Stephanie Poetri Talks "I Love You 3000", "Appreciate", and growing up in Indonesia

Dipublikasikan tanggal 14 Agu 2019
#StephaniePoetri stopped by the studio to talk about hit hit song #ILoveYou3000, #Appreciate, growing up in #Indonesia & more!
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  • Mereka ngomongin apa ya ?? 😐 .... bangke bener, .....

  • He knew her mom is very famous but she's being humble haha. Didnt even bring up about how big her mom is in the country. Love this interview, so fun! And Stephanie, keep being you x

  • She is so "menggemaskan"

  • Gak nyanyi... mungkin di radio ini gak bisa autotune 😂

  • She look a like her mom

  • I love you 3000

  • Kearifan lokal yg mendunia, good job mommy Titi 👍

  • Suka jawabannya stephanie👍❤️

  • She's sooooooooooo cute 😍

  • Stephanie i like your song much and im so proud of you..please stay humble and keep it that way even you have become a star... Good luck and success be with you

  • im crying while eating my gado gado knowing i wouldn’t be like kak stephanie😭😭

  • agnes kapan di wawancari???? agnez kurang beruntung d L.A

  • soo cuteeeeeeeee

  • gua sedih banget nonton visio ini, hampir nangis, sumpah gua ga ngerti artinya.. haha...


  • I think the host is similar to youtuber Mr. Beast

  • i came here after watching the NIKI's interview. anyone same?

  • Ya stephanie moms is the diva singer indonesia her name TITI DJ

  • Ok yess.ok..yes..yes.. yess aku ga ngerti😂😢

  • Omg Zach and Stephanie

  • I watch her interviews on ID-tv a lot

  • Disini lah pentingnya belajar bahasa inggris.. C'mon guys, it not too late for learn English

  • kasih subtitle please 😭😭

    • theres a subtitle in the options omg. yes the CC is in english but it helps u to understand the convo better

  • Kapan bacotan w lancar kaya gini pas english mode... stephanie 😍

  • ty for having me

    • i thought u are fake cuz u dont have verification badge

    • Wew

    • Meni.. I love you 300

    • You go Girl, ♉ great 🤟😁

    • are u real ??.. account?.. or u just an angel fall in the comment.. i wish u read my comment@!

  • for the first time of my life, watching a youtube video more than 30minutes, and im not bored at all. i really enjoyed every second of it

  • So, bilangnya Stefani Po-e-tri? Gw kira namanya Stefani putri...?

  • Omg hows nikki???

  • I’m proud of you girl ❤️❤️❤️ hello from Indonesia 👋

  • Om bucek abis

  • No matter how pretty Stephanie is . . . . . Fix the cable

  • Elu keren bgt gw salut bgt beautiful woman sopan..dan suaranya enak bgt....pokok like it....

  • Ngomong aja suaranya bagus yaa.. Dengernya itu nggk bikin bosen

  • Glad that she mention about the “senioritas” culture that Indonesia has, that I found is really2 wrong to do, people in Indonesia really need to be aware of that and should really change that uncessary culture in school or even in the society we got! Peace

  • She's got talent, attitude, brain, beauty, fame, money, and sense of humor. She's obviously a role model for the youth.

  • Bahasa Indonesia

  • Mr. Beast?

  • Bener bener random topics. Love her.

  • Stephanie Poetri bisa jadi duta anti bully di sekolah2 di Indonesia nih

  • Yang penting nonton semua gara"lagunya Di dengerin sampe abis bener"gagal paham gue yang penting nonton aja dah

  • 😘

  • Terharu! Krn gk ngerti

  • yo y'all should talk in english, poor zach dont understand anything

  • Poetri is dutch spelling for Putri, now the "oe" changed with "u" in bahasa. prenounces like "oo" (book) in english. Putri means princess.. its kind a cute for Stephanie having that midle name..

  • are you sure? zach didnt know about 88rising?

  • Sumpah gw hanya mengerti saat stephane poetri ketawa doang...

  • wow so cool ...semoga sukses terus ya neng ... cantik banget anaknya momy Titi Dj ... bangga banget stephanie Poetri go internasional ..

  • Si nyai momon yg udah 15 tahun malang melintang di duniah persilatan internesenel belum di undang di sini..

  • Lancar bangat bahasa Inggrisnya steppany

  • Ya Allah bahasa inggrisnya lancar amat ya, mana kaga ada teks bahasanya lagi busettt dahh, gw nontonnya berasa lagi uas bahasa inggris

  • i really like the conversation

  • really the conversation

  • meniek viral

  • No foreigners all Indonesian 😀😀😀 except me.

  • Why saying poetri not putri?

  • So proud of you Stephanie

  • While we're here, can zach do an interview with 88 rising?

  • zach trying to figure out stephanie and indonesian culture (abt the seniority) is just fascinating to me hahaha

  • Seniority at school in Indonesia, wow, that's true! Somebody need to fix that..

  • Wow it's literally pronounced po-a-tree? Not pootree?