The life of purple rice, pumpkins, and … peanuts紫米南瓜的一生…,还有花生丨Liziqi Channel

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Sow in spring to grow in summer, harvest in autumn for storage in winter.
And Autumn Equinox has given way to Cold Dew now.
We have finished reaping the corn, grain, pumpkins, and peanuts,
ready to await the frost and snow in winter.
For the past Mid-Autumn Day, my cousin and cousin-in-law came back to spend the festival with granny.
Chitter-chatter, lively and jolly--that’s how festivals should be!
忙完玉米 谷子 南瓜 花生的收获存储之后
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  • I live in the USA. Everything we eat, is shipped in, or moved across country by large Trucks. Americans are not encouraged to grow and eat locally. Most of our foods are created in Factory type farms. Majority of agricultural land in the USA is used for growing Genetically modified Corn (made into High Fructose Corn Syrup) and Genetically modified Soy Beans (made into "Vegetable" oils). The American food system is F@cked. Not only do we eat unhealthy and unnatural foods, but our environment is poisoned by Big Oil, and pesticides, Herbicides, due to formerly Monsanto (now bought by Beyer Corporation). It is no wonder that close to 600,000 Americans die from Cancers every year (based off CDC statistics).

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    • @YH H 也许吧,企业处于经营安全也许会尽量走官方流程,但你以为政府真不知道有多少人翻墙啊,民不举,官不究,这世界从来不是非黑即白。

    • @陈文辉 企业可以申请直接访问外网。李子柒他们已经做成公司了,而且央媒都宣传过,想必不会是自己翻墙的...不然属于违法,肯定要被罚。

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