Surprise Patio Makeover Reveal!

Dipublikasikan tanggal 9 Okt 2019
I hope you enjoy today's video :)
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  • I’m an interior designer and I’m urging you to put an outdoor rug under that sitting area! Also... WELL DONE! Looks awesome.

  • I've watched his renovating vids so many times.. Ryland is honestly the perfect homemaker. 💕💕

  • Another location refreshed remade reshaped redecorated - still the same ugly boyfriend scratching his fat belly and squeezing pimple juice all over the new furniture - sounds like RyRy didn't actually change the most important thing. Who could be excited, aroused and satisfied looking at THAT! If any of you find that appealing, drop a line in the comments to say what is it about Shane that would make you spread your... wings and fly butterfly.

  • I wish they had changed the tiles on the floor to something cleaner and brighter. But ryland is so talented as renovating! Wish he could do my room

  • 13:50 im sorry what- 👁👄👁

  • Right after I saw Ryan and Morgan getting stuff for their dogs, I had an ad for cats..... THE CATS ARE TAKING OVER!!!

  • Welcome to another "My life has issues so i redecorate to feel its new and fresh and exciting and not pathetic" Make oVER vIDEO! Based on their make overs as a couple they must have about 1/100th of the money they claim. Which ofc would make them liars and manipulators, trying to look successful to impress people who don't know any better. Nice motiiiiiiives, so moraaaaaaal. Thank God youtube has decided to promote these guys and their values in society - to improve us all. Mother Terezas all of them!

  • This is how many times ryland says cute ⬇️

  • 🦷Role🚘 up 🎉to 🎊the party 💁🏼‍♀️with 🤚🏻my 👅crazy 💖pink👩🏿‍🎤 wig💋

  • Yes I love the Ryland renoGAYtions 💖🤣💖🤣💖🤣💖🤣💖🤣💖

  • Did they put a tv or a projector 📽 in there yet? I need an update pls!!!!

  • It looks so good!! You did a great job, loving it.

  • "You know just trying pumpkin flavored items in the parking lot of Target" 😂 I love these 2, they always crack me up. 😂

  • That annoying ass kid throwing a tantrum and screaming 😒😒😒 Jesus Christ take care of your kid or go outside with that shit

  • I also love the show the fosters


  • I love these makeover videos 😍 they inspire me sooo much!

  • Come back Ryland!!! Your videos are being missed 😭😭

  • I love you but I disliked the video beacause u hate maple ores :/

    • well that's fkn stupid 😂😂

  • I love how enthusiastic Rylan is about literally everything he's so perfect for shane

  • August 2020 Ryland, you continue to amaze me! 💜 You're my makeover/renovation QUEEN 👑

  • Did you guys hang the swinging chair on your own or you had to call someone? The candles melted from the sun?

  • The child in Target is NOT happy 🙄

  • The child in Target is NOT happy 🙄

  • I miss Ryland so here I go rewatching all his videos for the hundredth time

  • Roland: I am going to a furniture store *goes to Home Depot

  • I want to pay Ryland to redesign my entire apartment.

  • 3:00 ryland sounded like a mom for some reason

  • Ryland is the housewife I’ve always dreamed of being

  • Renovating with Ryland.

  • Shane’s shades are the hot trend for leaving the house now and needing a face barrier 😂😂

  • Nobody: Ryland: *dancing whilst looking at plants*

  • Holy shit I never realized how big your house actually was.

  • 15:10 Andrew set Pooh Bear down so gently, I think he’s learning from Garrett😂😂🥺

  • *:)*

  • "Ooh, they smell!" - Morgan 2019

  • Shoves hand fast in moon bag, cuts himself then says place is haunted 🙈

  • watching y'all (pre-covid) eat snacks in the parking lot has me so on edge

  • 16:55 *shane wearing a mask* Me in 2020: he’s a mind reader.

  • I wonder what'll happen when it rains XD

    • I was thinking about the same thing

  • Love your Designs by Ryland and your Cooking with Ryland. Domestication looks fabulous on you! ❤️❤️

  • Ryland should really have a channel dedicated to this kind of think called Rylands’ Renovations.

  • 16:20 as I'm eating hot cheetos lol

  • WHY do i ship Morgan and Andrew

  • I honestly think that Ryland needs a lesbian to help him

  • all i can think about tho is what if it rains

  • lmaooooo

  • Maybe a fountain

  • I’ve been finally able to do a lot of catch up this week, and I just love this makeover! I am trying to do some makeovers in my own home right now, and I’m trying to sort thru all of the ideas... I want to be clever, but I think that’s holding me up. You are always welcome to come do a vlog visiting me in NW Arkansas to help me with my home makeover. Actually, You’re whole crew is welcome at my home anytime, and you don’t have to do anything but let me show you a great time! Bentonville is gorgeous, and I would love to be your host & tour guide. I even have a famous cat (#famous_hamish).

  • Fuck Home Depot

  • I roast marshmallows on the stove too but I’ve not in a while

  • uno thor solth thanos uno goes for the head solth dies

  • The space is nice. It just needs more plants :)

  • ryland is literally every mom at target and morgan is the kid

  • Who else thinks Morgan’s elevator impression in amazing

  • This is seriously such a cute little area!

  • Shane should help on atleast one

  • what about when it rains ? isn't the furniture gonna get wet and ruined

  • This was a makeover and it turned into a conspiracy theory real quick

  • I love how he said the fire place worked but then it didn’t work.

  • Andrew just holding pooh bear is so cute-

  • And here I am worrying for when it rains and the whole patio's gonna be wet. ackskfkdk but that's just me living in a tropical country 😂 I reallyyyy loveee Ryland's designing skills though! 🥺❤️

  • 12:38 Ryland: Talks and being himself Andrew: Acting awkward and innocent (Also this quarantine is making us binge watch all of his vids, but I'm not complaining here! 😊)


  • hun become a fucken designer (what are they called lmao). that's honestly suchhhhhh talent. good for you boo

  • Ummm - I liked the shed and the beauty room - the panic room in the old place. THIS SPACE ??? ALL THE FURNITURE NEEDED TO BE CHUNKIER. The furniture looks cheap because it’s a huge space with not expensive thin legged furniture. Even the fire could have been up to ⅔ bigger. Get a huge expensive outdoor rug - MOROCCAN plus 2 or 3 matching smaller ones to section the huge space into huge plus 2 small spaces. Get lots of bedouin rug like floor cushions to pile up on floor rugs every space + a Full size white Bedouin tent with sides that all open& place over main couch area for all weather sitting IKEA has all the carpet crap and the white pretend tent PLUS pretend palms & massive red glass & brass outdoor candle holder lighting - nicer than the 2 u got - sorry Oh and piece de resistance - really large rattan fans circa British empire Indian ceiling fans. NOT RATTAN NORMAL CEILING FANS - large rectangular door like pieces hung horizontally from ceiling and moved back and forth for air via attached narrow poles connected to Indian servants. U can get simple pneumatic like struts instead that work without servants I guess. Couple more of your large pretend palms & like Xmas - the pumpkins out for only 30 days a year cos they make the front door look cheap. “You’re Welcome” - Ciao” SAM 🤍:

  • We STAN Ryland renovations

  • Sooo what about if it rains?

  • Well done Ryland💕

  • Morgan, if you can BBQ with propane, you can roast marshmallows with propane :)

  • I like your decorating videos :) You're very good Invest in a pressure washer. It will make the patio cleaning a million times faster and easier. Good for washing the G wagon too

  • Shane is a whole mood and his face reactions are a mood too😂😂

  • You should help me make my room look nice. That’s what you should do when Covid is over. Design a fans dream room. Love you guys!

  • Ryland: hey you guys! Good morning Shane: hey you guys! Yes

  • 12:38 we love Andrew. We do. We just love him. If you watch he ends up just smileing to himself like. He's so fucking wholesome and cute 😍

  • i love how appreciative Andrew is 😔💖

  • Plz do more house transformation videos!

  • i hope ryland would do more videos like this

  • Andrew putting the stuffed animal down so gently ❤

  • ive been binging all your videos and playing them on loop. first I LOVE YOU and second can you be an interior designer for my house?

  • I don't know about your complete situation but whatever her name is needs to get her own life and stop sucking off of you and your boyfriend. Sorry this needs to be said.

    • I hope you're not talking about Morgan!! For your information she's Ryland's sister, and she has her own ID-tv channel, bought her own car and apartemt. She doesn't have many friends in Los Angels because people can be fake. They both love making videos both on her and his channel. So that didn't need to be said, since she moved to California part time her and Ryland have been getting closer then they were back home. In conclusion, she's not "sucking off of" Ryland and Shane, she makes her own money and buys her own things.

  • Shane"s hat reveal though... heart eyes

  • Every vid Ms Morgan is in....its yall feeding her face, her insecurities and she never makes eye contact with the camera unless you all are pushing her to feed your fish (video content).....its horrible. Shes so beautiful but there's never video of her with shanes journey....and yall dont encourage her to be best for her health.....youre having at her expense to feed her shit.....and she follows, from low self esteem ....


  • Ryland needs a tv show!!

  • you become a home depot dad when you go to home depot every other day to get some obscure item that no one has heard of but you.

  • Uno is such a classic Labrador I love it ahaha 💕💕💕

  • Andrew putting down pouh 15:10

  • their is honestly the best, i wish my friends group was like theirs

  • Ryan is so freaking good at decoratingggg

  • So then whats gonna happen when it rains? Genuinely curious

  • Wheres the part two ??? Mmmmmm

  • I watch you at 1.75 speed - its hilarious xxxxx

  • Where is the pool

  • OMG this could be made a series called renovating with Ryland or is it just me that thinks this lol 😂

  • Can these all be complied into a playlist??

  • Ryland come sail from a candle and I’m pretty sure Shane cut him self from his root beer

  • Ryland is so talented omygod

  • It looks great!

  • “For sale but dead”