The day I almost freaking died

Dipublikasikan tanggal 9 Jan 2017
Guns are serious...and if you don't know how to use them, don't own them.
Also...cromple domp tipple nips
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Outro Song used/ My favorite Song:
glu70- Reach your destination


  • I just realised you're a huge douche

  • I thought i someone how clicked on a mark vid

  • I’m not used to his old design

  • ArE YoU MarKIpLier tWiN???

  • When saw the opening scene I thought I click on the the wrong video😅😅

  • Why are you naked? 😂

  • Wait miss infortune?

  • this video was made on my BIRTH month

  • Lol when I put the video I accidentally thought I clicker a markiplier video

  • You heard it hear last Adam respects wahmen

  • To be honest I literally thought my phone broke and it thought I clicked on a markiplier video😂😂

  • I’m convinced that for like 2 seconds he played a clip of markiplier

  • When I clicked on this video I thought it glitched and I was watching markipliar lol

  • Guess what he actually fooled me

  • 0:00 I thought that I clicked into Markerplier video instead of SomethingElseYT😂😂

  • Even though I am a girl, girls are trashy 😑😑😑😑

  • When i clicked the video i ACTUALLY Thought I Was watching a markiplier video

  • [-------------------] Hello

  • I literally checked if i clicked on the wrong video because of the Markiplier thing

  • I also liked the end with the girl

  • I though I was watching a markiplarer vido

  • Ooh you said shit

  • Are u markiplire in descide

  • what would probably be funny/cringey: You see the couple a couple(haha) years later and recognize them. You have just went to the store and have strawberries. You know what's cominng

  • I pressed it and “markiplier” came on so I was like 🙃 I’m watching markiplier now “so that’s my life, yay”

  • 3:27 Is that what you sounded like?

  • its tru

  • I watch mlp

  • It’s so wired to hear Adam swear

  • Is that markliplaire talking?

  • Me :presses on video Video: hello everyone I am markipichu and this game is called miss fort- Me:pauses video Also me: looks at channel and it says somthingelseyt Also also me : *illumanati theme plays*

  • Annoy the.... shift out of me

  • negligent diacharge of a firearm and child endagerment....those are some retty heft charges...nd 100% deserved!

  • Wait am I going insane

  • I have acid and weed in the same tier which is the most fun drugs to do and the least dangerous

  • He's an donkey (I'm a girl and find the girlfriend the most jerkiest,stupidest and the most idiotic girl no spioled girl in the humanity!!!)I state my point.

  • I'm a crazy person and your the awesome,magnificent,amazing hero guy

  • Count how many times Adam said fricking

  • *Poopy pants*

  • Some ThingElseYT If your reading this Hi & I almost died °-• So I once went to a waterpark & there was this bouncy house thing on the water (keep in mind I'm in kindergarten so the water wout be pretty deep 4 me) so I was thinking the waters 2 deep but I remembered my swimming lessons & I was like I cAn DO This Well I almost drowned then my awesome mum/mom dived into the water and saved me Now I say she's a super hero I could of just said that drowned Welp I didn't so HaveAGoodDay/NightBye

  • your markpliyers brother

  • Da thought I clicked a markiplier vid in the beginning 😂

  • People tell me I sound like The Odd1sout

  • I thought that clicked on this vid but the start was markiplier

  • At the start I tapped on the video I was like oh face cam kewl Then I was like hE lOoKs lIkE mArKiPliEr oH mA gAwSh Then I was like ohh okkkkk

  • Help oh oh terr

  • V

  • Holy cow I thought that was actually him

  • I thought I clicked the wrong video when the markiplier intro came on

  • Tomorrow I'm gonna be a blood

  • I hate those kind of people too...…….

  • No

  • you do and you are the best❤🖤

  • I literally thought I clicked a markaplier Video in the start

  • I thought that I was watching markapliyer

  • I dont like the police there evil al of them are bad blah blah blah blah there all out to get me yeah bleh

  • I legit thought it was a mark video

  • Smoking is for DoucheCanoes

  • Noice vid

  • Thought I clicked on a Markiplier video