The Giant Art That Keeps Planes Quiet

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Next to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the Buitenschot Land Art Park, a giant set of ridges and furrows cut into the landscape. Yes, it's art: but it also stops some local residents from being exposed to jet noise.
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  • I got really lucky with the weather and really unlucky with the direction the planes were going.

    • Why not grow berries or something else low laying to further reduce the noise?

    • It would be great if you could make a video about Reykjavik's geothermal heated pavements

    • You were over here for the couple of days it wasn't bloody raining

    • My hearing is reduced in my right ear by ~90dB at 200Hz. This makes perception of anything in 3D space almost impossible. The unexpected result is I can no longer isolate a conversation out of ambient noise. I’ve lost this ability to cancel out noise sources. It is most frustrating.

    • Some say this is the highest point in the Netherlands

  • I see how it works, but I fail to see the art in it.

  • My brain does not filter out background noise so well and it sucks

  • As a kid, we moved into a nice house under the approach lane of an airport. It was annoying for maybe a month, multiple airplanes an hour overhead. But after a while we never noticed it anymore.

  • This video is now pure evil with 666k views 😇

  • I wanted to see a decibel meter!

  • I walk my dog here twice a day, it actually serves as a dog park, great to see it included in your videos, its quite unique, i love the place.

  • Yay! 2 million subs!!! Congrats, Tom, you're awesome!

  • Damn, i live there and up to day i didn't know why the land shaped so weirdly. Thanks!

  • Tom can you recreate the 2 drums and a cymbal fall off of a cliff with all of your good quality

  • Wouldn’t it work better with some trees or bushes planted on the top of some of those rows?

  • Congratulations on 2 Million subs, Tom!

  • Didn't know that either. You keep finding interesting stuff about my own country I never heard of. Bravo

  • God damn, I love these videos.

  • "You know what's great? Hearing. It's like all these waves enter your head an' you know what it is and where it came from. MENTAL!

  • Congrats for your very recent 2mil

  • I used to live just a few miles from here. The sound of jets is home to me.

  • Yes yes... Science words...

  • I remember this! I grew up in that area, but we lived in a so-called green zone with far less noise (hardly any to be honest). The area in question, Vrijschot-Noord in the town Hoofddorp, is a very posh neighbourhood with some of the most expensive houses in the region. Which explains why it became a priority to fix it. Those people had money, power and patience (and were angry and sleep deprived). I am not so sure if they had searched this hard for a solution if it had been the worker bees of Schiphol who were jet-engined out of their beds instead of the higher management. Fun times

  • I read the title as "The giant art that keeps the planet quiet" and I was like wait so is this landscaping job really important

  • Congrats on 2 mil!

  • Rather than being the same wavelength, wouldn't they be an odd number of half wavelengths, or in other terms, (2n+1)/2 lambda? Because this way, destructive interference would occur. This is what I was taught anyway.

  • I would love to see you have james may on for game garage. To the power of suggestion! Cheers.

  • 1:10 ehm i dont get that with wavelenghts? few centimeters that is frequency of few GHz and 10 or 20meters ?? Thats 28MHz or 14MHz . wavelenghts of audio are much longer than this ( few kilometers actually )

  • i have auditory processing disorder, that filtering job is very, VERY hard for my brain to do. it amazes me that other people can pull it off so effortlessly

  • Please go to the Marker Wadden

  • Is this like crop circles, except 'way different?

  • :22 LOOK OUT FOR THE TRENCH..... oh

  • The Dutch again? 😁

  • I live in Amsterdam and I immediately recognized the landscape but I surprisingly never saw this place

  • I thought you where going to walk right into the water at :24 hahhaa too bad. It would of been very Monty python-esque

  • Planting trees on those ridges would improve the dampening further.

  • 1:35 kanker polderbaan

  • Skiphol😂

  • 2:20

  • Hey why don't they use that type of technology to slow down or stop tornadoes

  • Would 20 million trees fit there?

  • Your content is great! Keep it up!

  • You went to my homeland? why didnt i hear about this sooner.

  • One analogy for how incredible the range of hearing is compared to vision I heard from a friend of mine, is that we only see light in one octave.

  • Just an idea: If it is shown, or/and allowed, a google maps link would not hurt in this series..

  • This is one of the most surprising and interesting episodes, AND it's blissfully brief. This is a banger. Edit for UK readers: This is not a sausage.

  • ive learned i can even do it at 2x speed or more in some cases

  • I live in the Netherlands (the north, so not near Amsterdam or Schiphol). I didn't now this, so thanks for teaching me :)

  • Why couldn't you whisper this video so I could filter your voice better?

  • So much work when the runway is so far away!! People there are just bitching about a little bit of noise!

  • You need to join Team Trees!🎄🌲🎋🌴🌳🎄

  • Damping not dampening!

  • Please make a fundraising video on planting 20M trees.

  • Can confirm the brain will filter out the sound of a freight train passing every 20 minutes. Live near a busy rail line.

  • They look just like sound diffraction or diffusion panels used in studios. That’s where the inspiration came from probably.

  • No patreon?

  • I think there’s something similar around Auckland airport actually

  • Plant bushes there. Bet it gets better.

  • I lived on Air Force bases in Europe until I was a teenager. When we moved back to the States, I couldn't sleep well (or even get comfortable) for quite some time because there were *no sonic booms* which were *frequent at most AFBs in Europe,* especially at night. Weird, hunh?

  • ‘Acoustic grass’

  • Why didn't we do that when George Washington took over the airports in 1776? I'm really not sorry about this either ROFLOL!

  • You should do a video on Alsace Lorraine, it is a city on the border of France and Germany that during wars it was in Germany and in the next battle there, it would be in France

    • LukeBH13 Alsace-Lorraine isn’t a city.

  • Dude i live right next to that, it's in Hoofddorp. Really unlucky i didn't meet you as i come there quite often.

  • please make a video about the plant 20 million trees project