Stray Kids "바보라도 알아" M/V

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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "바보라도 알아" M/V
Stray Kids Digital Single "Mixtape:바보라도 알아"
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  • stray kids said lgbt representation and i refuse to believe otherwise


  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • aaaaa

  • Si ponen atención quizás del que esta enamorado hyunjin es minho la cámara enfoca en varias escenas a minho y no a la chico como cuando hyunjin los encuentra juntos y al principio en una escena que graban solo aparece el brazo de minho Y jeongin en una parte Lee el libreto y después mira con cara de enamorado a hyunjin y tantas cosas más Creo que la escena del aula donde está la chava y hyunjin es solo para despistar lo mismo hicieron en mv de kwill del chico gay con la novia de su amigo

  • ชอบในความซับไทบ55555

  • hello yes, i've decided to stan 💜

  • This MV gave me major day6 moonrise vibes Pt 2 pls

  • Actually the MV's name (Even a Fool Knows) it's because of IN being in love with Hyunjin Just saying a theorie


  • Minho I think you confused the girl with Jisung......he is waiting here with me ..... SO COME HERE RIGHT NOW !!!

  • Orang yg namanya Minho yg aku tau pasti ganteng wkwkw


  • a mina gosta do I.N

  • Kumbaga sa kape, itong kantang 'to ang masarap inumin. Ang ganda ng timpla! Ang sarap pakinggan. I'm currently in love with this song! 💖

  • Они нас убить хотят или очень?👁👁💦

  • I Love hoy stray kids

  • Minho is going to snatch the visual Hyunjin's role in skz real soon

  • Stray kids doesn't know how to make a bad song

  • and who gave jisung the right to LOOK that good in the background there,,,, im being bias wrecked so hard rn

  • ajhgfdxfcgvhjk jisung sounds so good yet AGAIN

  • i'm getting obsessed with this song

  • No hates but the guy on the thumbnail looks like V.

  • Sou nova e JA AMEEEEEI

  • *Is this video saying that one of the members have a GF* 😱

  • 썸네일 뭐야..뭐야...뭐..무..ㅓㅇ..ㅑ 썸네일 누구예요???


  • wow... they really had to have my bias AND my bias wrecker going up against each other like that.

  • Like a drama✔

  • meu deus que música de gay disfarçado de hétero amei💗

  • Jangan cinlok ya sygsygkuuuu😭😭😭

  • Potekk

  • it's the gayest straight thing in the whole world

  • hyunjinsi

  • why watch kdramas when you can watch skz mvs

  • changbin make this song and why i feel like this about his love story with some one and the some one like other people? hurt... its that the meaning about this music, song, vidio and acting? or more than hurt?

  • Stronnnnnng Big Bang sounds immediately at the beginning of the track.

  • Is it just me or I feel the lyrics were wrote for the member who left ?

  • Kk

  • I love this song

  • I am I.N. xD <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a>

  • 신의탑 오프닝하고 엔딩 개좋아서 찾아들으러 옴

  • The changbin's voice is amazing maaan

  • As a person who only supports Stray Kids so I don't even know all of their names but I looked down in the comment section for them so here is what I see in this MV: - Hyunjin is in love with the girl - Minho is not in love with the girl, he's just too comfy around her but they vibe so Hyunjin got jealous - Jeongin is clearly in love with Hyunjin like it's obvi The end of this? Idk i need part two. By the way, i love JYP's MVs. They're like, this is the story, you can interprete it how you like but hey *whisper* it's lowkey gay but *yell* WE DID NOT SAY ANYTHING it's maybe just all in your head. Like some of DAY6's before.

  • Okee hyunjin okey


  • minho looks soo hot and coooollll

  • This girl did a good job. . Thank you, stray Kids

  • What if it ends like K.Will's Please Don't and Hyunjin was in love with Minho all along??? It would so good thoo

  • Oh no Minho NOOO😔😔

  • Everything is on point: ✓ Vocals ✓ Rap ✓ Acting ✓ Visuals ✓ Cinematography ✓ Storyline This is such a masterpiece, I can't stress this enough.

  • I.N likes Hyunjin???

  • Seungmin's voice on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="152">2:32</a> is very soothing. I keep on crying whenever that part comes :')

  • Круто

  • #teamhyunjin

  • ugh so many handsome faces >.

  • Okay but the 'igeon baborado ara' hits real different



  • Tá parecendo o cenário de Love Alarm...

  • love you❤

  • Hyunjinandleeknowhavinganaggressivestaringcontestoverthisgirl Jeongin : OKAY HI GUYS THANKS FOR THE DRINK HYUNJIN

  • this needs to be a kdrama

  • hyunjin :)

  • what’s the name of this kdrama?

  • Ngaps g rebutin aku si

  • hadoo memblekuuu:(

  • Aduhhk aku jadi kelewat baperr; (

  • Aduhhk aku jadi kelewat baperr; (

  • 30 10501 709

  • can't stop watching.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="107">1:47</a> how come they looked surprised when they literally cam down from the same staircase?


  • Minho : *always steals the girl attention from hyunjin* Hyunjin : yOuR BeHAViour iS sO UGHH---

  • What!!?

  • My Theory : HyunJin doesn't like the girl OR Minho! HyunJin doesn't want the two to date because he thought that Minho would spend more time with the girl. HyunJin only pretends to be jealous and have feelings for the girl. Jeongin knows everything and what HyunJin was trying to do. And maybe, the part where they are filming wasn't them making a movie or something! Maybe that was the day Minho confesses his feelings for the girl! But at the part where Minho was gonna hold the girl's hand, HyunJin stopped him because he realized that he really had feelings for the girl...!!! Idk, That's just my theory :3

  • y hyunjin dont just pull the curtain LMAO


  • Everyone so busy to comment about a storyline.. why no one say something about minho !!minho acting so natural, i fallen in love everytime i see minho expressions !!! that smile to much for my heart!! this song so beautiful, auto smile when i hear this song !! Stray kids the Best!!! i love stray kids song !!!