The Car With No Driver | ft. Peugeot E-Legend Concept

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This is the Peugeot E-Legend Concept which has the ability to switch between autonomous driving and normal drive mode. Besides only 2 Peugeot employees I was the world's first person to drive this car so I could share the experience with you guys! Special thanks to @peugeot & the Chief designer Gilles Vidal @gillesvidal_official.
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  • She said that she has never seen this car nefore EVER ....Yet she knows every freaking button in it and what it does and how and why .hmmmmm shes so honest .

  • Bekar ehs to vadia maruti 800 aa 😍😍

  • Go for a pedicure... Leave the cars

  • lol concept cars and the dumb mirrors. slim windows mirrors and large wheels yet people still fall for futuristic

  • totaly a drunk man`s if i buy this it will be my Friday nyt car in case i home home or to other club it will follow me or take me ther lol

  • "We can see everything in front of us".... what a amazing car.🤓

  • There’s so many screens in this car it could be considered a universal studios movie ride

  • " F U C K ! ! ! " , Night Rider 😅 ...

  • your asome and nice i love your videos

  • Very interesting you dont need driver licence

  • Knight Rider (k 2000)

  • Twerk!!!!! Pussy

  • Actually the future is e-bycicles with 100Km+ of range.

  • Pretty cool. What happens when the computers have an anomaly and crash during autonomous driving mode? Or manual driving? Crashing or a lot of $ Cool car just always have a hot babe showing off a car.

  • Bhai India me ye car aa jaye na to maa kasam same day is car ka mandir bana de yaha aur isko bhagwan ka darja dede ham log🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • "Bonjour!" french car ?

  • this car like a peugeot 504

  • تنيج هاي

  • Looks like shit

  • That’s a future challenger

  • Where is this place? So beauty the panorama.


  • Resembles dodge challenger

  • Long time ago human had to walk on feet, after some time they used animals to travel, after that they , made automobiles which were controlled by human ( steering wheel). Now humans felt driving is also stressful, so let's make car without drivers. In future maybe something else . My question to humanity : why? Just why? , No no but why?

  • Good joy ☝🏻🚶‍♂️

  • Tu parles français en faite

  • How much for this car

  • Lake homo?

  • looks like a dodge

  • now that's my I phone XS in car version, how cool . next i will ask the car , i need that Blondie get it for me .

  • This is the real knight rider car. The car is alive.

  • i can imagine being high in this car

  • Our planet has far too few rare metals 🤷‍♂️for mass conversion to e-cars - Normal petrol ‼️car is 120 times 🤢 more efficient than e-car - "The only real fuel of the future 💰 is called hydrogen" - Jörg Wellnitz, a professor at the Technical University of Ingolstadt with a professorship in Melbourne, drives one himself, but is anything but a fan 💸💸💸 of the concept. On the contrary, according to Wellnitz, the later mandatory switch to e-cars is a big scam that serves only one purpose: the car manufacturers want to use this to calculate the combined emissions of their models 'clean', so as not to have to pay the 💰💸💸💸 billions of fines announced by the EU. The customer is just a side issue. Moreover, an ordinary gasoline car is still 120 x more energy efficient ‼️ than an electric one. The extraction of lithium (Chile) and cobalt (central Africa) is already causing extreme environmental damage in these countries, and is also accompanied by child labor. Wellnitz: "If Audi would only build its A4 series electrically, they would have to buy half the world market for cobalt."

  • Hot as F***

  • amazing a fingerprint sensor.

  • everyone: omg this car is amazing me: it’s ugly and pointless

  • Pokaż cipe

  • Does it follows your voice commands ? Or is it programmed first

  • You liar i have drove this car before you

  • Once tell them to go totally futuristic

  • its peugeot car but they couldent get a peugeot car to bring it to her (nissan) lol

  • Beautiful design like an old muscle car

  • The steering wheel reminds me of Flight of the Navigator

  • me : mom can we get a Tesla Mom : what is that ?? Me: OMG 😂

  • Nice, but a with all these futuristic concept cars. Where's the all-wheel steering??? All four wheels should steer!

  • again i say this is dumb ! if it hits my car who do you correspond with regarding insurance etc

  • ahh hmmm stupid ! ill take my driver thank you !

  • Hi, this is tell you that as a French you should not praise French cars for they are the biggest crap ever. Please stop talking about Peugeot and Renault and so on. As well can you erase the videos you made about those brands? There is nothing cool with those brands. Thanks

  • Driver:Come here boi! Stop, deflate! Inflate! Blink! Also driver:Gives gasoline, Good boi! Who loves you?! Whooooo loves you! Car:trunk opening and closing rapidly

  • how stupid. this takes away the pleasure of driving. call this anything else but it is not a car