The 2019 Cadillac CTS-V Is a Crazy Fast Luxury Sedan

Dipublikasikan tanggal 16 Apr 2019
The 2019 Cadillac CTS-V is a tremendously exciting, fast luxury sedan. Today I'm reviewing the 2019 CTS-V and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the new CTS-V. I'm also driving the new Cadillac CTS-V to review the driving experience.
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  • That color....MMM

  • how the horse fit in the car? xDDDD

  • I can see why you rated this car with those numbers you're like me you've owned all three generations but In fairness you've also missed a lot of features that the car has. For example you can slide your finger across to adjust the climate and even the volume you totally missed the part about the self-parking feature and even the feature that keeps you in the center of the lane on a highway. The voice command features. Totally missed the sun shades in the back. Sun roof etc....Just saying this should be rated much higher.

  • Actually this outlet in the center console is very useful, they aren't made to plug your blender or toaster like you said Who would use a blender while driving for god sake !!!!! It's made so that you can plug your wash machine So that you can wash your clothes while driving

  • When Obamacare labeled one of its plans "Cadillac" the connotation for me and millions of others? ....must be a low tier or garbage plan, as it's named Cadillac.

  • More than three minutes to get into it....!

  • Jesus that is a lot of plastic

  • Your scoring is literally trash bruh from all the videos I have seen, u always try to give it a cool number but don’t wanna make it too high even after hyping the car up like u were about to give it an 8 & above! 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

  • Doug is the kind of guy who sneaks in your back door to bang your gf while you watch his ID-tv vids

  • I don't understand the appeal of a high performance 4 door sedan. Start building hardtop coupes and convertibles!

  • That's not the most powerful sedan. That title goes to the dodge charger srt hellcat.

  • Cadillac design is so boring...I think they need to go more extreme.


  • this why I hate Doug....he gets "the most powerful Cadillac ever"....and spends a majority of the time playing with the "interior features" he is some fucking grocery getting soccer mom consumer. Doug is #notACarGuy

  • Can It go round corners though ?

  • Doug score is way off...I own the ctsv and I'd give it a 85 out of 100..The car is a beast! Just Needs beast mode setting .and overall still luxurious.

  • Which would win this or a charger srt hellcat

  • Got to have this

  • Everyone who owns a Cadillac dealership gets all the latest models so that dealership is not the only one in the world

  • Really really quick....just like my 2002 Audi Allroad

  • The only problem is it is produced by GM.

  • Why can't you clean the interiors of the cars before you review them? Why are they always dusty and the screens always have smudges and fingerprints on them? Looks very unprofessional.

  • i love this car...& i’m a Ford 4ever fan

  • Doug the type of guy to use a map instead of gps

  • God damn it’s such a beautiful car

  • I like the white track amongst the black gauges

  • Ttttttttthhhhhhhhhhiiiissss

  • Cool Factor of 6 Doug? Really? Nice Car Factor of 6, sure... but cool? No. The only cool caddies are caddies over 40 years old that are still in nice condition. The older, the cooler, and that's the bottom line.

  • I’m sure we all wanted to hear audio of the “friendly prompts” vs the normal ones. Come on Doug help a brother out!

  • I have a 2nd gen cts, I pulled up next to one of these at a light, let’s just say I quickly figured out it was a v because the next thing I saw was just a v badge and tail lights 😂

  • Crossovers r gross

  • That car is fantastic

  • Beat one of these in my 335 Xdrive. Looks real good in person though.

  • Nothing against your approach in advertising for the dealerships it’s probably more monetary for you but if your trying to entertain car enthusiasts and motor heads instead of pushing buttons let’s see the motor the brakes, suspension, drive train and a little more investment into the specs. most people aren’t as quirk orientated as you just a tip from a professional veteran car enthusiast. PS if you don’t start doing it I might start and show people what they really want to see, smoke shows included..

  • Sv project 8 better

  • Who in the hell would get that ugly ass color. Love the car. Hideous color

  • hid my gun and drugs in this car easy

  • I just don't understand when manufacturers never used higher end infotainment systems such as OLED or a higher refresh rate maybe even both because that would be perfect and give an extremely premium feel.

  • Technologized

  • I want one! Now that is what I consider the ultimate luxury/sleeper muscle car!

  • It’s like a CTS with a Super Mario power up 🏎🍂

  • Thisss


  • My Ford Fusion hybrid has the house plug

  • I test drove one...was out on interstate at 60mph i tromped it broke ot loose got sideways...nastly

  • I’ll take that over any Benz or bmw

  • Handling is a 10 out of 10. I have a 2017 and been to the CTS-V school and track in Pahrump. It is a track car in disguise!

    • What about comfort? Is it good for longer traveling?

  • This is the car that Holden should have bought in to replace the Commodore SS and Commodore SSV. The current naturally aspirated 3.5 L V6 is NOT a performance vehicle . Get your act together Holden either slap a supercharger/twin trubo on the current VRX and get 300+KW or bring something else into the country.

  • 6:30 you need the mirror if you have bad kids

    • Sure... but if you have kids, you're probably not on the market for one of these.

  • how many dahlaz is it

    • Just over $100K... he mentions it early in the video.

  • i think this guy's side gig is playing the voice of Grover on sesame street.

  • From jew canoes to 600 horsepower rocket

  • Could you please show a forward-facing camera when you do a test drive? Seems senseless for us to look at your face when you're driving a car for us. Although it's a pleasing face, so thanks for that.

  • I miss my '09 CTS-V. I should not have sold it. Hindsight.

  • Doug’s the type of guy to borrow money to pay someone else back.

  • Doug’s the type of guy to break into to a car to steal the owners manual

  • Cool but let's talk reliability

    • @balzonurchin would never imagine wanting to drive grandpa's vehicle lol

    • It's not cool, though. When you look at a modern caddie, don't you imagine a retired old geezer driving it? Is it just me? If someone says to you, "Hey, you shoulda seen this cool caddie I saw today..." what pops into your head is probably 50 or 60 years old, right?... or is it just me?

  • How much does it cost to fix the panel when it breaks?

  • I rented a regular cts for a few days. Can confirm fast Edit: might've been an ats or something but it was quick

  • i wonder why they are going away... Can BAD quality have something to do with that--

  • isnt that great. 6000000 horsepower.. if you are in hurry to get somwere in LA

  • I blame the stupid crossover suvs.

  • Before I buy a m5 competition, I would defenatly buy the ctsv Just an amazing design and the interior design is perfect

  • the cts v is not a luxury car, sure its got its expensive materials but the entire center layout is so lackluster and doesnt fit a $100k car. really poor design if going for a luxury look/feel.

  • Meh I don’t like American cars

  • that friendlines... settings should go from kindergarden to prison guard (or angry wife)

  • They should make a watered down, less luxury model which excludes all of the computer stuff, cameras, trim, etc.

  • I'm happy to see that I'm not the only person to say that the glove box button is dumb. The 2019 Chevy Blazer has that button and they put the traction control button right next to it. Don't know what GM is thinking work that.

  • my dream car

  • Doug is the type of guy to tell the police to check his column in autotradr/oversteer for more information when he gets pulled over

  • just wanted to see the color , should be the same as Zues bronze metallic on the c8

  • I thing that the reason for having a normail mirror as well as an electronic one is the m possibility of a rear accident disabling the rear camera, as a sure and safe alternative until repaired.

  • That hidden spot behind display is made for drugs 😂


  • Doug the type of guy that farts in an uber and give the driver a 1star



  • Wait I might be slow but does Chevy like make Cadillac? Cause I see various option in the car as the same with my moms Zl1

    • King Slong General Motors is the parent company for both. Doug also told us that it has the same engine as the Corvette Z06.


  • Who cates if you dont like the glove box button.i dont like that you say " aynd"