The Fiend and Drew McIntyre lay trap for Randy Orton: Raw, Oct. 26, 2020

Dipublikasikan tanggal 26 Okt 2020
As Randy Orton joins “A Moment of Bliss,” Drew McIntyre and The Fiend both emerge to send a message to the WWE Champion. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #WWERAW
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  • Alexa Bliss is so over now she doesn’t need a championship to be a star.

  • I love Alexa 😘😍👑👍👏

  • if randy the viper why is scared of the fiend if randy fearless though

  • It’s funny how the feind kicked out of ten curb stomps at 1 every single time but gets pinned be a jackhammer ( really a suplex)

  • i think alexa bliss crazy i think so

  • Alexa vs Asuka for Raw Women's Championship

  • Alexa is Sexy, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Hot. 😈😍😘👑

  • Hot Bliss 😍😘👑😈👍

  • 0:55 👑😍😘

    • 🔥🔥😈😈😍😍😘😘👑👑👏👏👍👍

  • He Betta choose drew he knew

  • How did orton go back there

  • randy is my fav i absolutely love him🥺

  • Alexa is so annoying-

  • I don't like anyone else except sasha banks drew mcintyre and alexa bliss

  • Raw: Alexa vs Nikki Raw: Alexa vs Lacey Survivor Series: Alexa Attacks Asuka/ Raw: A Moment of Bliss Alexa Attacks Asuka TLC: Alexa vs Asuka

  • When did Bliss join the fiend

  • I like the fiends

  • pawn stars

  • Randy Orton literally has 4 targets on his back. • The Fiend/Bray Wyatt wants revenge because Randy burned down the Wyatt Family Compound • Drew McIntyre absolutely has plans of getting his WWE World Title back • The Miz is Mr. Money In The Bank, and he’s got John Morrison on his side to help him blindside Randy whenever he’s defenseless • Roman Reigns is Randy’s opponent at Survivor Series, and who knows if or when he’ll invade Raw to threaten and attack Randy in order to make a statement about who the better champion is?

  • I feel like they should give the fiend something special like undertakers streak

  • 0:06. Beautiful.

  • The find lets go

  • L

  • Good Morning America for it not much time

  • Wwe is just promos now

  • Sexy Bliss vs Asuka for Raw Women's Championship

    • @Lautaro Martinez inter 😍😘👍👏

    • Raw: Alexa vs Nikki Raw: Alexa vs Lacey Survivor Series: Alexa Attacks Asuka Raw: A Moment of Bliss Alexa Attacks Asuka TLC: Alexa vs Asuka

  • Orton please kick head drew et Bray 😀🇨🇵 Orton légende


  • 0:10 0:20 0:23 0:47 0:55 1:01 1:03 Sexy Bliss.

  • Bliss and Bray vs McIntyre and Nikki Bliss and Orton vs McIntyre and Nikki Bliss and McIntyre vs Orton and Nikki.

  • I love how they brung up how he burned the house of Sister Abagail

  • Randy you are so bad

  • Randy said “...😰uh...nope”

  • Key words in this was he knew bray watt better then anyone but he doesn’t know the fiend that’s why he went towards drew he knows drew and what he comes with

  • Algien abla español???

  • Remember when Randy could beat the whole three MB lol

  • harlequin harlequin harlequin

  • 6

  • Y

  • Alexa is looking like Harley

  • Everyone was really doubting this storyline but I actually think it’s a good storyline in a LONGGGGGGGG TIME 👍

  • Drew McIntyre stop dirty had a good title ring get over it please I wish Brock Lesnar being you are WrestleMania 36

  • exo

  • Bray vs Randy Again??

  • Drew mcintyre: tries to hide his crush Alexa Bliss: sitting and smiling for 10 hours btw it’s a joke

  • Good voice

  • 😱😱😱😱😱🌜🤕😈😈

  • The fiend is a joke!!!!! After washed-up Goldberg whooped him easily, the Fiend lost all credibility.

    • Y’all burn the house ! Epic

  • drawing

  • WWE is lie

  • Drew and fiend work together perfectly love it

  • Need to stop cutting the clips

  • They shoudve casted Alexa bliss for Harley Quinn lmao

  • Not Going to lie Who Else finds Randy Orton’s voice a bit calming

  • One of the worst gimmicks EVER!!! Need to come up with his own entrance instead of stealing undertaker disappearances tactic

  • Drew is a sore loser Randy is a legend he deserved it

  • predictable

  • 0:30 Burned the house means when randy burned wyatts house before wrestlemania. Fiend never forgets

  • Orton is the goat. His acting is just incredible and he is the true final boss of wee.

  • Tá namorando


  • Please wwe book Randy orton vs sister abailgail in a falls count anware match for the wwe for the championship

  • Y’all burn the house ! Epic

  • .

  • is this all true or just scripted??lol!

  • Is nobody gonna talk about how cute alexa while laughing on the top turnbuckle?

  • I bet Alexa was happy talking to a legend like Randy

  • Wwe is really going down hill they need new storiea

  • Who still remembers the way Bray Wyatt loved screaming "RANDDDDEEEEEEEEEE" Lol, back in 2016 Those were the days mahn 😂😂🤞

  • alexa is real cute

  • 0:34. Alexa is Super Beautiful, Fantastic and Super Gorgeous.

  • Beautiful Bliss. 💟💜💛💚💕💖💝💗😍😘😳🔥😈👑👏👍💯✌💘💞

  • Wrestelmenia 37 The Fiend vs Roman or Orton Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte for Raw Women's Championship.

  • I love Alexa 💟💗💝💖💟 Sexy Hot Beautiful Awesome

  • Garbage

  • Everyone was really doubting this storyline but I actually think it’s a good storyline in a LONGGGGGGGG TIME 👍

  • WWE has made The Fiend overrated. He is not good, don't deserve the role he is in.

  • I like when the fiend just appears out of nowhere and plus it is so scary the light just goes off

    • Randy orton has being targeted by roman bray edge drew

  • The fiend started to be annoying with those dumb moves he should just get fired


  • Randy still traumatized from Taker he knew not to go for The Fiend

  • next episode Alexa dressed as a sexy Vampire o sexy witch. Sexy Halloween. 😍😘😳🔥😈👑

  • Abb to get the other one I know of a good day

  • Something that made me laugh is, what if Randy Orton asked, "Where is The Fiend?" And The Fiend comes outta nowhere and just yeets Randy Orton or snaps his neck on the spot. Or when The Fiend was behind him what if The Fiend pushed him towards Drew McIntyre And Drew ClayMores Randy Orton. XD

    • Alexa bliss look like joker girl

  • Soy el único que habla español?😕😕😕

  • Oh I know we can have a triple threat match

  • Looks have Alexa Bliss sitting exactly match her personality

  • Orton won clean though Why is Drew attacking him?

  • *Me as a dad beating up my son's 10 year old bully*

  • Randy winning the title and Him vs The Fiend going to WM is what I called from the day The Fiend was drafted to Raw.

  • I wouldn’t turn around either 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Triple Threat: Orton,Mcintyre and the Fiend.

    • Survivor Series Main Event.

  • Randy will beat roman then he will beat drew and he will beat the fiend and then he will lose the wwe championship to edge

  • Randy orton has being targeted by roman bray edge drew

  • there fake hitting why

  • Is it just me or the 'Legend Killer" gimmick is slowly disappearing

    • He should be now called the Rookie Killer after he's done feuding with drew mcintyre and Bray Wyatt

  • Burned the house down I thought it was Seth Rollins but I now realized that it was a callback when Orton burned the wyatt compound im an idiot lol

  • The fiend: damn can I get a coffee I’m bored

  • Alexa bliss look like joker girl

  • Whoever loves Randy Orton like here 👇