Super Bowl 51 FULL GAME: New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons

Dipublikasikan tanggal 19 Mar 2020
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00:00 - Start
19:58 - 2nd Quarter
59:24 - 3rd Quarter
1:33:50 - 4th Quarter

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  • When I tell you all this game pissed me off...

  • This game pretty much sums up our whole 2020 season.

  • I still watch this game even though we lost.

  • That horrific barf bag of a commercial is hard to digest

  • pain .

  • Is Matt Ryan the Fake Tom Brady?

  • 2:14:37 this playcall was so underrated.. if dion lewis would have cut to the right, there would have been plenty of open field

  • 1:44:10

  • Bro the freaking Patriots are such cheaters like the guy wasn't even in the end zone like tell me how that was even a two-point conversion how

  • julio got jobbed. his catch should have gone down as a sb clinching catch

  • Is the nfl still on?

  • Devonta Freeman was like a smaller Marion Barber

  • I dont know anything about this game But still i m watching this

  • Tom Brady in SB 51 and SB 55 left my mouth hanging open in shock. The man may be hated, but he’s a machine

  • these are the kind of losses that destroys franchises . ask the houston oilers

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  • Watching this, a life-long Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan and can't wait to see what Tom Brady has for us this season. Go Bucs!

  • One of the greatest days in Saints fan history. Thank you FOREVER Patriots.

  • Down 21-0 and then 28-3. That's 25 points and this was the greatest comeback in super bowl history!

  • Mahomes can't do what Tom did in the SUPERBOWL.. Sorry but sad to say he ain't the GOAT its actually TOM and its always going to be TOM GOAT BRADY

  • I missed Tom Brady Flashback videos with my favorite QB the GOAT BRADY

  • I'm a Pats fan, but that Julio catch is so underrated.

  • 2:06:14

  • How could they blow this

  • This is the embodiment of "I'm not gonna lie, they had us in the first half".

  • Patriots were way too predictable early in this game. They played in a tight box with only a handful of options. The coaching staff put the Pats in a big hole. James White's grandchildren will be in awe of their grandfather's great work.

  • Isn’t it crazy the best comeback ever and they did it without GRONK!

  • 2:01:51 for anyone that wanted to see the catch

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  • I don't know why Freeman cut back inside on that first play. If he stays to the outside he scores

  • That last Atlanta drive was some BS. Ryan takes a bad sack. Then the Falcons just so happen to get a holding penalty.

  • Partita rubata 😂

  • Feel bad for falcons

  • Anybody here after Edelman retired

  • At 1:46:00, 7:11 left in the third quarter. Patriots are down 28-12, on third and eleven Brady throws a curl to Malcom Mitchell, who dives for it for a first down. But the third replay shows he dropped the ball and trapped it. No one seems to notice he dropped it. Might have changed the game.

  • “They had us in the first half ngl”

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  • I was watching jakobi myers and damien harris highlights and ended up here just made my day

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  • I am South african and this was so incredible especially the last drive,American Sports is the best.

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  • Anybody seen Atlanta's dancing owner.He went into hiding after this heartbreaking episode

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  • 2:01:45

  • this is the only time that two super bowls were played on the same day by the same teams in one 4 quarter football game--- if that makes any sense to ya

    • @Danny Williamson makes no sense at all Danny

  • Belichick brady the whole coaching staff they have no idea what they're doing not a clue 😂

  • His teammates at michigan gave him the nickname shady brady and for good reasons

  • Once the falcons settled down a realized how easy it was to beat the patriots they exploded

  • Prior to this game the seattle seahawks sent a memo to the falcons saying beware of the patriots spying on your practices

  • The greatest QB of all time ? 🤣 he's the greatest cheater of all time and brady didnt win the game the falcons lost it

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  • Looks like 1k falcon fans don’t like this video 😅

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  • I am speaking hypothetically of course. JOHN MADDEN and PAT SUMMERAL were the best NFL commentator duo in NFL history. They would have been perfect for this game.

  • Why ID-tv got remind me of this failure of the Falcons?

  • So glad Atlanta lost. So many blacks lost money and were rooting for them. How does that Irish taste 😂

    • @Mick Funny you'll be alright bud

    • @TheDarkKnight racist much?

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  • 28-3 final 34-28 wut a comeback

  • Seattle to ATL: Did you learn NOTHING from us!!! 😰

  • 1:40:45 At that moment Brady took it personal. Lol

  • Bennett and Freenys helmets got stuck together at 28-3 which sums up this game for the falcons. A complete clusterfk! 😂 Maybe Bennett stole the falcons mojo.

  • 1:54:04 the decision not to go for a field goal on this play was easily the worst decision of the night imo


  • HAPPY 3/28

  • Happy 3/28 day!

  • Mitchell didn’t catch the ball at 1:46:00

  • Happy 3-28 everyone

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  • Midway thru the 3rd quarter the difficulty was switched

  • Still watching it in 2021

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  • this is embarrassing... and im a falcons fan

  • I'm still laughin in 2021 lmao

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