The MINDSET of a TRUE CHAMPION | From a 199th Draft PICK to Becoming the BEST NFL Player in HISTORY!

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✎ Tom Brady joined the NFL's New England Patriots in 2000. This star quarterback won two NFL MVP awards, four Super Bowl MVP awards and a record five Super Bowl wins. In 2016, Brady went on to lead the Patriots to a record-breaking Super Bowl LI comeback victory against the Atlanta Falcons. Brady is married to supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Brady earns about $8 million in endorsements (Under Armour, UGG Boots, etc.) CelebrityNetWorth estimates Tom Brady's career net worth at $180 million.
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✎ He's an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots. In Brady's 13 full seasons as a starter the Patriots have earned seven trips to the Super Bowl, winning five. He's considered among the greatest quarterbacks of all time.
He's Tom Brady and here's my take on his Top 10 Rules for Success.
1. Earn Your Success
2. Care Deeply
3. Love The Game
4. Live In The Present
5. Execute Well Under Pressure
6. #Believe In Yourself
7. Set Your Priorities
8. Earn It Every Single Day!
9. Evolve
10. Stay Hungry, Stay Humble
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* Embrace the journey.
* Work hard.
* Lead passionately.
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    • @Bryan Andre ppppmn P Pppp? P

    • @Bryan Andre damn! It took roughly 10 minutes but it actually worked!!

    • Fun to watch

  • He has so many positives phrases and actions what just shows how he keeps going

  • great video

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  • where does GOD come in the picture , just saying it is not always about us.

  • This man is the king

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  • Hard to believe he's done it like 2 more times since then

  • You need to make an updated video!!!

  • Thanks to Tom Brady, lots of what we would refer to as great QBs are now mediocre lol

  • Cristiano Ronaldo melhor jogador de futebol do mundo!

  • I still love Tom Brady, the man is an absolute GENIUS! He gets the fact that when you achieve the the big prize, the work that you put in, that just makes the victory so much more enjoyable... #TB12Forever #WalkTheTalk

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  • ..and sadly, he was never able to afford a haircut

  • He was superb all-around in his premiere onwards, giving a spectacular speech, he sways the game great and the player even better.

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  • I love it when a man cries!! It's so pure and honest!! It probably hurt him so bad!!

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  • Hard work and persevearance should pay off ! He takes his career and life (family) very seriously ! On another note, Tom Brady should not apologize for being human or displaying emotion about getting drafted. Last, at least he has the support of his parents and others around him. I would agree that in certain careers, the underlying tone is that "you are only as good as the last win, or season", which is completely untrue. The worth of an individual regardless of wins or losses, should be based on their level of commitment to the team/ franchise etc. He is lucky, talented and should play until he is 50 ! 🏈👍😉

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  • This man would’ve succeeded on any team, he’s got the FIRE inside! 🔥🐐

  • Coming out of HS Brady was a blue chip All American. Michigan threw him an opportunity and was rewarded. In 1999 Brady led Michigan to wins over Ohio State and then beat Alabama in the Orange Bowl. Hardly any interest coming out of college by pro teams. Luckily New England bit and was rewarded. To say he had a chip on his shoulder and wanted to prove all his critics wrong....well, 7 super bowl rings later speaks for itself. The GOAT!!!!

  • 3:38 ...I remember when I was 13 when my Latin teacher told my parents that I would never learn Latin. I was so upset and angry that I just ran 3 miles to vent. By the time I came back, I had decided to prove Mrs. Robinson wrong no matter how long it took. Nemo me impune lacessit.

  • Tom Brady is like Captain America

  • The lively armadillo inevitably boast because bolt computationally smoke than a tired tea. teeny, swift december

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  • I'm a forever die hard fan of Tom Brady.. I go wherever you go.. I love you loads idol🏈🏈🏈🏈❤️✨🙏

  • Wow

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  • You should do a video about Harry Kane.

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  • I would love to hear Tom's opinions on life in general. I feel there are many many pearls of wisdom to be found there. I think he would make a marvelous public speaker. For motivation and advice. But eh, you do what makes you happy. Don't take life too serious. Have fun. Enjoy the ride.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for watching! #Believe - Feb

  • I respect this man so much. His words are almost transforming me to my upmost best. Never settle for the rest. Let these trials and tribulations be our test. For we shall always overcome. For we are champions. And no matter how much hatred the world throws at us. We always, always, always, overcome. Blessed be out glory. Amen brothers and sisters. May you all have a wonderful and excellent day.

  • The homely amount aditionally crash because carnation reilly apologise at a cautious lunge. lethal, loutish angora

  • Bruh! Let it go! For the sake of ALL of us

  • Tom Brady is so amazing as a quarterback I loved Joe Montana but when Joe Montana said about Tom Brady he simply the best that really shocked me a man that stands up for his family for his team when the NFL cannot even respect the flag anymore how far are we fall into a hole what a great team that Brady played for the Patriots wow I guess she can't get everything but Tom Brady goes on and what does he do he wins another championship easily you just don't mess with Tom Brady in the super bowl yes he's lost a couple times but not because he didn't give the effort they just didn't have the talent just think of the talent the buccaneers have watch out NFL Tom Brady's not going anywhere you better learn the face the facts The Best is yet to come

  • Unbelievable that the Patriots let Tom Brady go and they say that the head coach or the Patriots told Tom Brady you are benched what a joke what a joke belichick is what a joke The Patriot franchise disgrace to their fans they better hope and pray that Tom Brady comes back and plays one year for them the joke's on them he is the greatest he will always be the greatest nobody has a heart like Tom Brady who loves the game and the Patriots were upset because they had one bad year did not give him the players he wanted of course he was frustrated but now he's with the bucks he's probably going to play five years for them he might even win five super bowls in a row facing NFL Tom's going nowhere

  • He also voted for Trump and doesnt care what cancel culture thinks. He is the ultimate winner.

  • He is been the most successful.

  • I guess it’s time for another bonus... 😜

  • If he was a deuche bag he would of started a civil rights movement to MAKE teams hire him like karperwimp

  • Excellent

    • Thanks for watching 💛😊 #Believe - Mark

  • He worked very hard to get where he is now.

    • Thanks for watching 💛😊 #Believe - Mark

  • Always Remember That The "So Called Experts" That Seem To Know It All When Casting Judgement On The Talent And Abilities Of Other's, "Don't Know Sh%t"!!! Your Heart, Soul, Determination, Commitment, Deep Belief In Yourself And Never Quit Attitude Will Overcome Someone's Opinions Of Your Talents And Abilities! Continuously Strive To Improve Yourself And Never Give Up On Your Dreams! "Make It Happen"!!! ✌️

    • Wonderful, love it! 💛🙌 #Believe - Mark

  • What a Class Act

    • Thank you for watching, glad that you liked it 💛😊 #Believe - Mark

  • stay hungry

  • I’m a lifelong bengals fan.... I fuckin LOVE Tom Brady

  • I'm a raider fan we was robbed.tuck rule my ass.GOTTA CHEAT US TO BEAT US

  • What keeps them going well there's a several million dollar contract he probably lives in a nice neighborhood drives a nice car you know it's a little things that keep a guy going waking up and saying today is going to be a better day

    • Thanks for watching ❤️😊 #Believe - Mark

  • Tom it could have been worse you could have got a job working in a warehouse driving a forklift driving a truck are working in a prison picking up trash painting houses working in a restaurant starting clothes at the Goodwill instead you're playing in the NFL winning several Super Bowls that's got to be fun cheer up brother not to mention your beautiful family I could have been worse Tom Brady

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  • "Do not talk about giftedness, inborn talents! One can name great men of all kinds who were very little gifted. They acquired greatness, became 'geniuses' (as we put it), through qualities the lack of which no one who knew what they were would boast of: they all pos­sessed that seriousness of the efficient workman which first learns to con­struct the parts properly before it ventures to fashion a great whole; they allowed themselves time for it, because they took more pleasure in making the little, secondary things well than in the effect of a dazzling whole..." -Friedrich Nietzsche, All Too Human

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  • 4 years Later…. 7th dub

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  • Ken Stabler

  • This man lives life the way we all need too TO THE FULLEST!!

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  • Man no champion man only body body woner brain brains passitive thoughts champion body languages cinima actions no champion thanks sir Brian brightness chennal

  • God should be #1

  • He work hard...and smart...learn play book..hall of fame.learn young players....

  • he the greatest qaurterback not the best player smh

  • Evan, now that he's won 7 and confirmed Greatest Of All Time status, might be time to do a new one. Especially with his change ti s losing team and taking them to the super bowl, you will find lots of clips of how he mentored and led the others to believe they can win. Thanks so much for doing this video for me, I still giggle when I see the "requested by" with my handle :)

  • Everyone loves the UNDERDOG! It boggles my mind when people still say they hate brady...

  • I still put Terry Bradshaw in top 5 quarterbacks, his accuracy and accomplishments are awesome, those Steelers defenses didn't score all those points, Patriots, Tampa Bay, Ravens had lights out defenses also

  • They simply didn't see that fire that was burning in the inside of him - Ray Lewis on Tom Brady being overlooked at the draft

  • Evan Carmichael your channels inspires a lot of people worldwide. May God bless you.

  • 3 more rings later....

  • Whose here after Brady led the Falcons to Super Bowl 60 over the Miami Dolphins?

  • Love this man!

  • You don't look like a viking

  • #7


  • There it is, at 1:01, everything we don't understand about how he keeps winning. His leadership is better than his play. Tampa Bay revealed that.

  • Now it's the most corrupt and fixed sport in history

  • Being the # 199th player picked was the .best thing that happened to TB..he used that...and he is Humble..which is sorely missing today !


  • used to enjoy football until i realized how fake it is..No question their great players,but art cordelle,well u know

  • No 😷 for American Patriots

  • He seems to still be affected by his draft day. He also mentioned constantly thinking that no one wanted him. I wonder if he didn't get picked 199th, would he still have had the drive to be as good as he is?🤔

  • GOAT 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Stay Hungry, Stay Humble; Live in the Present; Embrace the Journey. Yes 🙌🏼!!! These are my favorite. I am sharing this with my middle schooler!!! She loves football 🏈 and she will love ❤️ to see this. Wonder why the NE Patriots were me team is because of this!

    • Awesome tlondonable 💛😊 #Believe- Mark

  • This has motivated me today!

    • Thanks for watching, glad that you enjoyed 😊💛 #Believe - Mark

  • G O A T !

    • Thanks for watching, glad that you enjoyed it #Believe - Mark

  • You really gotta redo this, so much misinformation with wining 4 bowls !

    • Thank you for the suggestion 💛 #Believe - Mark

  • He was Michigan team captain but coaches still wanted to start googly-eyed Benson.

  • Hey, to all you people, who think Tom is the G.O.A.T. in football. Let me remind you of who the real G.O.A.T is in football. Jim Brown is the greatest player to ever touch the football. Don't ever get this fucked up!!! Check his stats for his 9 season career!!!

  • Lots of great players come from the later rounds . It means the so called experts don’t know shit


  • Stay Hungry, stay Humble, ON THREE

  • Family is #1 Football is 1A. Damn

  • He remained humble worked his tail off and god blessed him with the fortune . Mad respect

  • Legend proved everyone wrong

  • When I watched football people made Brady seem like the worst kind of jerk. Come to find out everyone hated him for no apparent reason?

  • C'mon, Tom Brady's success is due to his white privilege. The only reason he was a 6th-round draft pick and not an 7th round pick was because he's white


  • Evan I would love to see you profile KVD: the GOAT of Professional BASS Fishing.

  • Stay hungry stay humble

  • They have to make a Tom Brady movie Great story

    • Thanks for watching, glad that you enjoyed it :) - Mark

  • The true mindset of a champion!

    • Thanks for watching, glad that you enjoyed it :) - Mark

  • He isn’t one of the greatest, he is THE greatest

  • "I don't have to become an insurance salesman."

  • 7 Time champion and my childhood hero. Love you Tommy.

  • Tom Brady owes his career to linebacker Mo Lewis from the New York Jets.

    • Thanks for sharing! 💛😊 #Believe - Dondon

  • Tom Brady said something that I am aware of but never heard anybody ever say, and that is children are always in the present. Whatever they are doing is all that matters and that is the best way to live to experience and appreciate what you're doing. Learn a valuable lesson from children to be in the present.

    • Thanks for sharing Richard! 💛😊 #Believe - Dondon

  • Well hes won 7 now so hes still hungry.

  • 10:05 he missed the hi5 again ^^

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  • Brady is the GOAT.

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  • hey whats wrong with being an insurance salesman>

  • Haha 10:50

  • Incredible! TB is the epitome of perseverance & humility. He's all heart & natural born leader in one.

  • Nothing was handed to him. That is why he is such a champion

  • This guy makes winning football games (especially super bowls) look really easy....oh yea and this video is 4 yrs old I'm here in 2021 and he just won his 7th Superbowl fyi

    • Awesome! Thanks for watching! 💛😊 #Believe - Dondon