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In advance of vet Nick Diaz's return to the octagon at , MMA Fighting compiled some of the Stockon, Calif., native's best interviews and moments outside of the cage. Watch UFC 266 LIVE here:

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  • Nick Diaz is so yummy

  • I watch the whole thing, much respect ✊ to Nick Diaz he’s been through a lot, he’s put his A$$ on the line countless times, to entertain the masses. God Bless him! Pastor Brian “MrUnbreakable” WARren 🙏🔥👊

  • 14:00


  • You can tell his mood completely change when Ariel asks him about triathlons.

  • The Diaz brothers are the realest! Wish I could’ve grown up w these guys not enough solid guys like them who are honest n real n will always fight

  • Nick is the best!

  • Ya know x3000

  • Livin Legend :D

  • Win or lose, Nick is a legend. It's the Nick Diaz Army on the march.

  • The Gomi post fight interview is solid gold

  • Hes pure gold he really is

  • 2 mins in and you realize how brilliant a video is laid out before you...solid gold

  • 38:00 “I don’t want to sit up here and complain all day”...........😂🤣😂

  • People that don’t like Diaz, just don’t get it yet.

  • People from outside communities think they are crazy thugs. Not true. I like the Diaz Bros because they remind me of myself and the community I grew up in. Tough, competitive, always ready to fight, loyal.

  • nick holding his demons so he dont smack Ariel LMAOOOO

  • I'm just not able, to dislike this guy..

  • The guy we will see on Saturday is not the guy we watched in this video. The guy in the video doesn't exist anymore...too much time and too many wars has buried that guy. We are witnessing a shadow of the old Nick, mentally and physically

  • Nick Diaz is the best everr...literally can do no wrong in my eyes...good luck n God bless for 2nites fight wit Robbie Lawler 2... and I just thought this but him versus Anderson Silva part 2 in boxing would be sick too

  • The Diaz brothers are just the realest motherf*ckers the sport has ever seen period. There is no strategy w/them. No ulterior motives. The only strategy they know is to be exactly who tf they are, and find the baddest mfers they can to go toe to toe with, win or lose, no in between, no playing safe, no window dressing or thinking about points for the judges, they come to win or lose and not just to avoid losing. Give them a mic and they tell you exactly what they think, no more no less. Is there smarter ways to navigate a career as a fighter? Sure. Plenty of other examples, arguably more successful ones too. But the way they’ve done it is as gangster as it gets bc its 100% who they are, if they’re involved it happens their way or not at all. I feel lucky to have seen it all in real time.

  • I wish Arial did a interview with Nick for ufc 266

  • MAYHEM causing MAYHEM 😄🤣man Nick Diaz is great 👍having his boy's back but MAYHEM was on his own people jumped him it's crazy MAYHEM should have stayed out d cage but he didn't deserve to get jumped.

  • Ariel is a weasel

  • Nick Diaz did not go to school for buying a house.

  • He is speaking 100% unfiltered in his Strikeforce days. Call it street knowledge or whatever but it is REAL. And people recognize that.

  • you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know

  • Damn ariel has been here before casuals, before mcchicken boom and before espn

  • You can’t buy friends like Nick Diaz….. what a cool guy…

    • Both him and Nate are some rare individuals. Very few people are capable of being as raw as them.

  • you know

  • true speak ! respect

  • Love ya nick


  • I understand what he’s saying perfectly.

  • At 16:10 Nick brings up some great points about fighters winning by using the lay and pray technique.

  • Just put a microphone in front of Nick and stare at him, you don't need to ask any questions, Nick will eventually say whatever he's thinking because the likelihood of him answering what you ask him is slim.

    • 😂😂😂 lol! But that's so true...

  • I would like to train boxing and jiu jitsu with nick before i exit this world.

  • Imagine being a newb fan just discovering Nick for the first time and doing ID-tv deep dives watching vids like this for the first time... they must be loving it. There's plenty more where this came from guys, enjoy... this fella is a legend

    • I would rather have watched him grow and evolve as it happened. Some of the best memories was me and my boys around the tv watching Nick beat ass!!! I had to buy a new TV twice over MMA....once when he lost to GSP and recently over the Lawler BS fight ...

  • Nick "you know' I dont know, Gnomesayin" Diaz. 💪

  • its unfair making a display of Nicks struggle to make sense of an unfair life

  • Diaz on the ufc 158 conference “I just fought 5 founds that just woke me up and I m ready to fight!!”MF Beast WarDiaz 👋🏽👊🏽

  • U guys did a good job, people dont realize nick been saying the same stuff from the get go, watch the 266 press conference then watch this exact same guy minus 6 years of getting punched in the face, people claiming his body look soft but hes pushing 40 n still shredded running abs.. dont let the chest hair fool you

    • Nick Diaz is one of my favorite fighters ever. He is in terrible shape right now just there for the money. He will be getting knocked out tonight. I wish he wasn’t fighting.

  • Dude is the definition of Keeping it real It's rare nowadays to see a true, pure fighter that shuns the fame and limelight

  • Ya u

  • the realist,, nick always talked and thought the same way, ain't much changed to today, obviously the people talking crap are fairly new fans of ufc. nick gave gsp almost his hardest fight. I remember when nick walked out to deftones. let's gooo

  • You know

  • We know Nick, we know.

  • A gear ending would be this man going for gold and taking that gold strap from kamaru Doucheman! GO GET THAT GOLD NICK!!!

  • He a real man he don’t lie about how he feels

  • Nick Diaz's IQ: 10 Nick Diaz's Fight IQ: 250


  • Classic line. You got floyd Mayweather making 25 million dollars but he cant sto a double leg. There hasn't been a fighter with this many quotable lines since Mike Tyson.

  • Ta ta ta today junior!

  • Carlos conduit!! 😂😂

  • Ariel made nick famous he would be nothing without him

    • Quite possibly the most blatantly inaccurate thing ever said about Nick. His legendary work in the cage, leaving it all out there every single fight made him famous, Ariel had nothing to do with it. If anything Nick put Ariel on the map with some of the early viral moments on the mic that he blessed Ariel with lol

  • I don't know why people think Nick's a thug. Nick's actually a great human being. After watching these interviews I just don't get it

    • not "great human being"

    • People just hear what others say about him and judge him by his speech. He's just one of those guys that isn't a great talker. He's a man of action

  • *Drinking game* Take a shot every time Nick say "you know".

  • Before Dana was on the juice

  • Ariel has the secret to eternal youth

    • 🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏! I wasn't expecting to see this comment but so true...he just doesn't age! 😅😅😅

  • We need a "ya know" count for this video

  • Nate ”You know” Diaz

  • "nick DA REAL diaz"....RESPECT ALWAYS,

  • You know

  • Ariel, where I come from people like you get slapped! :)

  • LOL "Floyd gets paid 25 million, but he cant stop the double leg"

  • This man is a walking complaint

  • george here, selling wolf tickets.. dana here, selling wolf tickets

  • Ariel is the best interviewer in the game.

  • he reminds me of myself so much with his awkwardness when being center of attention

    • @J Corbett grow up haha, when I had to do presentations in uni for my degree is what im referring to

  • You may not like what Nick has to say but you best believe it. Much love to the Diaz brothers.

  • Goat 🐐

  • How does one sound so scatterbrained and cool at the same time? Nick diaz is one of a kind

  • He is way too awkward

  • Nick is the fakest gangster I've ever seen. I don't even train mix marshall art but I can probably even knock him out just based on the fact that I'm an alpha badass. He just tries to look pretty and play fights but when I fight I do it for real.

  • i got kick in the legs ! its not a fair fight ! - nick

  • 🔴 Ever since he said it I've been wondering...... What The Hell is a WOLF TICKET??????? 🐺

    • A wolf ticket is anything that's hyped but actually doesn't pay off in the end. Like some of those raffle tickets that most of us have bought and then never really find out exactly who won. (It's usually the guy who's running the raffle...or one of his relatives.)


  • Spitting facts == Always complaining like a little girl all the time.

    • @dallas bishop For such a tough guy, Nick sure does whine a lot. And I think that was the point of his post. You could easily put a half hour video together of Nick complaining and whining about everything under the sun.

    • @dallas bishop exactly

    • @bungalowwil probably doesn't hold much weight to have an opinion about a fighter complaining about fighting issues if you haven't played the game.

    • @YAUSHA é o Messias So, if you've never fought, you can't have an opinion?

    • Says a guy who never fought

  • This man is a legendary street philosopher and fighter truly, his words are wise and the foundation of my love for the sport.

  • Can't believe that Nick didn't interview with Ariel

  • I hope Nick wins by submission.. they screwed this man out of his prime by that b******* five-year suspension

  • Watching that Bret okomoto interview hurt me to see Nick say he doesnt want to fight lawler and he hates fighting but doesnt have a choice cause nothing else is working out for him outside the sport. It was very emotional for me as a fan

    • @M ullah The point is the guy has millions as I said.

    • @miloandot the difference in having 3 million or 5 million 🤔

    • @M ullah What???

    • @miloandot am not disputing that 3-5 is not very accurate is it.

    • @M ullah If you look at his net worth anywhere it's estimated to be anywhere from 3-5 million dollars.

  • Oh schnapp they working the GSP angle.. Seriously just take my money already.

  • I really dont like pulling against Lawler but i gotta go for Nick tomorrow nite !! 630am watching Nicks greatest fights and im pumped 4 tomorrow!!

  • Gob bless Nick's Honesty 👍 Let's Fu*#in' Go !!!

  • 14:00 people like that gets slap xD nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t get paid enough.I also get paid to much…NICK DIAZ

  • I love Nick, but once you become aware of the "you know", its all you hear. 😁

  • Nick deserves this win! I like Robbie , but love Nick!

  • Nick was frustrated with the judges and scoring long before the open judging discussions etc.

    • And about fighter’s pay too. The guy started everything

  • 49:29 Johnny right there is hilarious

  • My dude

  • Nick's just brilliant👌🏼 full reptile have a Nick Diaz movie on the "Raptors" channel, it's awesome!✊

  • As long as that idiot can use you to make money sky’s the limit

  • Big ups to Ariel in all of this. I know he wasnt Nick's favorite but he did get some great interviews

  • People like you get slapped :)

  • Kj noons vs diaz in a boxing match would've been EPIC

  • Love these video of nicks highlights!!! Great work on a real interesting personality!

  • Hahahaha..... Aye who said it was easy. Hahaha 😄😄😄😄😂😄 OMG I'm 💀

  • Fk Ariel!