The Controversy Of The Crooked Referees: Lakers Vs Kings

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Season Finale. Was Game 6 of the 2002 Lakers Kings Series Fixed?
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Laker Kobe Bryant is all smiles before he heads to the foul line with teammates Derek Fisher, Rick F
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Staples Center, home to the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles, California
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Retro television
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Lakers Shaquille O'Neal attempts a free throw despite the distraction from the Trailblazer fans in g
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Male watching sports match on television, hands raised in air, rear view
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Peja Stojakovic (R) and Scot Pollard (L) of the Sa
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Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy walking to Federal Court in B
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Referee With A Red Card
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Basketball and Whistle
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Injured basketball player holding his leg in pain on the court.
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Basketball Referee
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USA - NBA Gambling Scandal - Defense Attorney John Lauro
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Basketball player making free throw, rear view, close-up of hands
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Businessman shaking hands & big nose
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Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant, Rick Fox, Lindsey Hunter an
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Lakers Rick Fox reacts as the Lakers win in OT Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in Sacramento
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Courtroom trial in session
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NBA Achive
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Soccer referee character set
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Basketball falls through hoop, slow motion
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  • I don't follow the NBA that much but even me can see that the Lakers didn't deserve to win

  • Shaq is trash. Every since I saw how he picked on that guy with the deformed face on IG, I have zero respect for him.

  • You should do one on Irving Fryar's end zone drop in the 1984 Orange Bowl

  • Can't wait for season 2!

  • Two guys, who have never played a sport in their life, talk about sports. Hard pass ID-tv

  • Basketball Gods have turned on the Lakers

  • Lol. 2 dorks speaking sports in hilarious

  • Steelers Seahawks

  • music please?

  • Crybabies Lakers for life

  • It's going to be interesting to see if these too little rapscallions get more or less viewers after they go through puberty. Thoughts and prayers to you.

  • Ryan ur voice fkn annoyinf

  • My mans argued that the Roanoke County was zombies but he cant accept that the kings got screwed

  • Damn Ryan talks a lot of s-t but knows deep down that the Lakers never would’ve won that series had the refs called half of those ticky tack fouls. Too bad the other guy didn’t present his side of the argument better.

  • I like ryan but here it seems impossible to talk to him. just tell him aliens wanted the lakers to win and his head will explode haha

  • Kings blew a 3-2 lead

  • I feel like if kings would have won they would shut up.

  • All i gotta say is....imagine being a saints fan :'(

  • When even David stern said if he could choose any two teams in the finals it would be lakers vs lakers. So take that for what you will

  • Bias’s ruined this video

  • yo please keep this series going, too good to end

  • NBA is rigged. Always has been and always will be

  • Ryan is kinda annoying here. And by kinda I mean a Lot and I don’t even follow the NBA

  • I skipped evert one of these I’m looking for shane

  • Was that Brent serving them beer?!

  • What do you mean "unsolved" The NBA wanted the Lakers in the finals because of the bigger market

  • Sacramento should have gone to the finals

  • a ref is not allowed to bet on any basketball games even if he don,t work that day.

  • bodey contact foul

  • 4;21 ofcourse no foul he did not move

  • Listening to Ryan trying to explain away the obvious cheating is making my head hurt.

  • The elbow shot seems more like an attempted punch or trying to cover up a potential attack to me Either way i have no idea about basketball and have no sides and even i have to agree it’s incredibly biased in my opinion

  • Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Y’all should make one where the NCAA made sure Virginia won by giving them calls through out March Madness.

    • Gilky The Playstreamer not just the final game. Purdue, Auburn and the Championship game all had terrible reffing ultimately putting Virginia in the game and ultimately letting them win it.

    • I did, never say anything. Just stay mad TTU didn’t win. I’m a enemy to virgins, but that was a fair game in itself.

    • Gilky The Playstreamer guess you didn’t watch the games.

    • Any credible sources?

  • Please do a video on the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The food poisoning conspiracy.

  • I think you should check put cricket because there are alot of controversy around certain matches.

  • The game is only brought up because the Lakers eventually won the series. What happened to the game 4 in the finals in 2017? Cavs got all the foul calls

  • Anyone see Brent in the beginning? 😂

  • That game was fixed Lakers 3 peat was worth more to the NBA or refs where in gambling trouble Kobe clearly had an offensive foul

  • You know it when Ryan just spouts out nonsensical arguments to Zack.

  • The thunder?? You must’ve meant the Sonics In your NBA Pacific division standings They hadn’t even existed yet my friend

  • Once again, couldn’t get through the entire video because there was too much bias from both the hosts. Makes for an unentertaining video.

  • I think 16:16 pretty much outright proves the kings still would have lost even if the refs weren't retards

  • Whatever phil jackson said is what i go with. Because i understand that man is a good man. And whatever he says is 99% trustworthy.

  • Cubs fan here... uh, wait, wrong sport. Anyways, from the presented evidence, it's at best fishy. It looks totally rigged and I'm not sure why the guy was so adamant to where he couldn't even admit it was slightly fishy at least.

  • you guys should do the ravens vs 49ers super bowl blackout

  • This video honestly has made me dislike Ryan and I don’t know if I can continue to watch his videos knowing he is so incredibly stubborn in the face of facts. He never once considered it could have been fixed, he responded in denial immediately every time.

  • Imagine if they played this game at the Arco Arena (Kings Old Stadium)

  • Ryan is bad at arguing his point in this video

  • I guess being contentious and aggressive is the banter style of this series (with Ryan and Zack switching roles from the Tom Brady video), but it isn't doing it for me. It's not funny and makes the person in denial sound like an idiot.

  • I used to be neighbors with vlady divak...He was soooo F’ing loud with all his house parties, well when he was in town anyways...I had to yell shut up a lot at his yard on school nights, but this was the late 90’s and I was 16, so I guess this is about a teenager enjoying go to bed early...I never was a basketball fan, so I’m biased... btw go dolphins! PS, Vlady was nice to neighborhood kids, and gave a signed B ball to my younger brother...sorry for this weird comment, lol...

  • Biggest robbery EVER!!!

  • This b.s. Lakers beat them game 1 n 7 in Sacramento. They shot more free throws in total n all 7 games if Kobe don't get poisoned after game one series over n 5 stop hating they choked

  • I don't watch basketball, but damn Ryan is annoying on this subject... SMH

  • There’s no way that was an accidental right elbow; TO THE NOSE

  • Only OG’s remember who gave them the beer

  • Did Ryan become a Lakers fan because a boat sway made a toothpaste tube fall to the ground too?

  • Why does nobody blame the players? You guys dont believe the players can influence a game the way they like? Manipulating what they know are fouls and how to play them out. I think thats where everyone should be looking. Thats why this is UNSOLVED! Lol

  • My question is how-why is Ryan even on this show. He has Zero talent & I find him very annoying!!

  • The Kings still should have won the game, but because they shot 18 of 25 from the foul line they lost the game.

  • Saw brent

  • I really need to ask, how many of those 27 free throws were actually made? I would assume Shaq was the one who threw the most and considering how bad he was at free throws well... seriously people

  • I'm a Lakers fan and Kobe just admitted in a recent interview that he believes this series was rigged. Can't argue with Jesus

  • Dude it was like that missed call that kept the Saints out of the super bowl

  • It wasn't even a rival. We swept them twice before this series even happened.

  • This is buzfeed?

  • Kings got boned!! My pistons broke up Kobe n shaq a lil down the road!!!!

  • I don't even watch sports but that was fixed lol

  • 9:39 with that logic, no one who ever turned state evidence is a credible witness

  • If the Kings had 27 free throws Ryan will say the game was fixed

  • Hoping that they do the Chris Beniot Conspiracy if this series ever comes back.

  • Okay, I'm a handball and soccer referee, in Europe, and I don't know anything about NBA. This honostly seems like a bad, bad, bad officiated game, but nothing more than that. They had a very bad day, and as long as referees are humans, that's gonna happen... Maybe they slept bad, had a fight at home the day before, couldn't handle the pressure (though they had experience) or something else... I've had games where I can't explain my bad dicisions, even when I see the game on video. These things just happens, like it or not. But it doesn't mean that the referees were crooked or a part of a conspiracy. But it's "easy" to blame that, because it means that nothing is wrong with the system, because it was the people inside the system that cheated. A good friend of mine, who loves NBA (but not these teams) has told me, that in his view, the referees wanted the series to go into game 7. No matter who were in front. The referees just wanted a game 7. That might be true, if the referee is a "company man" on behalf of the NBA. Maybe he's right, maybe not...

  • You guys are soooooo annoying

  • You can tell just by Ryan's body language that he knows it was fixed and he just wants to put on the front that he doesn't cause he's a Lakers fan. I think he's trying too hard to show that he's a fan. I'm a Pats fan and I admit when we get calls.

  • That asian Lakers fan is annoying AF

  • I’m a lakers fan and the refs clearly had bias but if this happened to anyone’s favorite team they’d enjoy the win even if it meant clear bias. Stop it

  • plz do Selena Quintanilla

  • It's their OPINION the Lakers were called 8 and Sacramento 7 yeah right. It's always about money💰💰💰💰💰💰🏦🏦🏦

  • It's not even a question that it was rigged

  • Skinwalker Ranch

  • the truth? the nba doesn’t want a small franchise win over a giant one

  • I want to see an Unsolved on Edgar Alan Poe.

  • It's 2019. It was obviously a big fix but I honestly think that many free throws in one quarter is suspicious. Just let karma do its thing😂

  • Do Luis resto vs Billy Collins jr

  • do one on the 2006 finals

  • Is there such thing as an objective laker fan? If so, we need to replace that Asian dude.

  • Fakers fans are the same people who bandwagoned the Warriors and bandwagoned Lebron teams

  • Do the scandalous adventures of South Korea during the 2002 World Cup

  • who cares about basketball?

  • Ryan macam anjing ini kali, kaki jilat

  • These two guys obviously bone each other. Terrible....

  • It was 100% rigged just watch the tapes

  • Karma lebron is with the lakers and not going to the playoffs and the lakers is going in a rebuild for a decade

  • even though its solved i would love to see a episode on Jeffery Dahmer. so messed up

  • kobe bryant is used to hurting innocent people and getting away with it right ryan?

  • Ryan comes off as a real douchebag in this video.

  • Can y’all do XXXTENTACION death next?

  • Go Kings & Go Warriors!! From the bay to Sac and back.

  • I'm a Saints fan. I've moved along, time to let this game go too. (Still like the show tho! Keep up the good work!)

  • I’m a lakers fan but It was rigged