetry mean puisi in indo

  • She's really down to Earth. That's what makes every interview with her so good.

  • She's really an amazing one.. Just like her mom..

  • Tolong subtitle indonesia di adakan

  • aduhh ni anak sopan dan menyenangkan bangett karakternya. cucok manong lahh pokoknya

  • -stephanie poetri -ardhito pramono -Pamungkas check them out guys------

  • 🤩

  • Intinya dari video ini di luar negeri orang berprestasi sangat dihargai. Kalo di Indonesia orang gk jelas makin tenar🤬🤬 cape dehh

  • seniority in here biasanya orang bilangnya superiority but i got you girl :) You are the most awesome 19 yo girl I have ever seen!

  • Beutiful and good voice,good job

  • I'm so annoyed i keep looking at that headphone wire 😭

  • Penyiar amrik kasih pertanyaan kayak ngajak debat dah.. Santai tp pertanyaannya serius dan nyecer bgt sampe dpt jawaban sejelas mgkn.. And so happy steph nailed it.. So proud of u baby girl.. 😍

  • Kill em with cuteness,, Fayyeeer !!

  • Her mom is basically a legend in Indonesia. However, she is her own person. she's talented, and has such a great personality. She deserves the spotlight.

  • 7:02 Inggris for English....wkwkwk I Love U 3000 mbak Menik

  • Wow... this was a girl on trending #4 2 days ago bcs of "raising artist"(am I right?)

  • I never knew that her last name was pronounced Poetri like in "poetry", i thought it was Putri 🤣

    • Mohammad Dhofar check her first video in her channel, she said her name is actually “Putri” like Indonesian would say. She just call it like “poetry” in the US because it’s cooler 🤣 hahaha gotta love her!

  • Cuk, aku scroll goleki komen e wong amerika ra ketemu, sing ngebaki indo tok sing sok b.inggris (pdune ra iso. B. Inggris). Channel e wong endi to iki jane?

  • Jane pada ngomong apa yak..?. Inyong rak mudeng Babar pisan😔

  • Sungguh aku terharu guys.. Lebih gampang soal matematika daripada mendengar ini

  • That wire!!!

  • we love Alec stans

  • Apple doesn't fall far from the mother like daughter....well..after blackpink in this radio...and now stephanie poetry from indonesia....good luck young girl


  • woi netijen indonesia, jgn terlalu barbar.. dman2 ngoment mulu. ah mau baca comment bule nemu netijen tmn mulu.

  • setengah jam gua cuma ketawa tawa liat mreka ngobrol hahaha wkwkkww hahahaaa kaya nonton film aja deh! gatau artinya 😂 btw MCNya. suara mirip gading marten

  • I love you 3000 stephanie poetry💝💛💜💙❤

  • Oh .this girl really "something'❤️👍👍👍👍👍✨

  • Suddenly, I just arrived in this channel becuase of i love you 3000 hehe

  • 7:57 "I was chill in Jakarta, no pressure of getting big... " no matter how you hide from fame, if you're talented, it finishes by getting you :) :) : )

  • uwauuuu.. this is what happens when positive people are sitting together in one room.. no judge mental going on , only positive and kind things being said 😊😍

  • Mereka ngomongin apa ya ?? 😐 .... bangke bener, .....

  • He knew her mom is very famous but she's being humble haha. Didnt even bring up about how big her mom is in the country. Love this interview, so fun! And Stephanie, keep being you x

  • She is so "menggemaskan"

  • Gak nyanyi... mungkin di radio ini gak bisa autotune 😂

  • She look a like her mom

  • I love you 3000

  • Kearifan lokal yg mendunia, good job mommy Titi 👍

  • Suka jawabannya stephanie👍❤️

  • She's sooooooooooo cute 😍

  • Stephanie i like your song much and im so proud of you..please stay humble and keep it that way even you have become a star... Good luck and success be with you