The 5 Worst Infotainment Systems in Cars

Dipublikasikan tanggal 15 Jun 2017
For all the work that goes into developing infotainment systems, some of them just plain suck. Considering how much we interact with these interfaces each day, frustration is bound to boil over when dealing with laggy, awkward and convoluted systems. From circuitous menus that take far too long to navigate to console-mounted controllers that do little more than complicate matters, here’s a list, in no particular order, of some of the worst infotainment systems on the market today.
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  • Think about Honda’s standard model 5 inch systems, they suck, and lag on many stuff

  • It should be changed to every infotainment system sucks lol

  • My cousin is a combat pilot in the U.S. Navy. He flies the F/A-18 Super Hornet and once commented that the electronic systems and their layout in his jet are better thought out, easier to understand, and simpler to use than the electronics and infotainment system in many new cars.

  • OK so, what are the good systems? I'd rather know what's good than what sucks.

  • Cadillac CUE?

  • Subaru's infotainment system isn't bad. I never had a problem. Just in all fairness. This list is completely rubbish. Like how is Lexus, Mazda, Volvo and Subaru's imfotainment system bad?! I want to see them make a better one. Lets see...

  • Good list i love my Chevy my link

  • I agree with the Lexus

  • I disagree with Volvo and Mazda they are so easy to use

  • Mbux is a good punch to your face bye bye

  • With what is on this list you might as well put every infotainment on this

  • Ha, yes! Toyota didn’t made the list. I’m safe. Phew!

  • That infotainment system stopped me from trading my 2015 CX5 for the new one. Mazda needs to do better.

  • I agree with some of them you have. But I know from experience the Volvo is one of the easiest and cleanest to use it's not as pretty as some manufactures. But it really is not one of the "worst".

  • The Lexus Enform system is A LOT better than ya think

  • The Volvo Sensus is a good system because I have tested it

  • The Mazda Connect is a good system

  • Where's Acura's??? My mom has an Acura and it simply doesn't work period. The voice commands are awful. If you say "Call Joe" it picks up random things in the name and goes instead like "Calling Noah"

  • “Awkward and laggy aren’t just words to describe Craig Cole” roasted

  • Simple solution: Don't provide one. Just give us a port to mount/charge our phone or tablet.

  • My dad has got volvo s90 2017 and it's infotainment system isn't bad at all, actually it really easy to use and navigate.

  • Mazda's infotainment is fine wtf

  • Mazda has probably the best system in the class. It is high resolution and operates very smoothly. And it doesn't look dated like 90% of infotainment systems in the market. I get the controller knob but it doesn't make it a bad system. The Subaru system is also very nicely organized. If you connect your phone for the apps it can be slow but everyday usage isn't a problem. Auto Guide pick the dated systems for the worst infotainment not the newer system that look and work great.

  • count the number of times he says "but"

  • you guys can't afford another background music ?

  • BMW has the best system, all the rest sucks

    • I am pretty sure that all German automakers have the best systems

  • The real question is...why isn't every automaker even attempting to play catch up with Tesla? You'd think that by now each car company would try to replicate or even better the incredible touchscreens in the Model S/X. Looks like the Model 3 will have a gorgeous screen as well.

  • I disagree with the 15-16 Subaru infotainment. It isn't the greatest, but as long as you don't bother with mirrorlink which admittedly was DOA, it isn't bad, especially in the legacy/outback where you get the digital climate controls and further jumping to a model with navigation. It isn't the best, but it's virtually the same as what Toyota is pushing out. IMHO Fords Sync 3 downgraded from Sync2 in aesthetics, and can be cumbersome to navigate. Honda is also an offender here. No physical tune, power, and volume knob is just a slap in the face. Especially when the seek, next to channel, next to category 'scrolls' for radio stations. One thing that NEEDS to be done, is create an override for ALL systems that allows a passenger to pair/troubleshoot bluetooth/usb connectivity while the car is in drive.

    • Ryan Slemmer If you want a soft ride with good handling the Impreza is your choice but if you want more good clearance, Crosstrek is the winner. I personally have the Impreza and I can't stop loving it. After my 2016 I will never go back but I do miss it though.

    • I have yet to play with it, as I haven't had warranty work on my car in almost a year. I'm half way through my lease, so I should be hearing about early upgrade within the next 10 months or so.. But I think I'm going to downsize from a Legacy to a Crosstrek or Impreza. I have no need for a Legacy now that the current impreza is about the same as my old 09 Legacy. Probably the Crosstrek, I was in a year of rentals while dealing with a Ford lemon law and miss riding high in an 'suv'.

    • The new Starlink is so responsive now. I had the 16 system. It was alright but it started to lag.

    • The only thing I don't care for about Subarus current set up for that system is the way your presets are set up, and there can be way too many of them. The only other gripe I have is that I would love to be able to seek stations via the steering wheel controls, not just navigate presets.

    • Ryan Slemmer I agree Subaru should not be on this list. There are many manufacturers where the infotainment systems have to be fully replaced due to major problems. Most are very dated. I think the Subaru infotainment systems is one of the best on the market.

  • I have to disagree with Volvo on this list. I just bought a 2018 V90 Cross Country which has the Sensus system and is not hard to use and, very fast.

  • Mazda disables the touch screen when in motion for safety reasons. It is for idiots that use a touch screen while driving. It is called distracted driving. Audi,BMW and Mercedes use a similar type screen. Is it juvenile in those cars ?

  • Volvo sensus is bad?? Are you retarded?? Its one of the best in the world, it was obvious that you didnt scroll like a normal person and the button that you clicked is supposed to work like that, its for the heads up display and only works if you have it activated...

  • mazda doesn't allow you use the display when you are driving so you don't fucking get into a car accident and get killed

  • I disagree about the intouch system it's pretty easy to use I mean salomondrin got into a q60 and he said it was easy to use and he drives a rolls, benz mclaren etc..

  • volvo shouldn't be here there's worse

  • Mazda does not deserve to be on this list.

  • In other words the Japanese suck at infotainment systems.

  • all Asian brands.

  • Totally agree with Lexus ! Bought a Lexus recently, Lexus NX 2016, was/am quite a Toyota fan and had to try out their Lexus offering. About the worst infotainment system I've ever come across in any class/car ever. No touch screen, shitty touchpad, to make it worse locks out many of the options once the car is rolling, anything but intuitive, check out the App Store for reviews of their 'enform' remote starter app- about the worst app ever- it's still designed for 4 inch iPhones and remote starts the car for just 10 mins and works like 3/5 times at best, navigation is almost of no use- inputting an address with the touchpad by selecting each letter is a joke and even after that address identification is poorer than what a $100 garmin would do, app integration like pandora, Facebook etc are so bad I gave up trying to make it work. Now I'm into tech and cars and build/modify my own stuff so I do know what I'm doing but after multiple efforts I came to give up on it. The only saving grace is that it doesn't really lag and the navigation works well if you can somehow key in the address. Overall thoroughly disappointed and also quite delusioned by the whole 'Toyota/Lexus' legend. Ironically their Toyota line up has better systems with touch screens on the latest models !!

  • omg rider i really please the video heavnl} specialize

  • No Ford Sync? Really?

  • Thankfully the Sensus software just got redone for 2018 models. An update is also available

  • Ford SYNC is worst shit.

  • I think that the infiniti in touch dual touch screens are very cool🤷🏼‍♂️🙄

  • You guys are thick. Period. And horrible at reviewing, please deactivate your channel so I don't see your videos popping up on my Recommended. You're not worthy.

  • Guys don't forget to change the setting... Speed 1,25X

  • pretty much all infotainment systems suck ass

  • Bitch ass! Why did you (speaking to the writer) put Audi and Mazda on this? Almost every other important auto reviewer, and almost every owner I have ever talked to, as well as everyone who works at the Audi dealership nearby, and myself in my Mazda, and my gf in her Mazda, and my friends family in their Audis, love the Mazda and Audi UI. Ohhhhh, no touch screen on the Audi. Whatever. Honda, as much as I love there UI, has no volume knob. So, apparently, according to autoguide, touchscreen is more important than ability to use the damn thing quickly and without getting distracted. And on Mazda you said "it's easy to use"... why is it here if it's EASY TO USE! A bad UI means it sucks to USE, like the Volvo. Not that it doesn't have the same features as a Tesla UI. Tesla may have the best UI in any car ever, but that doesn't mean that if a car doesn't have a touch screen it automatically sucks. Mazda locks you out of the touch screen because it can be a distraction, poking for something and missing over and over again (looking at you Honda-no-volume-knob, at least it's on the wheel). Oh, and for all the Honda haters out there, Tesla has the best UI in the business according to almost everyone who has ever driven it that wasn't a technophobe. No volume knob on that.

  • Cadillac's CUE was so bad I traded in my used '14 Vsport after less than a year. A lot of turbo lag, a very painful seat pain-point but tremendous chassis and endless turbo pull...CUE was so bad from a daily-driving standpoint I couldn't take it. Having no knobs combined with lag is really, really bad. I like to change my music, or listen to different radio stations and see it easily and it was a deal killer for me. I now have a VW Golf daily driver and its ability to load and play my SD card of music in under 10+ minutes is "pretty good" plus I have volume and tuner knobs instead of trying to mash the wheel, or awkwardly use a giant, 8" long touch strip while driving at 70+mph

  • "The interface was easy to use..." than why the hell is it here on this list?!?

  • It's frustrating that the Mazda's infotainment system locks up when the car is moving?? It's a SAFETY FEATURE! Why not do the 5 best infotainment system instead? This video is just this dude whining that it doesn't suit his preferences. Poorly put video.

    • I don't really want to have the access to pretty much everything in my viechle to just disable whenever I start driving

  • No Nissan Connect? One of the most outdatec systems to ever be installed on a vehicle. Mazda's system might be bad but Nissan's should definitely be on this list.

    • Lucas Alamo Toyota Entune is worst. At least Nissan has Apple Car Play and Android Auto now. My 2017 Maxima has Carplay

  • mazda info is the best lol

  • No late model CUE. That's a new one. 😂 I guest it's ok to buy that ATS now. Lol

  • No late model CUE. That's a new one. 😂 I guest it's ok to buy that ATS now.

  • Audi and Mercedes are avoiding touch displays for safety reasons. Touch input is extremely distracting and makes you take your eyes off the road for a very long time.

  • Dislike because there is no discussion of sound quality. Why is control ease the only criteria?

  • When you see Audi mmi and MB here 😂😂😂

  • what's this guy on about. Audi and mercedes swivel wheel controllers are so easy to use on the move, especially for people who like a seating position that allows them to stretch their feet. Much less distracting than touch screen systems as well. A bonus; no finger prints.

  • lexus is not that bad dislike

  • he finally admitted it!!!😎😂