The Controversy Of The Crooked Referees: Lakers Vs Kings

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Season Finale. Was Game 6 of the 2002 Lakers Kings Series Fixed?
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Laker Kobe Bryant is all smiles before he heads to the foul line with teammates Derek Fisher, Rick F
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Staples Center, home to the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles, California
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Retro television
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Lakers Shaquille O'Neal attempts a free throw despite the distraction from the Trailblazer fans in g
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Male watching sports match on television, hands raised in air, rear view
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Peja Stojakovic (R) and Scot Pollard (L) of the Sa
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Press room
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Meeting Point
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Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy walking to Federal Court in B
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Referee With A Red Card
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basketball player portrait on the court
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Basketball and Whistle
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Injured basketball player holding his leg in pain on the court.
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Basketball Referee
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USA - NBA Gambling Scandal - Defense Attorney John Lauro
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Basketball player making free throw, rear view, close-up of hands
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Businessman shaking hands & big nose
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Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant, Rick Fox, Lindsey Hunter an
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Lakers Rick Fox reacts as the Lakers win in OT Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in Sacramento
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Courtroom trial in session
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NBA Achive
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Soccer referee character set
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Basketball falls through hoop, slow motion
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  • THIS dude ryan telling the story is a fuckin DICKHEAD CORNBALL!Sac got robbed straight up!

  • Damnit Ryan, you’re so damn ignorant. It’s so obviously fake, you just can’t accept it cause you’re a “diEhARd” Lakers fan

  • 2002 Sacramento Kings = Actual 2002 NBA World Champions

  • David Stern was always a crooked POS. Probably is to this day

  • Got an ad for the nba before this vid. How ironic

  • The NBA is rigged. Sports betting alone will tell you it is.

  • Ryan, please apologize to Mr. Scot Pollard.

  • Game 7 wcf was also fixed

  • Tell the Kings to give the Rams a call to ask if things are better.

  • Gaykers are robbers no robbers will admit their doing. Kings got robbed of their 2002 championship The Kings are obviously the best team in the NBA that year the real champs and up to these days the nba wouldn't admit their wrong doings.

    • Lol salty after 16 years

    • Lol salty after 16 years

    • Lol salty after 16 years

    • Lol salty after 16 years

  • Santiago flight 513 - Need to see an unsolved on this asapappzz - thanks!

  • Of course the Freemasons controlled the investigations. All sports are fixed most of the time

  • You should do the Chris Benoit case changed sports forever and how we now deal with concussions and CTE there’s so many different theories on what actually happened to him

  • Do Roy Jones at the Olympics

  • At then end of the day the NBA is a business and they are ALWAYS going to make as much money as possible, they will always make it a 7 game series....not saying it’s right but that’s how it is🤷🏻‍♀️

  • lol if you don't guard shaq it will be a free score of course if you guard shaq it can be a foul because of his body strength don't say anything if you don't play basketball and you don't play a role of a Center 😂

  • "Divak" 😂😂😂

  • What about LeBrons hairline

  • Do one about Aryton Senna and his death

  • While watching this I got an ad from General Insurance that had O' Neal lol

  • This happened with another LA team again with the Saints

  • Scot Pollard was on Survivor.

  • Do Real madrid-Bayern in 2017

  • Y'all annoying af

  • You should do an episode on the Montreal Screw Job.

  • scot pollard got his revenge on LA when he sat on the bench when the celtics beat LA in 2008

  • now that betting in the NBA is legal now expect more fixed games.

  • Im a lakers fan and it was a fixed game for the lakers to win it, its obvious af


  • Nba tried to rob Orlando vs Lebron too.

  • Lakers fans will act like this all fake

  • The ref got locked up. Y'all tell me it ain't fixed

  • Kings never had a chance

  • Scott Pollard was on Survivor

  • Do the 06 heat/mavs finals that was RIGGED

  • There’s a “haunted” murder house near me in Summerfield, Florida called the Seath Jackson house. Y’all should totally investigate it. It’s creepy as heck, it was a guy who was murdered by his ex girlfriend and a group of her friends. He was knocked out, shot, chopped up, burned and then his remains were put into paint cans and dumped in a quarry. It’s one of the most violent murders in Florida !

  • These guys have never seen the 2002 korea world cup

  • It is in court documents that the game WAS fixed. Be naive if you want to. Grow up kids. The integrity of competition isn’t absolute, it has a human element

  • 2017 Warriors/Cavaliers Finals could also have been prolonged for ratings.

  • I like watching this

  • Where's Shane?:(

  • Ryan's clearly doing shtick. Which makes this comments section that much more amusing. I have a feeling many people didn't see the end of the vid where Ryan apologizes for acting like an "animal". He had me grinning the whole time.

  • If you guys wanted to do a serious video, best to leave the ridiculously biased lakers fan off. That guy is ate up. 2+2=5 with that guy.

  • *Please do a video on the 1919 World Series* thank you

  • How many David Stern videos are THERE? Like man just make a whole video on him.

  • New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams

  • I'm sorry New Orleans Saints but The Rams won, to bad so sad.

  • worst league in sports

  • 6:02

  • more crime! and and do the bronze age collaps

  • Can you really trust an organization that investigates themselves? 🤣

  • The voice over guy is fucken annoying! Sorry i cant watch this!

  • Shoot zack....... NET!!!

  • They should do the saints and rams nfc championship game because even though I personally am not a believer that the nfl fixes games, you could make a really good case for this game

  • It should have been Kings and nets that year

  • this is a prime example of Lakers fans being terrible humans

  • do one on the 1998 world cup and ronaldo

  • I am definitely up for more of these sports videos!

  • You guys gotta do WWF Montreal Screwjob Bret Hart v Shawn Michaels.

  • do a soccer conspicary

  • Sounds like the Cavs coming back from down 3-1. Refs clearly interfered, which made the NBA millions

  • Chelsea V Barcelona champions league semi-final 2008


  • Hey Kings fans- shut up. You all have nothing to complain about -Seattle SuperSonics fans

  • So the LA Rams were just gifted a Super Bowl appearance by the refs this weekend

  • Lakers needed that win so idc what people say about the 2002 WCF

  • Asian Dude is every Laker fan ever smh

  • You can tell who's a buzzfeed unsolved fan and who's a random outside viewer by these comments lmao

  • This is a good series but maga trump 2020

  • Im so happy there is a buzzfeed show that doesnt give me white guilt

  • you should see the Japan Vs Thailand Womens VOlleyball conspiracy ! :D

  • do one on the new england snow job

  • Ryan is very biased actually

  • Do the smiley face murders next

  • That guy on the right represents everything thats wrong with the world... This is a common knowledge and we all know all that Stern was capable of and if thats not enough just follow the leagues interest... money....

  • Lakers all day

  • Lakers fan annoying af

  • This Asian dude annoying af

  • you've got to make a video of the lakers vs rockets game crooked refferes on January 19 2019


  • Imagine harden in this series

  • make more of these

  • Although the lakers might not have had anything to do with the fixed game, was definitely fixed mannn... Sorry Ryan

  • Do an episode on the power outage at Super Bowl XVLII

  • Can you look at Chelsea vs Barcelona in the champions league semi-final, Chelsea got robbed

  • I think the entire series was fixed. I vaguely remember it. It was quite in the Lakers' favor, despite Kings making great attempts to beat them.

  • am i the only one who actually likes this series? i mean, true crime will always be the best, but this is pretty good too!

  • Can you do Casey Anthony????

  • Both of these guys are annoying af

  • Anyone who doubts that billionaires would easily be able to fix a sport, which is essentially a billionaires club (owners), by using the people they employ (referees) to increase the success of their enterprise, simply put, fix sporting events, is very naive and does not understand the level of sociopathic behavior these men are capable of or understand who actually owns the NBA, and these people are Masons or at least affiliated with them in one way or another, as most people who watch ID-tv know, there are more sinister things going on than simply fixing games. I get skepticism but the evidence piles up and your skepticism should start to disappear, if it doesn't, you are in denial or do not know what evidence looks like.

  • Bet ya the Asian dude is a Warriors Fan now.

  • Ryan, I'm not sure what you mean by"13 calls"? It seems like you are saying that isn't a lot, however there's only 12 MINUTES in a quarter!?! That's more than a call a minute, a call resulting in foul shots!?! THAT'S A LOT FOR ONE QUARTER!!! I think it was fixed, the NBA is notorious for FISHY OUTCOMES!!!

  • Never understand why people get this riled up over sports like calm down

    • Boxing Bro What are you talking about?

    • Welcome to the human race you must be new here

  • Ain’t no secret game 7s good for the NBA . You Scum refs forgot all about Kobe’s elbow move.

  • I want more of this sports conspiracies

  • I love sports but idc about these just do true crime

  • That Lakers Fan Does Not Know What He Is Talking About!!!!

  • Any fan of basketball knows the Kings got screwed in Game 6. And it raises other questions on how the NBA treats small market teams. If the NBA gave a damn, they’d revoke the title of the winner of the championship that year and declare it no contest. If you don’t think the Kings got screwed your are not being impartial whatsoever.

  • I hate biased sports fans.. the people that don’t see a call both ways.. the kings got screwed out of this plain and simple.

  • I hope this doesn’t happen to the Milwaukee Bucks when they start getting to the finals with Giannis.