The Biggest Bottleneck EVER? - LattePanda + RTX Titan

Dipublikasikan tanggal 19 Agu 2019
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Have you ever wanted to see a really bad CPU bottleneck? Like the kind where you can barely access half of your GPUs potential? That's kinda weird... but also this is the perfect video for you.
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  • Protect your hardwood floors from your gaming chair and get 15% off your order with offer code FUNLINUS at

    • CAN-EH-DAH!!!!!

    • @dan so about 800 pln... I NEED IT

    • lattepanda delta is out,, its just $188.00

    • welp that's a good deal sadly I live in PoLand

    • What if I use code FUNLINUS100?

  • the segway linus looked like he just woke up

  • 9:58 holybananasacks

  • Then my ryzen 3 1200 and gtx 1080ti aren’t a big problem.

  • Honestly bottlenecks aren’t a thing, It just means u could get more preformance if u have a different part

  • Linus. "Cuh nay duh"? Truly, I'm disappointed and disgusted. And I'm wondering whether I should convert from your religion.

  • its funny how my cpu can bottleneck gtx 1050 ti

  • 10:16

  • gta v map in cities skyline? :D

  • your bottleneck has nothing on a fx6300 and a rx580 go ahead try it i dare you

  • I just saw an advertisement that you were. in on this video

  • 0:30 whats the song in the background?

  • this board + rx 5500 may be better

  • 2:44 Can I quickly ask what the TI84 Plus C is for?

  • canayda , thats how every pakistani pronounces it

  • Ultimate vr setup?

  • I have an idea do a kick starter for the fart detector. 😂

  • Bro that's gonna be my next setup it looks so efficient

  • So guys this isn't called ping pong.

  • pisting yawa wala koy kwarta

  • So: you used a E-to-M adapter for storage, and an M-to-PCI adapter for the graphics card... Is there an E-to-PCI adapter you could have used, and then used the M key natively?

  • Is that Los Santos??

  • CaNAda

  • No u plug an rtx 2080 inside the pentium. Or whatever was that other cpu called that had a pcie slot 😔 all i know it has barely 1ghz and not rly ocable 🙉 Warning: kids dont do it its a nuclear weapon

  • Build the fart sensor!

  • But can it run roblox and roblox

  • .

  • Linus you fool! It’s Canadia.

  • I'm more interested in the fartometer than this stupid experiment. It's called Linus Tech Tips so he should at least make his own tech like the fartometer.

  • He made Canada sound like a terrorist group

  • 1:02 CanAYYdah Bruh

  • Good guy gravity just bent my 2700x cpu pins 🤣

  • Do you have that shirt with sleeves?

  • omg the fps when playing the opening sequence for doom in the 1060 run

  • “this doesn’t look like a Mac book because it’s not”

  • 0:01 epic flip

  • You can try a RTX on a 754 Sempron or 478 Celeron

  • I wonder how much better the new model will be

  • Can you play crisis on that?

  • This is the video, we all was wating for :D

  • SMH, should have used the Titan case for it (it actually looks like an Nvidia Founders Edition card lol)

  • actually it's more like a 2017 macbook

  • what tool iare they using to get the fps?

  • They have E to PCI female in one solution

  • 10:30 my pc in a nut shell 🤣

  • *canayda*

  • I think Doom succeeds in all your "experiments" with old/low performance tech because it was very well optimized. But idk, just my opinion.

  • Did any one notice in the second game it was the map of gta v

  • Me, binging linus videos and falling asleep Linus : can-a-duh Woke back up real quick lol

  • Why so I have the exact same star wars Yoda lunch box?

  • I just saw a linus ad

  • Thank you for an actual good ad in the beginning

  • City skyline has the same map as gta 5

  • I'm amazed that games can run so well

  • Perfect recreation of the GTA 5 map

  • Where is the bottle?

  • That old days when you have to bring a friend at your house and start playing ping pong because you are waiting decades to load a game on your extremely bottlenecked system.

  • Plot twist the RTX Titan was bottle necking the dual core

  • If you're not allocating 2% of your system to basic shit, when it hits 100% you'll see dropped frames. There's a fix for this online but y'all didn't fucking bother.

  • Nobody: Linus: LTt