The Bagel Guy Card

Dipublikasikan tanggal 23 Mei 2017
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(Update: WE FOUND BAGEL MAN! If you'd like to see the card I posted it on my Twitter or you can just wait until my next video cuz heck ya I'm talking about this)
The bagel guy card is probably the greatest thing to happen to this world. This card is just- its amazing
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  • I love skimming through his comments to see the odds one out fucking with him.


  • I think I found it but I can't send it to you bc this isn't my phone I don't have one yet and I don't have any of those I just have Instagram and Facebook

  • great now im hungry :l

  • 2 0 1 9 anyone?

  • Bagel man was a hockey card.

  • when i got my first fortnite win 5:19

  • That’s actually a card it’s super rare

  • don't worry I have more Pokemon cards then that

  • You should make a bagle man merch shirt

  • Uhhhhhhhh, I accidentally bought like.... Three thousand baseball cards... Now I want a bagel guy card.

  • Uh oh Someone made it whit a webside or something

  • You should of put for the stats over 9000


  • Bagel man was snapped out of existence by thanos


  • the bagel man took his card back #findbagelman

  • Adam I have a fairly small ID-tv channel and I would really appreciate appreciate it if you could shout it out of said gets Firefox govern look yeah it doesn't have much views or subs and I just need you to help me out please ok

  • I got a beer guy card once

  • Uhm ..... So I looked up 'baseball vendor cards' turns out it's like it's own genre of collectable cards. Specifically made for the dedicated vendors who had to deal with disgruntled/drunk fans.

  • I had lost my phone.. It was broken and I gave it to my little sister, cuz she wanted to play with my "working" phone.. She lost it in 10 minutes.... It went from existing ;^;

  • I use to take it too the park becuz I thought it would give meh super powers me wen u sis killed bagel man NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • Lol bagel man cheated death

  • James why you rage

  • Rip bagel guy card he died as he lived

  • ID-tvr battle I’m not popular 1 sub 1 sub =1 life

  • I have 18 half dollar coins

  • I’m convinced Adam was extremely drunk when he made this.

  • Wiped from existence... -Thanos

  • This should be renamed:The Holy Bagel Card

  • Bagel man is like that story you jaiden and James did in that video when you made that story thing

    • Yeah the story he made in that video was inspired by his bagel man so yeah

  • As everyone is saying bagel man is a hockey card. U can buy him again Adam #foundbagelguy

  • Thanos snapped it away

  • I had a lot of pokemon cards lol

  • They should make a bagel man emoji 🥯👋🏼🧑🏼

  • Nananananana bagel man!! Hahahahahahhahahahahahahah

  • I found hem

  • Google cars call The Bagel Man baseball cards

  • The first with the common sense hoodie

  • I googled it and I found a photo of it

  • You can get him on eBay from 0.50$ to $1.50

  • Maybe it never existed

  • I've met the bagel guy on a train He was drunk asking random people "whats your favorite bagel"

  • Not trying to be rude

  • Adam I don't do that.

  • I found a photo of bagel Man baseball card

  • Shane Dawson: hey u guys yes today we’ll be talking about the bagel 🥯 guy card 😂😂

  • *Bagel man gets ripped* i wIlL rEmEmBeR yOuuuuuuuu

  • Make an episode about bagles

  • All around me are bagels

  • I have a bagel man card

  • Hashbrown ketchup

  • Thanos : snaps Bagel guy card : hey Adam, I don’t feel so good

  • I found the card on google

  • I like bagels too

  • TheOdd1sOuts roommate had basketball cards

  • Bagel guy dude is a person that walked around selling bagels around the stadium

  • Hi

  • 5:19 when your best TV show is back for another season

  • When I was a very small child, I had this like, toy acorn that was just my favorite thing ever. That's it