Stray Kids "바람 (Levanter)" M/V

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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "바람 (Levanter)" M/V
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  • Stray kidz songs always sound so inspiring. Even without understanding a single word, anyone can tell that it sounds inspiring. It has that vibe.A very unique vibe.

  • Soty

  • 2:21

  • Idk but them dancing on the mirror gives me a panic attack

  • Its such a healing song

  • why do i get emotional listening to this song every. single. time *.*

  • Bu şarkı gerçekten çoksel

  • Nos falta poco para los 50M ¡vamos Stay! aún se puede llegar :3

  • 708,155

  • 29.707.831(11:02) 11/08/2020

  • I’m a new stay and I’m trying hard so Match faces with voices. Also I didn’t expect Felix to have such a low ass voice😂😂Lee know has such amazing vocals it’s unbelievable!!!

  • This song is so beautiful. I didn’t like it at first but now I have it on repeat.


  • Hiiiiiiiiiii Good night

  • 30M gooooooooooo

  • It's all good now?!!!!

  • Let's make this 30M stay's

  • 8人perfect(29,706,624)

  • anyways, running man's jeon somin said she loved this skz song and that's probably how she came to know the boys. even skz looked shocked when she said she's been listening to this song lately and have been into them. let's hope they get invited to rm soon because damn, it's about time. lmao

  • why y'all always sleep on skz' sentimental tracks. first "I am you" got the least recognition and now ppl neglect "levanter", i hate it here ppsjhdjdhdh these are slow bops they got paid dust

  • Everyone gather, let's get this to 30m vi3ws!!

  • Lavender, Voices, Gone Days (should I say all their songs) changed my circuit of restricting and hurting myself by myself of the past wounds. Thanks.

  • this song just makes me so emotional I cry every time I hear it.

  • The best things about this song 1. STRAY KIDS produced this masterpiece themselves (3RACHA) 2. Minho's falsetto 3. The entire CHOREO 4. Han's vocals(he's a rapper) 5. Changbin and Hyunjin's mirrored dance 6. Them visuals(all the boys)

  • 300k more fightingggg!

  • Поведение влюбленного человека схоже с поведением человека с нервным расстройством.

  • In my opinion, Levanter isnt underrated. Because of this song, Stray Kids managed to grabbed one trophy in mcd. So...

  • Yuhu aku kembali

  • 295 668 >>> 30M

  • Unpopular opinion : Minho can be the main vocalist very easily.

  • Можно вечно говорить о том, какая это потрясающая песня

  • FELIX, Why you so Handsome?


  • i just remembered that the meaning of LEVANTER is, letting someone go even tho you can't, but still chooses to let go, because it is the right choice.

  • 701.344 yavaş gitme

  • 29.700.820

  • 700.511 saldırın

  • 29.7

  • Who's here after streaming god's menu :)

    • I actually came from my pace ;)

  • 30M let's go

  • (°●°)_♡ please remember to take care of yourself guys!

  • 699.597 hedef çoğal

  • This masterpiece should get 1m likes

  • ай фил зе ла а а аайт

  • еще 400к просмотров ♡(´。•ㅅ•。`)

  • Ayo semangat 30M

  • 301,330 --> 30,000,000

  • Such a beautiful song arrangements with good lyrics & melodies that will make listeners not tired/bored of listening repeatedly

  • hweeee kangennnn levanter bangettttttt

  • 29,698

  • I needed this, thank you stray kids♥️

  • Keep streaming guys:)

  • 697 974 keep showing up

  • im here right after gods menu, how dumb i am not knowing this masterpiece before

  • Entah kenapa kalau belum kesini sehari rasanya kaya ada yang kurang. Saking sayangnya sama kalian. Stray kids,,,teruslah maju nak. Stay selalu ada disamping dan belakang kalian. Kami takkan lelah untuk mendukung kalian. Teruslah memucuuukk....huhuhu monangid ingat perjuangan² mereka dari nol. Biarpun mereka dari agensi big3. Tapi perjuangan mereka serasa dari agensi kecil. Benar² mandiri,,, Perlahan semua pasti akan membuka mata sayang,, teruslah berkarya dan buktikan kalian memang pantas untuk dicintai banyak orang. _Stay always love you SKZ_

  • 696

  • just look at the difference of comments in this mv and gods menu! stray kids really came a long way in just a few months just imagine in a few years...... they are kings

  • this was minho’s era!!!

  • we’re so close to 30m keep going stays!!

  • im still not over minho’s falsetto.

  • i miss their winter comebacks they’re always so peaceful and beautiful

  • minho's soft voice suits this song so much

  • Walaupun artinya bener-bener jleb dihati gue, karena menurut gue kayak my side aja hehe cedih tapi suka lagu-lagunya stays semangat buat streaming yaa we can do it

  • Pueden creer que esta tremenda joyita no tiene ni 30M?!?!

  • This is my second fav comeback song second to i am you...

  • Back here for the 70th time not to stream but solely because this song is so mf beautiful

  • 30m vi3ws we're coming for youuuu

  • This song is insanely good I love it

  • 692.785

  • 308k Levanter merece más, tremenda obra de arte es


  • This is hands down Stray Kids’ best song

  • I cant appreciate minhos presence enough in this song....its just too glad they are the stray kids❤ and i know they would become international sensation one day!!! Im glad to accompany on their journey❤❤

  • 688.634

  • 687,196

  • 30M view5 and 1M like Fighting stays

  • 30m vie,ws! go, Stay!

  • я не умею стримить, сорян. но, я просто захожу иногда выборочно клипчики пересмотреть

  • Still my favorite song

  • 685.161 olmuşuz haydi

  • 684,943

  • i'm kinda sad coz this hasn't reached 1M likes yet and this is a title track. this song is so special to me. hope you'll put more love to this song. ㅠㅠ

  • 684 195 COME HERE DAILY, we can do it !!♡


  • espero no ser la única q siempre viene a ver Levanter

  • 683.446

  • 683.121

  • i've been CLEANSED

  • Be ready for next comeback stays

  • 682...318 to go

  • Quikly 30M come on!!!

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  • WaEeEe T^T

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  • bin best boy hpp btday

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