The Basics of Astronomy | ASMR

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Space-themed merch at if you're interested. •How did we know the distance to the Moon before we could bounce lasers off it?
•What breakthrough gave scientists access to which elements stars are made of just from their light?
•What clues did Edwin Hubble use to discover our universe isn't thousands, but millions, of light-years across and we are in fact drifting in an island of billions of stars which itself is only one among billions of other galaxies?

Astronomy has unlocked much of the cosmos. Let's find out the basic discoveries, epiphanies, and deductions that will help us average folk understand the Universe more deeply. Thanks for watching.


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  • I like how I normally hate school, but I will gladly watch a 2 Hour long video on the basics of astronomy at 2 AM

    • Yea this videos not assigning hw and unnecessary assignments

    • Because he is actually interested in what hes talking about, if teachers did that u would like it aswell 😊

    • Fax

    • me right now it’s 1:52 and i’m gonna cry trying to wake up in the morning

  • "it's July of the year 2019" oh I have never heard more blissfully relaxing words

    • This comment is still valid now

    • @monica rose you're so kind for having warned the youtube viewers of the past...

    • @Sophie thank you😂

    • @Deckz you said it all man

  • I'm trying to relax and this man is meme bombing me

  • Holy crap. The most unnecessary but hilarious editing I’ve ever seen. I may have subscribed for ASMR, but this is something even better; ASMR with funny editing.

  • I feel like when I fall asleep watching your videos I wake up like 200% smarter.

    • What was your starting point? 200% of zero is.........(Zero)

    • @X49K really?? Didn't know

    • Who is Ian and what did he say?

    • @Hg mercury Sad

    • @X49K that was actually proven incorrect but I still like to believe it’s true😂

  • This guy needs to be a teacher the way he explains and walks through the process of extremely complex things and makes it understandable

    • I'd probably fall asleep in class if he was my teacher, his voice is just so soothing 😂

    • I agree 💯💯💯

    • that's extremely encouraging to read. thanks for the kind words

  • Your content is an epic mix of bob Ross and Neil deGrasse Tyson

    • Omg! yaaaaasssssss.

    • this guy's voice reminds me of patrick bateman's from american psycho

    • In a world of bullshit,

    • When I was reading Neil I almost thought you would say Neil Cicierga

  • It saddens me that despite my love for science, science ASMR is like... distracting or too engaging for me to fall asleep to. I always need some pure nonsense or fantasy for that. BUT your videos are still good for focusing.

    • @EmberFlower same omg i’m struggling with this NOW how do i stop 😭

    • 🤦‍♂️....I can't believe I'm actually emphasizing this...but I was the 666th like of OP's comment.

    • Same for me here but i wish i had 2 hours of free time to listen to him

    • that is such a cool profile picture, where did you get it or what was it from?

    • @Filipe Silva I don't have any of these anymore but it's a miracle, honestly. I wish you health too.

  • "July of the year 2019." I can feel everyone's collective sigh after hearing that. We really had no idea what we were in for. Also I have the violent urge to treat this video like a lesson at college, taking notes and going away to do my own research; it's super interesting stuff.

    • Well it have just gotten worse...hurray...

    • ye. I just want to go biking with my friends without worrying about forgetting to grab a mask. just chill down, no worrying abt school or anything. just about hitting hard slamming into a root with your back wheel

  • I was expecting a 50 year old professor, but what I got was just so much better.

  • Hi from Australia. Mate I listen to you nearly every night your Astrology, witchcraft, Ancient Egyptians, Black Holes, Area 51 and All your History and Planets is AMAZING and AWSOME just like you. Thank you for your comfort and the peace I feel within listening to you.

    • Annnnnd another 🇦🇺

    • @Rhiannon Dunn Aussie

    • Im aussie too love this guy

    • @simon acland and another! Lol

    • another listener from Australia here! great content :)

  • Such a phenomenal orator. The pauses to let things sink in, the emphasis on certain concepts. Not only that but the deviation from the text and dumbing it down into easier chunks of words. The best thing I've ever listened to to relax and learn.

    • I think this is the adult equivalent to going to the library for a read aloud

  • I listen to this every night- hoping to wake up the next day with 900iq

    • @TimedHurdle Wonder Egg Priority! :)

    • what ur pfp from

    • @shion same 😔

    • Omelette du fromage

  • Astronomy + ASMR.. two things my son loves. This makes homeschooling easier. Plus, you're easy on the eyes 😍

    • I wish I could listen to asmr astronomy as a class, you have a lucky son 😌👊

    • 😊 thank you

  • in my math class, whenever i need an explanation i always ask my friend and it’s so hard to not fall asleep when she explains it. it’s soooo relaxing and soothing and this is the exact reason why i’m watching this video

  • I wonder what the thought process of the people who downvoted this was. "Man i hate space. F*ck planets. THUMBS DOWN"

    • @Shianne Dolan don't underestimate the people who might have clicked on it by accident because they are watching it at an awkward angle in bed as well. I have done it but I have the wherewithal to cancel the dislike.

    • @VT_FOX Maybe this was their first experience and just realized they don’t like ASMR 😂 (Not saying this from my own opinion because it’s the only way I can fall asleep now LOL)

    • but did you actually know that sometime's youtube give's your video a dislike depending on your likes but people also dislike

    • Prob they are yuppies who think asmr needs to be specific to non meme material and this isn't up to their yuppie standards 🙄

    • @Henry VIII Social distancing put them on the edge, eh?

  • Man, I'm trying to go to sleep on friday the 13th, 4 years to the day of my fathers passing, the night before my birthday. Still alone, still unaccomplished and depressed. My passions are much like yours, philosophy, mathematics, history, science, physics and music. I have been reading the stoics lately and have always had a huge passion for cosmology and understanding the universe. While I myself am alone, ironically I do not feel alone when I think about the cosmos. I am truly grateful for the geniuses who dedicated their lives to knowledge and that is very comforting. To know that I am at least a part of a species who has walked on the moon, risked everything for exploration and knowledge. I am so proud to be human. Thank you for this video, it's just what I needed.

    • it's a deeply moving and meaningful experience to enter into a conversation with the greatest humans across all these disciplines by reading and learning about their life's work. Im so glad ive been able to convey some of that to you EK. my sincere condolences to you about your father.

  • Lately I got a little obsessed with anything that has to do with space,mostly NASA stuff.There are currently six people in space.The NASA website has a page where it notes the number of days that they had spent there so far.Anyways,I am so glad I found something that has to do with space and it is asmr content too.Congrats for the great video! Oh yeah I finally watched Interstellar a few days ago.Man,that movie...Brilliance.

  • istg this is the best asmr channel for me EVER. We have science, memes and relaxation all in one place. Change my mind.

  • i know nothing about space, and honestly i’ve never cared to learn. but this video is not only extremely relaxing, it has sparked an interest in me. space has always seemed too overwhelming for me, but this made it feel less intimating.

  • I'm so glad that I've found your channel. asmr + knowledge = the best thing on the internet ever 🙌

  • I love that you stay in awe of stuff other people don't even notice. I bet it's nice to be you. I know this is an old video, but I hope you're doing well!

  • I admire how thorough you are! You can definitely feel the effort and care you put into this video ✨ I would watch more of your creations but my eyelids are very heavy

  • Videos that saved my life during quarantine and teaching me astronomy at the same time. ♡

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  • Okay but really, this is the content I have been searching for. You also just seem like a person that would be super cool to chat with. Thanks for the great ASMR!

  • I forgot how powerful these old videos are. I’m relaxing yet teary eyed. Blissful is the word

  • Hi! Is there any way you could do an ASMR of what different type of books you have on your bookshelf? Looks like you have a ton and I think it'll be cool to get a sense of what you read as a person :)

    • 🙂id like to soon. Tha ks for the suggestion

  • I just found this in my recommended and I must say ur content is amazing. Great way to relax and learn something new, definitely subscribed 👍🏻

  • Your voice is so soothing and I just love that you focus so much on astronomy. thank you sir. You make learning relaxing.

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  • Just found your channel and I'm sooo excited! I love the combination of a relaxing and calming atmosphere with an educational twist, it's really fantastic! I've been watching ASMR videos for a number of years now with a large list of people that I've subscribed to, and your the first one that I've seen that does this kind of combination. Keep up the good work, it's really great!!

  • Love your channel so much. I learn a lot while also being relaxed. I’m starting to get into Astronomy as I’m doing Physics and astronomy class and I’m purchasing a go to telescope soon. Thankyou🥳

  • Currently getting my degree in physics right now. Thank you for this phenomenal relaxation delivered amidst a turbulent school year in an even more turbulent time.

  • I’m loving the humor in these recent videos. I especially loved this video as well. Thank you!

  • Hi there from Brasil ✨ sua voz é ótima de ouvir, suave e aveludada. Me fez relaxar imediatamente. Acabei de descobrir seu canal e já consumo todos os dias. Obrigada❤️

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  • That background sound (like a low hum?) that starts around 1:27:26 is so nice :) adds an extra layer of atmosphere relaxation to the whole thing vs just having plain room tone. Where did you get that sound/music? Also you have a great voice for podcasts/radio etc

  • So I think a cool idea for a subject would be electric motors. I’m an electric motor mechanic and I can tell you that the history and theory behind them is really cool. And I could even help with diagrams and the more practical side of them as far as winding diagrams go and basic info on them. The history with Tesla early on is very interesting as well. Just a thought! Seems right up your alley!

    • @Let's Find Out It really is! And its amazing how integrated motors are in our every day lives. Assembly lines, Air conditioning, city and well water systems, i mean they are everywhere!

    • that is a great idea. its cool how few different components make up most simple electronics. servos, motors, basic elements, buttons, potentiometers etc

  • Great explanation about spectroscopy! Very simplified but you got it right. When the atom goes from the excited state to the ground state it releases an amount of energy equal to the one it took to put it in the excited state. Since the magnitude of that energy is so specific it can be used to identify elements. It’s a vast and magnificent topic, thanks for covering it :)

  • I love that you point to where your starting to read from even though we can’t see to read along it’s nice to know when you go from free speaking to reading from the book 👌

  • He said "It's July of the year 2019" We're actually on July...but 2021, perfect timing

  • Love the video it's almost like you're talking with us your movement is all natural and the video doesn't seem scripted.. it's all in the moment emotion

  • Finally found a place where I can learn more about a subject I always loved, and in the most relaxing way possible. I always wanted to learn about Astronomy but it's hard to find places where they start from the beginning. I just love your passion for the subjects you talk about in your videos,.

  • This man has taught me more about science in 2 hours than my science teachers over 12 years

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  • This Is The One I Didn't Know I Needed, Thank You For Your Dedication And Time You Put Into These Professional Videos They Help Me Sleep Every Night, Would Love a Facts About The Universe Part 3 🌎

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  • This is the most relaxing and entertaining way to learn astronomy .

  • i’ve been fascinated by space and astronomy for many years now and this video really helped me find out more about it as well as relax, win win! thanks!! :D

  • You ever been interested in psychedelics? A lot of your content is the stuff my trips often revolve around, your videos are great for post-trip sleeping and relaxing. Thank you.

    • @Let's Find Out Thank you, there's something about those chemicals that just induce awe in my mind for so many things, art, astronomy, neurology... And of course you've got people like Alan Watts and Terrence McKenna, psychedelia is such a fascinating culture.

    • i have once or twice. you must be a fascinating person to dialog with in the middle of that

  • This ASMR channel is what has been missing from my life.

  • I watched the whole vid. I loved it. I kept on falling asleep but, I woke myself up to watch this amazing asmr content. Keep up the good work. 👍👍😀

  • Oh my goodness your topics are always so great ❤, and your channel is so perfect for a person like me addicted to studying cosmology 😭❤🙏 thank you so much. Favorite asmr channel...

    • thats great to hear from a fellow space nerd

  • I really enjoyed this video. I'm passionate how the universe works, background stars measurements, rockets that humanity has launched to the space and others worlds outside from our solar system boundaries. Good video!

  • I haven’t watched you in like a year or 2. Glad to visit this 2019 ASMR!! Keep it up 👍

  • I was about to send this to my friends and tell them that this is probably the best thing I've ever found on the internet, but I suddenly became self concious that they'd think wanting to learn about science is uncool--not that I care of being cool--but y'know, so I'm gonna say it here: This is the best thing I have ever found on the internet.

    • @Let's Find Out holy crap you're so nice. thank you so much

    • magdalene, i always surrounded myself with the same kind of people. and while it was fun to be surrounded by extroverted party-goers in the short term, i wish i had stayed more connected with my more academic and thoughtful friends in the long term. do with that what you will, but find some great works and read them. they will give you deep companionship with the world's most interesting and creative people and, just by brushing up against their amazing ideas and fascinating perspectives on the world, make you such a greater, more effective person in the world than you otherwise might never have realized you could be. Just a few recommendations if you're interested: in science ("cosmos" by Sagan, "chaos" or "the information" by Gleick, or "the selfish gene" by Dawkins), philosophy and psychology ("the story of philosophy" by Durant or "beyond good and evil" by Nietzsche, or "maps of meaning" by Peterson), literature (Any "great works" like those by Geothe, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Woolf, William or Henry James, Joyce, ...). I wish you well and thank you for the inspiring compliment.

  • This, one of my favorite subjects, with some gentle rain outside. Perfect for sleep. Goodnight my friends.

  • It was very cute when you corrected yourself from 'men' to 'men and women' we love a scientific ally

  • Hey man this really brightened my day. Currently in my sophomore year of college and the stress is accumulating but this made my week cheers!

  • Love your work its gonna be great keep doing what you're doing. You show neutrality and hospitality much love. Stay awesome my dude.

  • please do more videos like these! this was funny because of the memes and relaxing because of the ASMR.

  • Basics of Astronomy simplified: *Terrifying*

    • @Hellish it’s said to be infinite cuz it’s easier to say that then actually explain what’s happening. Space keeps expanding at insane amounts of speed so technically it is infinite but at the same time not cuz if you went at an VERY impossible speed you could reach the end of space.

    • @Hellish but we could still know more about space lol.....being infinite is irrelevant to the comment

    • @Meme Machine not very true, space is said to be infinite

    • @Nick we know more about space than we do about the depths of our own oceans. Water is scary

    • Yeah I was looking at the sky today just thinking about how terrifying it is that I’m staring into an infinite void of nothingness and what’s even more terrifying is the fact that we have no idea what could be in that void

  • This was amazing! Im still watching even though ive drifted like 10xs but nonetheless the information is awesome! Thank you!

  • Damn I'm learning and laughing at the same time and still concentrating!? 😂 What a time to be alive, came for astronomy, stayed for the memes 😎

  • This is great stuff. This guy makes really intelligent videos and all of us watching are explorers at heart desperately trying to find out what our world is all about. This is quality you tube

  • I don't think you understand how helpful this is I love space and science and math and combined with something that helps my insomnia is amazing thank you so much for keeping on and doing these...😁♥️😁 PS: you should upgrade your intro to something with a more space aspect😁😁👍

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    • thanks for the very kind words. i wish you the best emma

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  • Hi Rich, my father was in aviation engineering but he was fascinated with theoretical physics. And when I was a child he'd quietly talk about particle physics till I fell asleep. Since his leaving I've never experienced the catharsis which accompanied someone talking gently of science. Throughout the years I've attempted to reconstruct that feeling in any way I could think of, I put lectures of physics on hoping to help cope with my insomnia. Even after receiving my physics degree half a decade ago I still never found that one magical thing that lulled me into equanimity like my dad and his talking all those years ago. 5 years later, I've started med school in Taiwan, and just before exams I stumbled across this channel, and may I say, I think I've found that very magic again. That one thing that would help my insomnia. Thank you for doing this Rich. You've no idea how much impact you have.

    • @Let's Find Out thank YOU. Keep up the good work and keep learning :) science is always there for you.

    • thats powerful. thank you so much for that, engle. I honored i could compare. I know true relaxation takes vulnerability and trust so im personally picky about who i listen to at night as well. that made my day. good luck in med school!

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