The Car With No Driver | ft. Peugeot E-Legend Concept

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This is the Peugeot E-Legend Concept which has the ability to switch between autonomous driving and normal drive mode. Besides only 2 Peugeot employees I was the world's first person to drive this car so I could share the experience with you guys! Special thanks to @peugeot & the Chief designer Gilles Vidal @gillesvidal_official.
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  • Este coche es precioso, me lo comparía a ojos cerrados. Lo que no se es por que los pedales estan tan juntos, es muy facil que pises los dos al mismo tiempo, espero ver este coche algún día fabricado en serie y a la venta, sería genial, estaría bien haber levantado el capo y la puerta del maletero, para verlo completamente. Un saludo. This car is beautiful, I compared it with closed eyes. What is not because the pedals are so close together, it is very easy for you to step on both at the same time, I hope to see this car one day manufactured in series and for sale, it would be great, it would be nice to have raised the bonnet and the door of the trunk, to see it completely. Greetings.


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  • Lovely Car, Peugeot got this one right, when it is available I will be there on the forecourt buying it 😎

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  • Dammnn this car like 90s style future car , really awesome 👀

  • Absolutely love this car. Peugeot, please make a production version! I'd buy one, and I bet so would many others.

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  • What a beautiful retro designed car that truel look's futuristic 👍🏻 Also SB you look amazing in it as if it was made for you.

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  • pls name of the track 3:37

  • pls write me the name of track 3:37. thank you

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  • 12:10 The AI revolution began when car manufacturer Peugeot locked their one-off concept car away in a building after a day in Italy where it made a deep personal connection with a bubbly youtuber.

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  • este auto pegeot E-Legend es una copia del Ford Mustang y la lellenda es de Ford Mustang.esos carros se descomponen mucho además de que las refacciones son muy caras no tiren su dinero en algo asi. les conviene mas un Ford Mustang.

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