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Met Gala co-chairs Timothée Chalamet, Billie Eillish, tennis pro Naomi Osaka, poet Amanda Gorman and A-list stars are paired with elite fashion designers as they come together in New York City for one of fashion's most anticipated nights. Take a look!


0:00 - Guests Arrive
22:31 - Billie Eilish Interview
23:23 - Amanda Gorman Interview
24:24 - Saweetie Interview
25:27 - Guests at the Mark Hotel
31:28 - Fashion Highlights
44:56 - Eiza González Interview
45:57 - Megan Thee Stallion Interview
47:00 - Taraji P. Henson Interview
48:54 - Maluma Interview
49:52 - Teyana Taylor Interview
51:10 - Couples Highlights
55:23 - Fashion Highlights
1:10:48 - Karlie Kloss Interview
1:12:29 - Fashion Highlights
1:35:46 - Kardashian-Jenners Arrive
1:39:54 - Fashion Highlights

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Live From E! Stream: The Met Gala | E!


  • Who did you think was the best dressed of the night?

    • Billie

    • timothee,

    • @Pandamoniumm Vic That was rude to say

    • I loved both Billies and Olivia Rodrigo's dresses, I just can't choose

    • @pixiedustgirl13 an absolute vision

  • Im here looking for rose haha

  • bille and emile blund

  • my high school kids can't have foot ball games and proms the way they're supposed to be, but these ppl can have theirs.. WITHOUT MASKS..

  • You guys should have muted some of the background commentary for this video, it ruined the immersive ness a little bit..

  • Saweetie

  • Everything was ugly nothing like a good fashion show. except for one or two the rest was garage

  • Sweetie has been wearing the same dress all year🤷🏽‍♀️ luv her tho’

  • Billes

  • The mask just slowly slides off her face as she talks...

  • That Emma lady can’t even walk. Her gold dress is a joke!!!

  • Vive la vie! Vive the traditional Gala Met. Gorgeous performance.

  • Where's ROSÉ!!! I didn't see her..😟😟 Everyone is looks Great..❤❤

  • anyone else notice the good doggo in the background? lol

  • Billie ofc orrrrr Lil nas x

  • "Are you getting the vaccine?" The other mouse replies:" Hell, no! They haven't yet finished the human trials!"💉😂🤣

  • Newest to sell their souls for fame and money.

  • saweetie looks so bad eww

  • rose!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kendall Jenner!

  • Jennifer Hudson perfeita🤗💫

  • Serena Willians BRILHANTE 😇😍👊💫

  • Megan Thee🥰🥰

  • Poor Emma with that guys head in the way and no one helping her up the stairs of helping to fix her dress

  • How miss Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell was able to master walking in heels when she never does, is amazing!

  • Satanic

  • Gigi one and only

  • I loved what Amanda Gorman has on and Saweetie had on

  • Where ia Rose 😢😢

  • I say. watching this at 2x speed is kinda something. lol

  • I say. watching this at 2x speed is kinda something. lol

  • Natalia Bryant umpa lumpa

  • you are all a joke

  • A dress code inspires a message. Perhaps their message this year is Freedom to choose...

  • Timothee looks fabulous in a white Channel suit...It is difficult to chose only one design because all of them are extraordinary...

  • Did someone call lil nasx a clown 😂

  • Ciara looks adorable with a glow in the dark butboll player couture dress...So American.

  • I am going to steal Maluma leather suit...Love it. I need to get in his closet...

  • I love Grames style, she looks beautiful. It remainds me of a Greek Goddess, outstanding...

  • This is so beautiful that I am watching it today it.

  • 35:04 skin pra ff

  • A leather jacket with american silver coins could have been a nice design, or even a belt...

  • We missed the Met Gala last year, thank you for coming back to the scene.

  • Anna wintour FLOWERS FOR SPRING 'ground breaking

  • E gets worse and worse without Joan!!!

  • Carnaval Met !!!!! Cursi ! ·%)·!$ÇÇ"&^^^```

  • Lmao Emma is so awkward. It makes me cringe watching her walk. Why do her arms go out like that and she stands strangely

  • Most persons were ready for Halloween. I think Saweetie stood out more...

  • omg billiee amo

  • can kim breath

  • Selena wasn't there 😥 miss her

  • This is just rich people's comic con

  • It was very rare finding something that wasn’t basic, ridiculous, or embarrassing watching this met.

  • Show is fun! ....but Terrible video making!

  • Amazing how a bunch of billionaires and politicians who claim to be the voice of the common people and stand for the oppressed can live so extravagantly and mask free while their servants are all masked like muzzled dogs. This has to be one of the most disgusting things I've seen in recent years. Absolutely disgraceful

  • 1:35:54 : *ela faz o look dela* 😏

    • Pelo menos uma brasileira aki

  • what a joke!

  • Although those dresses & gowns are kute, I think itz waste of time u need 3 or 4 guyz that has to follow u every where u go to carry the looooong draggin tail all over the building

  • Emma Chamberlain and Billie Eilish looked BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • I have to be honest the Met Gala 2021 looks was very boring. None of celebs followed the theme. IJS!

  • Iman hands down. I think her stylist is one of the most precious & ingenious EVER. You guys, watch the behind the scenes of Iman getting ready for MET. 🙌🏽

  • Thankyou so much for the live dear 😊.

  • It's a very upsetting and infuriating subject to think of the money wasted for this early Halloween costume event. I'm not just speaking of the wardrobes themselves, accessories or any additional" wants" of this event. I'm troubled by the amount of the ticket for one admission to attend the Gala is around $35,000!! All this wasted money makes me sick to the stomach knowing that our planet, Earth, is literally dying in every way possible. This is no longer a possibility but is a reality and this is what ppl who are financially blessed do with their extra cash? Usually, around 600 guests are invited, which is roughly, $21, 000,000!!! They throw it away on one night of fictional dress up, smh. Think of what that amount of money could do for the Earth in so many ways. It breaks my heart.


  • I was looking for rose 😭 but I couldn't find it 😅 it's ok 🧐🤔🤨😬

    • U can find on other channels and interviews

    • me toooooo

  • saw two people inspired by Taylor's grammy look but really sad not to see her at the VMAs or the Met

  • where or how can I watch for all the attendees at the met gala?

  • Met Gala, best dress.! Jennifer Hudson, Saweetie, Amanda Gorman, Bellie Eillish, Megan Thee Stallion..🤗

  • Trashier than I’ve seen before. Where is the class?

  • Anna Wintour, the epitome of style the icon is always best dress.!😉

  • the number says it all

  • seriously doubt that hanging in your pjs sure you were lying monster

  • Sooo no RiRi?

  • get to watch the shapeshifting lizzies in action.


  • I loved how Billie showed more humility than all the people that went before her and after, despite being more famous than most of them! She actually acknowledged the reporters and took a moment to go talk to them. Funny how people that became famous overnight but are barely known internationally and don't have as much talent as Billie, have their heads full of air😂 Lames one time wonders!!!

  • What happened to RiRi and Asap Rocky?

  • Lil nas x wow prros!!!!!!!!!

  • jajajaja que onda con la Emma C. camina como yo, pollo recien nacido 🤣🤣

  • Omg so proud

  • Before I think this is fashion, now I felt everyone looked too ugly.

    • They look like clowns. The met gala is a ritual

  • They need to tell these idiots working these events that they can’t stand in front of the freaking cameras

  • I love Billy’s dress. But the first interview u guys get u throw a tasteless comment question out there like is that the “Uber xl size?” Gorgeous dress. But E! Is dead hardly anyone wants to talk to them

  • Carpet full of random, unknown nobodies. Does anyone care about this anymore? Now that we know truth about how these "whatevers" exist aka. creepy, satanic kid-haters to the's kind of awful.

    • Dan Levy was wearing a MAP(minor attracted person) with the pedo flag colors. This is a ritual and these celebs are mind controlled elite puppets. They also look like clowns

  • You look completely crazy mumbling behind a satanic ritual muzzle. Hilarious how red carpet creeps aren't wearing ritual slave masks, but the photographers and minions have their ritual slave masks. You cannot even take muzzle off to talk??? Slave crazy times.

  • Honestly i dont like any of their styles..none is eye candy.. none


  • everyone was so stunning

  • She is the only one there wearing a mask looking stoop. What should that tell you people

  • It's so outrageous that they didn't put Alexa Demie but tik toker if 🤨


  • the fact that she is stunning. You know who I thought looked just perfect? Jennifer Hudson. That red dress! This was a fun watch!

  • Selena Gomez 😢

  • camilla and shawn, justin and hailey, asap and rihanna, it was all just amazing.

    • @oiuet souiu all i know is it’s in my wish list

    • 90% should be asking for boobs in their Christmas Stockings.

  • Justin and Hailey look so dry😶

  • 1:44:23 olivia!!!!

  • where's CL???

  • Timothee' Chalamet forced into: 'UBreak/IFix' by M.Valdemar

  • So all these people got vaccinated?

  • E news is old news. An hours worth of viewing and no Rosé Blackpink. Uh oh. E news, missed out terribly